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Do you want to start a blog?What are web hosting sites?Best web hosting reviews will bring you indepth information to  help you find the host for creating your blog.

You need to choose the right  hosting with wordPress if you wan to to be a succesful blogger.There are so many  hosting companies on the market today thats its not really easy to decide which one to choose to host your blog.

Thats why today I will help you in making the right decision for a better blogging future.

You can also decide to choose hosting for free but I will advise you to choose a paid shared hosting Like Buehost if you are really serious about blogging.

These reviews posts will bring you reviews about  hosting for cheap/best  hosting sites/wordpress website hosting.

I will compare the  hosting companies with pros and cons so that you have the best picture about the  webhost service.You will also learn about the cost for  hosting as this is one of the most important aspect ,isn’t it?

In this post ,you will come across hosting like Bluehost,HostGator,web hosting on GoDaddy,Siteground,Dreamhost and Hostinger to name a few.

In this post ,you will also discover eco-Friendly host like Green Geeks and Inmotion and west host review.

After finding your ideal server for web hosting,you can decide to purchase shared hosting,Vps hosting,dedicated hosting or managed hosting.

You need to choose the best hosting for your blog and  for you and your careeras this is crucial for the future when your blog grows ans start to make money.







What Is The Web Host? (Simple & Easy Tutorial)

What Is The Web Host &How Web Hosting Works? In this post, I'll explain to you the ins and outs of how web hosting works, in order that you can choose the best hosting company for your website. More precisely I'll explain to you what is a web hosting service, what features you need to focus on in any web host, and finally how to find the best and most reliable hosting company. A web hosting service can be considered as an internet host or as another computer that has a lot of space. It is a special computer that acts as a hub to quickly hook up with other computers. They have huge Servers that can store and manage massive amounts of data. The latter provides information backup, storage, email, and internet access that we are so dependent upon nowadays. This is why they're employed by web hosts for customers' websites. Customers normally pay a hosting service to host their websites on their servers; this allows their websites to be displayed online each time someone types their URL or clicks on a link. There are many web hosting companies that you can find online, with prices and services starting from, free, a couple of dollars a month to hundreds of dollars per month. The main types…

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Namecheap Hosting New (How This Cheap Host Is Surprising)

I bet you've been thinking about starting a web project. Finally launching that personal website, blog, eCommerce store, or even hosting your work portfolio. But you are stuck - thinking too hard about it. Well, if we have to spell it out for you, there has never been a great time to get started. Here's what you'll need at the beginning; 1) A reliable domain registrar and 2) a web hosting platform. If you can register your domain for cheap as well as hosting your website, that's fantastic. Even better if you can register your domain and host your website with the same company. Not to stop you in your tracks so quickly, but you should know this before you set sail. We discovered - while hosting thousands of our clients' websites - finding a company that offers reliable, cost-effective domain registration and hosting is like finding a magic lamp. You'll be wise to hold onto it. And yes, there are a tonne of domain registration and hosting options out there. While there are certainly the big players such as Blue host, DreamHost, GoDaddy, etc, that offer great web hosting and domain registration services, they'll require you to cough up the big bucks. Luckily, you can still launch your project at any budget you've projected. We've done all the work for you. In this article, we'll let you in on one of the biggest secrets to registering and hosting several websites for pennies. And even more, we'll help you decide if this service is for you. Let's dive in. Namecheap Namecheap was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000. It is one of the fastest-growing domain providers and hosting services out there today. Namecheap focuses on customer satisfaction. The web hosting service is known for providing unparalleled levels of service, security, and support. In the best 20 years of operation, Namecheap has registered over 20 million domains and is currently servicing over 3 million customers. This is not surprising as the company states that its mission is to help its customers get their projects out in the fastest time possible. What's more. Namecheap provides a tonne of features for launching your project. Initially started as a domain name registration service, the company has pivoted its business to include other web services such as web hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting, and web building services, etc.

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ipage com Reviews Simple(How To Be Economical?)

iPage com was established in 1998 by Thomas Gony, and today it has grown so much that it hosts more than 1 million websites worldwide. In 2010, iPage was purchased by the Endurance International Group (EIG).

At present, it has offices in 6 locations the world over and 2 data centers located in the US.

iPage com is a green energy partner of the EPA, which essentially means that all of their web servers and data centers are run by wind energy, which has greatly lowered their carbon footprint.

iPage com is proud to supply inexpensive and dependable web hosting. They provide top-notch lock-in savings with their longer-term deals.

It doesn't matter how large or small your business is, you will have no difficulty finding the best hosting plan that fits both your needs and your budget.

Furthermore, iPage has an outstanding customer support team that is available to help 24/7 all year long, every single day.

They can be reached by live chat, telephone, or email. also provides instructions to help guide you through all parts of web hosting.

IPage is also on our list of the best free web hosting companies to be found.

What Does IPage Offer in Terms of Web Hosting

iPage com supplies one of the least expensive hosting services available today. But don't dismiss them just because they're cheap, you still receive all the key features you need to put your website into action.

Some of the features iPage offers with their web hosting are:

Low Cost Plan

IPage com actually has the cheapest hosting service in the hosting world. With just a little effort you will be able to find a great hosting plan that suits the needs and budget of your business.

Free Domain

When you subscribe to a hosting plan, you get a free domain worth $14.95.

More Than $500 In Free Perks

You receive $200 in advertising credits. Additionally, you can subscribe to SiteLock addon for only $199/mo. to protect your site from malware.

Exceptional Customer Support

It must be said that provides professional assistance with 24/7 phone, ticket-based email, and chat.

They have an excellent knowledge base, so with a little time and effort, you can resolve web hosting problems on your own without much difficulty.

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Green Geeks(How To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Host?)

GreenGeeks stands behind its claim of being environmentally aware by providing web hosting to offset 300% of the new carbon being made from the power they consume.

They clearly state that they are 300% powered by renewable energy. Furthermore, they have a nice section of hosting plans that can accommodate anyone's budget, and these include optimized WordPress hosting plans.

Use their special GreenGeeks discount links and their promo code which is applied automatically, and you can get 70% taken off your hosting fee for the month.

Along with their environmentally positive activity, GreenGeeks makes a great web host too.

While they may be small in comparison to some of the other hosting companies out there, with around 35,000 customers and over 300,000 hosted sites, yet the personal attention they provide for their customers makes you overlook that detail.

They provide you with a completely free domain to get you up and running, and hosting plans that cost merely several dollars per month, which enables you to add unending domains.

Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that by using GreenGeeks, your website will be helping create renewable energy rather than just burning up energy.

Letting your customers and potential customers in on the fact your business site is run by absolutely 100% carbon-neutral hosting is bound to impress them.

GreenGeeks Provides Green Web Hosting

The main distinguishing feature about GreenGeeks is the fact that they are an environmentally aware web hosting company. They don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk, making a genuine effort to drop the amount of their carbon footprint.

GreenGeeks does use traditional energy resources, but it also purchases what are known as wind credits to ensure that the effects of carbon output caused by their servers is altered.

Furthermore, their data centers use the most modern server hardware geared to save energy.

Hosting Features Overview

Now it's time to discuss the other aspects of GreenGeeks, such as dependability, pricing, customer service, and the variety of hosting solutions.

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Constant Contact Vs Mailchimp(How To Find The Best?)

Email marketing is arguably the most effective marketing tool - even in this day and age of social media and video marketing.

Compared to making marketing videos or producing a social media campaign, a marketing email is relatively easy to make. Its penetration levels are pretty high as well.

Email marketing helps you build a loyal customer community. You are certainly not getting that with PPC (pay per click) and social media ads.

However, contrary to general perception, email marketing is more than just throwing in a few sentences, images, and links.

Email is a very common form of communication online, with billions of emails sent and received every day.

In this ocean of email messages, your marketing emails should have certain uniqueness to stand out or at least grab recipient attention.

Besides making sure the message is coherent and grammatically correct, the included links are not broken, and the images display properly, the email message should also be attractive overall.

If this sounds complex or you are not the "creative" type, do not worry since there are companies that can help you craft the right emails for your business and create effective correspondences with your users.

In the crowd of companies or platforms offering email marketing solutions, Constant Contact and Mailchimp stand out with their sheer market presence and experience.

In this Constant Contact vs. Mailchimp article, we'll compare the two, discuss the various aspects of their respective services, talk about their plans and prices, etc. so that you know how they truly stack up against each other.

Constant Contact vs Mailchimp: A Brief Comparison Overview

Constant Contact has been in the business of online marketing since 1995. It has roughly 500,000 customers across the globe.

That may not sound like much because it is not much. Mailchimp, on the other hand, is the market leader, with a 62.23 percent market share.

This is despite having set up shop six years after Constant Contact, which has 8.69 percent of the market under its fold.

If Mailchimp is such a dominant force, then why do this Constant Contact vs Mailchimp comparison?

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GetResponse Reviews New (7 Best Things to Consider )

Getresponse Reviews 2020

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing software that helps you create content, boosts sales . More importantly it helps to increase traffic on your website.

It helps you connect with everyone, anytime wherever they may be.

GetResponse is considered top email marketing by experts. It is trusted by over 350,000 businesses and has been in service for over two decades.


Their deliverability to get your message to the right audience at the perfect time is unmatched.

Get Response has good email marketing features as well as other marketing automation capabilities at good prices.

Also GetResponse does well as an all-round digital marketing platform for small to midsized businesses.

In this GetResponse tutorial, we look at their lead email marketing solutions and more to help you choose what works best for you;

Features of GetResponse

GetResponse feature set is one of the most comprehensive in comparison with other email marketing tools.

Its feature set makes this product a jack of all trades and master of none.

GetResponse does not only provide you with all the key stuff you expect to get from an email marketing platform.

It offers you list hosting, templates, autoresponders, analytics and so forth.

Recently, GetResponse has expanded its features; it has thus become an all in one marketing and e-commerce solution for businesses.

Lets look into its key features;


This function allows you to automate your emails to subscribers.

Plus, they are basically e-newsletters that are sent to your subscribers at intervals of your choice.

For example, you can set it up in a way that subscribers receive a welcome message once they sign up.

Additionally,a week later you could set them up to receive discount offers;

Alternatively after maybe three weeks later, send an invite to follow your business on social media, etc.

This functionality allows you to choose your sending options based on time or subscriber actions to your messages.

For example response to Open and click, subscriptions to particular lists, changes in user data, completed transactions, birthdays, etc.

Marketing Automation

Get response recently launched this new version of their autoresponder functionality.

This feature allows you to create automation workflows using a drag and drop builder.

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