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What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress theme features a huge collection of stylesheets and templates. They are designed to enhance the display and appearance of websites powered by WordPress. You need to choose a WordPress theme which makes your website look professional and be pleasing to visitors.

These themes can be managed and changed from time to time based on your needs. To get the best of WordPress theme, here’s an overview of how you can choose the best template.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

In order to enjoy WordPress themes, you have to effectively choose a template that suits your needs. It should be noted that not all WordPress themes are equal. That’s why you find some are free, cheaper, and others are expensive. However, here is a guide that can help you pick the right template.

Simplicity Matters

There is definitely a broad range of WordPress themes. However, you should choose a template that’s simple. You need a theme that has a minimalist design but can still support your goal.

Generally, it simply needs to complement your blogging niche.

There are lots of templates with flashy colors as well as complex layouts. Make sure that you avoid them since they aren’t ideal for attracting business.

Besides that, such a theme is less likely to attract new subscribers. However, don’t choose something that is simple but yet still compromises its usability.

It should be Lightweight

A simple theme is most likely going to be lightweight. It should be noted that a template’s foundation is crucial in determining the page load times. This consequentially affects the whole site’s performance.

Understand that there are some themes that can reduce a site’s load speed by more than 50%!

A theme that’s lightweight allows your page to load within seconds. This will eventually result in a good user experience which will certainly lead to better SEO ranking and conversion rates. So, the foundation definitely matters.

Note: there are numerous platforms that you can use to test the speed of theme templates. Just make sure that you do this before you begin the installation process.

Versatility/Customizing WordPress Themes

While there are numerous templates designed to fit different niches, it’s impossible to find one that will suit your needs 100%. You must do a few tweaks here and there before you can finally work with the selected theme.

To effectively make the best of WordPress theme, it’s therefore important that you choose a versatile template. It should have multiple options for customization.

This will allow you to make appropriate changes that you probably think will make your site more appealing.

Generally, WordPress template options usually come with customization options such as the layout, colors, appearance, and many other options that relate to the interface.


Well, this isn’t an option that you can afford to ignore anymore. Currently, the most popular and sought-after themes are the ones that have responsive themes. This is important when it comes to their use in different devices.

A highly responsive theme will efficiently adjust its layout in different types of screen sizes as well as devices. This includes mobile phones, tablets, and computers among others.

But most importantly, you should check the theme’s mobile compatibility.

This is because more than 50% of the current web traffic comes from mobile phones and handheld devices. So, if you choose a theme that perfectly responds to such devices, then there are high chances that your web traffic can increase by almost 50%.

Numerous WordPress Plugins Option

The effectiveness of WordPress heavily depends on the plugins. Reviews indicate that plugins usually give users the power to do anything on their sites. Some of the most popular plugins include:

⦁ Yoast SEO
⦁ Wordfence Security
⦁ Google Analytics for WordPress
⦁ Akismet Spam Protection
⦁ WooCommerce

There is a correlation between functionality, design, and plugins. For instance, we can describe a WordPress theme as highly functional if it doesn’t support some of the most common plugins.

Besides that, we can’t say that a template is lightweight if its design is heavy. All these factors usually correlate and interlink in order to support the overall effectiveness of the template.

Compatibility with Multiple Browsers

The themes are definitely going to be used on browsers with your site. So, how compatible is your theme with different types of browsers? Understand that not everyone uses chrome. There are those that use Firefox, safari, and internet explorer among others.

You need to test this thoroughly so that you can tap into every user. While testing all these different browsers, ensure that you also test them on mobile browsers as well.

Availability of Updates

WordPress template themes always get updated from time to time. There are new features that are always being launched. Alternatively, updates are very important for bug fixes. Before you choose a theme, check to determine the last time it was updated.

To ensure that you get the best of WordPress theme, serious developers usually schedule the updates frequently. The latest you should select a theme that isn’t constantly updated should be six months.

Anything more than that should be avoided entirely. The best thing about this kind of information is that it’s readily available to the public.

The efficiency of the Page Builders

This is one of the most essential WordPress plugins that ultimately gives users the best of WordPress theme. With page builders, you can effectively create different types of page layouts. This usually happens using the drag and drop feature.

The best way to utilize page builders is by getting them separately. This way, you can conveniently use them with other WordPress themes. The downside of pre-installed page builders is that only the developer can use them.

In case you use a pre-installed page builder to create your site’s landing page, you will end up generating new and unwanted code. This is unnecessary because in case you want to change the theme, then you need to first clean the generated codes.


There is no doubt that SEO is now a very important aspect of blogging. It’s the only way you can reach a wider target audience, generate traffic, and earn more conversions. So, to get the best WordPress theme, it needs to have a friendly feature that appeals to SEO.

Don’t get fooled by appearance alone. This is because a theme with a good appearance can still generate low-quality HTML codes. This will eventually end up affecting your site’s performance. Consequentially, this will affect the site’s ranking on search engines

Support Policy

Regardless of the theme you choose, at one point you might need the developer’s support. But if you are going to use a free WordPress theme, then it’s not a guarantee that you will get the right support.

However, there are still some good developers who offer customer support for their free WordPress themes.

That’s why it’s usually ideal to use a premium option where you are guaranteed support. However, we understand that budget constraints can limit you.

If you are using a three them and you mess it up, then it’s up to you to configure it. Alternatively, you can hire a third-party developer to help you fix the mess.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the biggest organic indicators that you can use to determine the effectiveness of a WordPress theme. In case you are searching for templates and you’re unsure of your options, then go and check the customer reviews.

They will give you the best of WordPress theme overview. Check the ratings to determine if you need this template or you should seek another alternative.

Generally, it’s advisable to choose templates with a minimum of 4 stars. Anything less than that has more defects than you can manage.

How to Install WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is quite easy and straightforward. Here’s how you can go about in just a couple of minutes:

⦁ Step 1: Download the WordPress theme zip file to your computer
⦁ Step 2: go to your WordPress account’s admin area.
⦁ Step 3: Go to appearance and then themes
⦁ Step 4: choose the option to upload the theme and select the downloaded zip file on your computer. Thereafter, click the install button
⦁ Step 5: After successfully uploading the theme, you will get a success notification with some links to activate the theme.
⦁ Step 6: preview the link first by clicking on the live preview option to test and assess its appearance before you can finally activate it on your site

How to delete a WordPress Theme

Well, after a successful installation and use, you might find that you no longer like the theme. Alternatively, you might want to install a new one in order to get the best out of WordPress theme.

There are several ways of deleting a theme but the simplest one involves the following steps:

⦁ Step 1: Go to your account’s admin section and then select appearances then themes.
⦁ Step 2: click on the installed theme that you want to remove.
⦁ Step 3: a popup window with the theme’s details will open. Go ahead and click the delete button. It’s usually found on the bottom right-hand side of the popup screen.
⦁ Step 4: go ahead and confirm that you want to delete the theme by just clicking on the OK button. This means that the functionality of the theme will be completely eliminated from your website.

Note: there are still other methods that involve the use of FTP and File Manager. However, they are quite demanding and somehow more complicated.

Best WordPress Themes Free has hundreds of different unique free themes which is easily accessible by clicking themes on your WordPress dashboard. They are all designed to cater to different niches.

If you want the best free WordPress themes , here are some of the other best options available to you:


OceanWP (Theme I’m currently using for my blog)which has got a five-star rating by is a fast loading modern WordPress design theme that is very responsive. It is also a very great theme because it has lots of features even tho it’s free compared to paid themes.

OceanWP is used by more than 300000 websites as it has got great support for plugins and drag-and-drop page builders. It also comes with easy Woocommerce integration to top it off.


Experts describe it as a lightweight and charming chameleon that can effectively adapt to any niche. Its popularity is based on the fact that it offers good performance. It’s definitely the best free WordPress theme for those who don’t want to compromise performance. This is because it usually loads very fast.

Its great code quality in addition to multiple customization options makes it ideal for use with any WordPress blog. It should be noted that it also has an amazing mobile design.


You can still get the best of WordPress theme with this free product. Astra is a popular beginner-friendly theme. It’s known for its lightweight nature as well as a foundation that seamlessly integrates with SEO. Besides that, this multipurpose theme is ideal for customization. It’s simple to install and you don’t even need to have coding skills.

Astra normally works effectively with various drag and drop page builders. Additionally, it also comes with intuitive dashboard options to enhance its effectiveness

Twenty Fifteen

It was basically the default theme in WordPress sites a couple of years ago. Twenty Fifteen is a flexible WordPress theme that has excellent in-built features. The customization features make it ideal for use with a wide range of niches.

Even though it’s simple, it perfectly gets the work done. Its readability as well as image alignment are significantly effective. With its flexibility, you can effectively customize Twenty Fifteen to design your own logos or do branding. It also integrates well with mobile devices.


Minimalism is quite a thing lately. A lot of content creators are turning to it as it seems appealing. Well, Davis has definitely suited itself with the minimalism trend. It’s a very simple theme that has been beautifully designed. As a result, it offers excellent loading speeds.

Best WordPress Themes For Blogs(Paid)

Highly recommended,well-reviewed, and used by many successful bloggers are Genesis Themes and Divi WordPress by Elegant Themes.

Other Paid WordPress Themes include:


This is another excellent WordPress theme with more than 400K downloads. In terms of performance, Avada has been raking good reviews. Even though the powerhouse looks simple, it magically delivers. Whether you want to create premium video backgrounds, landing pages, or simple sliders, well, it offers the best of WordPress theme.

It’s versatile, intuitive, and easy to load. Furthermore, it’s quite affordable and costs only $60.00.

X Theme

This is another masterpiece that costs only $49. X Theme is a user-friendly template that has a beautiful design with unique features. Its popularity is enhanced by the simple design features that make it beginner-friendly.

There is nothing complex about X Theme as everything has been specifically designed to cater to specific functionality. Overall, it’s very powerful and its intuitiveness is enhanced with the drag and drop feature.

Best Of WordPress Themes:


WordPress themes can be free or paid. For beginners who are just starting out and on a budget, a free WordPress template may be the best option. However, if you want versatility and more intuitive features, then you should consider choosing a paid theme.

Which of these themes have you used before? and what was your experience, please consider leaving a positive or negative review below which is valid, unique, and brings value to our readers; As this can be of great help to our readers. Thanks for your support.

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