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Do you want to start a blog?What are web hosting sites?Best web hosting reviews will bring you indepth information to  help you find the host for creating your blog.

You need to choose the right  hosting with wordPress if you wan to to be a succesful blogger.There are so many  hosting companies on the market today thats its not really easy to decide which one to choose to host your blog.

Thats why today I will help you in making the right decision for a better blogging future.

You can also decide to choose hosting for free but I will advise you to choose a paid shared hosting Like Buehost if you are really serious about blogging.

These reviews posts will bring you reviews about  hosting for cheap/best  hosting sites/wordpress website hosting.

I will compare the  hosting companies with pros and cons so that you have the best picture about the  webhost service.You will also learn about the cost for  hosting as this is one of the most important aspect ,isn’t it?

In this post ,you will come across hosting like Bluehost,HostGator,web hosting on GoDaddy,Siteground,Dreamhost and Hostinger to name a few.

In this post ,you will also discover eco-Friendly host like Green Geeks and Inmotion and west host review.

After finding your ideal server for web hosting,you can decide to purchase shared hosting,Vps hosting,dedicated hosting or managed hosting.

You need to choose the best hosting for your blog and  for you and your careeras this is crucial for the future when your blog grows ans start to make money.







Reviews of DreamHost: Ultimate (7 Things To Know Today!)

Dreamhost is one of the service leading providers of web hosting as explained in this review of Dreamhost.

Being one of the four web hosts that endorses, Dreamhost is the home for 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications with 400,000+ members from over 100 countries.

Dreamhost has managed to maintain a successful hosting business and happy customers for the last 18 years.

Even after all this time, Dreamhost guarantees above-average uptimes and page speeds which leads to the positive review of Dreamhost.

Dreamhost offers you everything you need to get your website started. They offer free domain registration that includes annual plans, free encryption, a WordPress 1-click installer, and a website builder.

In order to make a wise decision for your web hosting, it is important to get a well-rounded opinion from the review of Dreamhost we give on this article.

Review of Dreamhost Features

  1. Dreamhost offers a guarantee for 100% uptime on all plans
  2. Dreamhost features solid-state drives on shared and VPS plans which increases its speed and reliability
  3. It offers over 275 extensions which you can choose from to get your domain
  4. Their customer service support system is 24/7 except for live chats which you can access from 5 am-10 pm throughout the week
  5. Except for the starter shared web hosting, other plans include an unlimited number of email addresses
  6. Their cloud storage services offer their users with unlimited security and easy access
  7. They offer a 1-Click installation for one of the most popular web applications, WordPress among other apps like Shopify, Wix, etc.
  8. Their proprietary control panel is easy to use
  9. Dreamhost offers its users with over 750,000 WordPress Installations
  10. All Dreamhost accounts come with truly unlimited bandwidth

Review of Dreamhost Plans

Dreamhost offers a variety of dedicated web hosting plans to choose from that includes customers of all sizes. Their hosting solutions are tailored for e-commerce, WordPress among others.

Below is an overview of plans offered by Dreamhost;

1.Shared Web Hosting

For most small business owners that do not want to spend a lot of money on hosting, the shared hosting is the most affordable option.

Shared hosting means that you share server resources alongside other websites including CPU and RAM. This is the most common hosting plan out of Dreamhost's offerings.

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A2 Hosting Review New(This Is What Makes It Fast)

A2 Hosting is actually one of the oldest web hosting providers in business today having begun in 2001 under the name Iniquinet. The company originated in Michigan and changed its name in 2003 to A2 Hosting.

If you visit their website you will learn that 97% of their customers are pleased with their services and that they promise to deliver "Up to 20x faster servers". In addition, their first term pricing appears to be a really good value for the money, but have you taken a look at the renewal fees?

So let's review A2 Hosting and see if this is the hosting service you have in mind.

A2 Hosting has lived up to their hype and provided excellent server speeds.

Their customer support is efficient, effective, and pleasant. It seems as if the staff genuinely cares about helping answer your questions and giving you the best start possible. Furthermore, the hosting plans are reasonable, and they provide a distinctive "anytime" money-back guarantee.

A word of caution, however, as uptime has been slipping over a period of several months, and the renewal rates take a fairly large leap after your first purchase period concludes. Still in all, if you require a fast web hosting service that maintains comparatively inexpensive pricing ($2.96/mo) enabling you to scale once your website develops and grows, A2 Hosting may very well be a great choice.

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How Did InMotion Hosting Become The Best?(Find Out)

Competition among web hosts is as fierce as any other business. This is a good thing because it guarantees that you get the best service as the companies try to outdo each other. InMotion, in particular, has gone above and beyond to offer more than the basic hosting services. Some of the services unique to InMotion include:

Free domain name

Before you can launch a website, it needs to have a domain name. Basically, a domain name is what identifies your website out of the several hundred million websites. With most hosts, searching and registering a domain name is considered an extra service.

It, therefore, means that you would have to pay for this service or find a third-party registrar. InMotion does not have this condition because every website gets a free domain name.

InMotion Hosting webmail for free

Alongside a domain name, InMotion will also give you a professional email to use with your website. When you want to advertise your business, having a professional email will give you more credibility.

Not to mention that it complements the brand you create with a website. This is also a paid service by most hosts, so having it free here will be a good advantage.

Protection from hackers and improved security with SSL

Security is very important nowadays because there are so many ways a lack thereof can be used against you. Most often, hackers will try to acquire access to your website especially if it's an eCommerce website. In other cases, a hacker will use your website to hack other systems.

Google looks out for any websites with suspicious activities and puts in on a blacklist where it won't appear in search results. To prevent this, InMotion does consistent scans for malware and also issues a free SSL certificate.

Free data backups

Despite taking all security measures, it's still best to have a backup for any unforeseen emergencies. Daily data backups are also offered for free by InMotion so that you can know for sure that your data is secure.

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GoDaddy for Hosting Facts Revealed(7 Things To Know Now)

Studies have shown that 47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. Approaching 3 seconds, 40% of users will abandon that page and move on.

What's worse is that once Google notices a high bounce rate, it will automatically lower the website's ranking. These statistics mean that every website must have fast loading speeds in order to be successful.

Fortunately for you, should you choose to host your website with GoDaddy; This host will provide the fastest loading speeds you can imagine. Tests show that the average load speed over the past 24 months has been 554ms (0.55 seconds).

This is much lower than the maximum threshold. The fast loading speeds mean that your website will impress visitors and raise your ranking among search engines.

Highly reliable

The last thing you want is for your website to go offline even for a minute because that could have been the moment a potential customer had just clicked on your link. Once someone finds your website offline, it is highly unlikely they will ever attempt another visit. That would mean you just lost a potential customer, and that's not what you want, is it?

A website's reliability is measured by the uptime percentage to indicate how often the website is available over a certain period. With GoDaddy web hosting, the average uptime in the past 24 months has been 99.97%. The average uptime for the world's top 50 eCommerce websites is 99.03%, meaning that GoDaddy's services are above par.

Great customer support

Most people don't think about customer service until they are in desperate need. When you do need urgent help, GoDaddy has got over 3,000 customer care reps and over 8,000 employees who could help you. Compared to its peers, GoDaddy has excellent customer support for all your needs.

Bundled services

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Reviews of HostGator New(How to Choose The Best)

All reviews of HostGator agree that HostGator's customer experience is very user-friend and perfect for beginners.

For example, whether you're a brand new webmaster or beginner blogger, HostGator is stacked with helpful full walkthroughs, tutorials, and an award-winning 24/7 customer service team who are all ready to help you.

If you're looking for a cheap solution for web hosting, HostGator's plans make it the perfect answer for anybody who wants a website that's easy to manage. HostGator makes it easy for you, to make your dreams a reality.

For beginners, we highly recommend you start out with a shared web hosting plan (you can upgrade later).

For professionals, we recommend you go with a dedicated or cloud plan, for more power and speed.

With all of these great features, HostGator is a reliable, user-friendly, well-experienced, has got excellent customer track record, and best of all, a very good customer support team.

I hope that these reviews of Hostgator brought real value to you and helps in making the right decision to choose the best hosting service.

As part of HostGator's commitment to excellence, HostGator continues to improve on its core beliefs:

  • Easy to Install WordPress Websites, Blogs, Woocommerce, etc
  • Websites have a whopping load speed of (-280ms)
  • Affordable and Scalable Plans for Customers
  • Quality and Ease of Use Email marketing
  • Excellent Customer Service

In the last 24 months alone, HostGator has maintained 99.98% uptime of all the websites under their leadership; one of the highest in the industry.

It means your website is always on and can be visited by everyone.

Even HostGator's basic shared plans for website hosting comes with unlimited storage, free SSL certificate.

(SSL helps keep your website secured).

It has massive amounts of bandwidth and even a free domain (for your first year).

In this reviews on Hostgator, we will go through everything you need to know about HostGator like Hostgator features, benefits, pricing, and plans.

Reviews of Hostgator (Pricing)

How Pricing Works for HostGator:

What reviews of Hostgator wouldn't be complete is knowing the pricing for the latter which is one of the most important aspects.

When you sign up as a new user, you are eligible for HostGator's exclusive discount feature.

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Bluehost Review New(How To Get The Best? )

Since its establishment in 2003, Bluehost has never looked back and is always in a constant endeavor to make its services better. Moreover despite its admirable reputation, the administrators haven't thought of increasing their pricing.

It is one of the most cost-effective web hosting service providers. The Endurance International Group has the ownership rights of the website hosting company. Its primary data center is in Utah.

The company's marvelous work ethic has led to its endorsement as the best WordPress site hosting site. Since 2005, has been encouraging its users to seek the services of this internet genius. That tells you how trustworthy the company is.

What's more, Bluehost provides the best digital marketing and training for small businesses. This is a smart gesture for the company as it shows its commitment to business development and success all around the globe.

Their packages are not only less pricey, but flexible too. There are monthly and annual payment plans. And if you're a new member, you get a whole year of a free domain.

As if that's not enough, they offer costless daily, weekly, and monthly backups. The package also comes with SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, free global CDN, among other privileges, as you'll later find out in this Bluehost review.

Bluehost also provide unrelenting support for the open-source community. This is evident in their provision of advance developer tools like FTP, SSH Access, and a personalized Linux Kernel. So, if you thought that Bluehost only fits entry-level players, then you thought wrong.

Let's now look at some of the internet service provider's unique features that will give you a run for your money.

Bluehost Review( Key Features)

First of all,We do not just refer to it as one of the best hosting services provider as marketing hype, but because of its unique features. In this Bluehost review, we've listed some of the rare elements that industry contenders can only envy.

·Free SSL Certificate

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