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A Blog Post: How To Write?

The most important factor if you want to start a new blog or have just started one is to write great blog posts so that it keeps the reader engaged.

Whatever the purpose of a blog, either personal or for business,  to make your audience come back for more; your blog content would play a critical role in your blogging career.

According to the newest 2021 data, 7.5 million blog posts are published every day and the internet is oversaturated with textual content.

Thus, for your blog posts to stand out you need to create blog posts that are interesting to read.

They also need to provide your audience with good educational content and thus lots of added value

So how do you actually write blog posts that are valuable, interesting as well as really engaging for your audience? In this post, you will learn exactly how to write great blog posts.

Definition of a blog post

The blog post is a piece of written content or another item of content that is published on a blog. This can include content in different forms such as text, photos, videos, and infographics. This will help you connect to your audience.

The most common  types of blog posts include:

List posts: Very popular online, this kind of post is much appreciated as they are easily skimmed by readers. The latter can get the information he needs rapidly instead of wasting time reading a full blog post.

How-to posts and guides: These posts help are meant to help readers who are looking for a solution to their problems or who are just looking to learn new skills. Writing knowledgeable and posts full of value is an easy way to drive traffic to your website.

Review posts-These posts as the name states review a product or service by providing useful information along with pros and cons usually. They end with a verdict on whether or not it’s a good purchase.

Round-up posts: A round-up post usually features the thoughts of experts in a  niche on a particular question or topic.

Example Of A Blog Post

What is exactly the structure of a blog post ?

You can use the following  elements to optimize each post  for both your  readers and search engines.


One of the most important aspects of a blog post needs to capture the attention of potential readers and can make a promise; however, remember that you need to fulfill the promise by the end of the post.

Remember the chance of people clicking to the post is really low if you don’t have an attention-grabbing. clear, catchy title. It helps to display a sense of urgency in the title as well as to increase click-through rates.

Always include the main keyword phrase in your header for SEO purposes and help rank your post higher on search engines.


The first paragraph of your blog post should straight away hook your readers or else they will click away increasing bounce rate.

A good interesting blog post should draw people in and make them want to read the rest of your content.

For SEO purposes, include the keyword that you are targeting  ( for search engines) a minimum of one time in this paragraph.

Main content

This is, as the name states, the main part of your blog post. It should continue to provide value to your readers and continue to hold their attention, if not get them even more engaged.

Make sure that you are writing high-quality long-form content with 2000+ words as this will give you an opportunity to cover all aspects of your chosen topic fully. This is much loved by  Google as well. But never add irrelevant content just to reach a certain word count.

Always use plain easy to understand English for your blog posts. This will assure that you always have your reader’s attention. Bad readability when readers can’t understand your blog post properly will have a negative impact on your blog post SEO as well.

Another important thing is to avoid long paragraphs and sentences. Aim for 1-3 sentences per paragraph because if you have a huge block of text, readers have a tendency to read the first sentence and skim the rest.

Also with longer paragraph, the mobile version which gets indexed nowadays by Google first will look awful.

 Thus it   will not only affect the Google ranking of your mobile version but the desktop version as well.

Publish date

Even though this is optional, it is really recommended that you ad a publish date so that your readers can know exactly when the post was published

Post category

Category classes are used to group blog posts in different sections. It’s recommended to use category tags for each blog post you create to prevent it from being categorized in the default WordPress default “uncategorized section”.

Grouping relevant content together can prove to be helpful to both your visitors and search engines when they can easily crawl your blog.


The name of the different authors is really important when there are several authors writing for the same blog. Having multiple authors is advantageous as you can have a wider range of topics covered by your blog.

Additionally, you can have additional time to focus on tasks other than writing articles such as blog promotion, advertising, etc.


Subheadings are really important for blog post and it makes scanning your blog content much more easier.

H1 heading tag is to be used only once and for page title only; H2 tags for top-level headers and H3 tags for second-level headings.

Readers will know at a glance what your blog post is about. Though subheadings with keywords and related keywords are good for SEO, never use them just for the sake of making your post longer.

All subheadings should fully represent the content within them.

You can include a subheading every 2-3 paragraph ideally.

Bulleted/numbered lists

While you don’t want your entire post filled with bullet points or numbers, bullet points can help in ranking your blog post higher as Google loves them.

More importantly, when you have bullet points incorporated in your blog post; it helps your readers to absorb all the information much more easily.


The human mind can process media, such as related images and videos much more easily. The latter also will help break up the wall of text and this helps to transfer the information on your blog post much more easily.

Aim to include an image every 300 words of the text but if you don’t you should definitely include at least a  featured image in your post.

This should include the main keyword in the filename as well as the ALT tag for optimizing your image for search engines and increase your overall SEO score.

A great way to have lots of websites linking to your site is by incorporating an infographic. Add a sharing option that includes an embed code so your infographic is not stolen and used by somebody else.


The conclusion ends your post and it summarizes the main points; so never forget to include one in each of your blog posts.

Always write a great conclusion as this is the part that sometimes readers go to directly to get all the key points rapidly; for example in a  web host comparison post to know which web host is better.


Include a compelling call to action at the very end of your blog post always. You can ask your readers to share their thoughts in the comments, join your mailing list or share a  post on social media.

Include only one call to action which is clear and direct to increase reader response and avoid getting them confused.

Social share buttons

Social share buttons are an absolute must to help promote your blog content, by readers,  to the main social networks nowadays.

You can easily download a social share plugin on WordPress and feature the widgets at the top, bottom, or side of a blog post.

Comments section

 Comments form an integral part of your blog. It is the place where your readers have an opportunity to engage with both you and other visitors; so make sure to keep the conversation active by replying to each and every comment on your blog post. This also sends a  positive signal to Google.

How write your blog Post First Time

The more you write, the more you will improve your blog writing skills. Always use your own voice when writing, expressing your own opinions, and sharing your personal experience.

This will make your blog post stand out in the thousands of blog posts published daily as it will be different and in a style not seen before.

Do not forget to research before coming up with blog post articles. You can use a free tool like Ubbersuggest to find out keywords and topics that are most researched on Google.

Thus only  you can grow  loyal followers  who will be awaiting  for your future post eagerly.

Conclusion:How To Write A Blog Post

I hope that you now understand the importance of a well-defined structure of a  good blog post. Also how this is vital for your readers and search engines. It’s not important that you include all the elements from this list in every post.

Just make sure that you write engaging blog posts that you love with a clear structure that follows one train of thought.

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