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Bluehost Review

Are you a prospective or an established website owner? Do you feel happy about the performance of your current hosting service provider? Bluehost hosting review 2021 will give you in-depth information about this bargain web host which offers great discounts;it is also considered one of the world’s leaders in cheap web hosting services.

Today, I focus on Bluehost- your one-stop solution for affordable and reliable website hosting. With over 2 million websites globally, it is needless to say that Bluehost is a people’s favorite.

One of the main reasons why it is a household name is that it doesn’t discriminate against its clients; whether you’re an upcoming blogger or an established eCommerce heavyweight, you’ll receive equal professional treatment. Additionally, the services are very easy for people of all ages to use.

In this Bluehost review 2021, you’ll find out about the company’s plans & pricing, types of hosting, pros and cons, plus everything else you should know about this internet wizard.

Let’s dive in…

Review Of Bluehost

Since its establishment in 2003, Bluehost has never looked back and is always in a constant endeavor to make its services better.

Moreover, despite its admirable reputation, the administrators haven’t thought of increasing their pricing.

It is one of the most cost-effective web hosting service providers. The Endurance International Group has the ownership rights of the website hosting company. Its primary data center is in Utah.

The company’s marvelous work ethic has led to its endorsement as the best WordPress site hosting site.

Since 2005, has been encouraging its users to seek the services of this internet genius. That tells you how trustworthy the company is.

There are only two other hosting services ( Siteground & Dreamhost ) that are endorsed by WordPress and have their authentic seal of approval.

What’s more, Bluehost provides the best digital marketing and training for small businesses. This is a smart gesture for the company as it shows its commitment to business development and success all around the globe.

Note their packages are not only less pricey, but flexible too. There is a choice of different payment plans to suit different budgets. And if you’re a new member, you get a whole year of a free domain.

The package also comes with SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, and free global CDN, among other privileges, as you’ll later find out in this Bluehost review.

More importantly, unrelenting Bluehost’s support is also provided for the open-source community. This is evident in their provision of advanced developer tools like FTP, SSH Access, and a personalized Linux Kernel.

So, if you thought that Bluehost only fits entry-level players, then you thought wrong.

Let’s now look at some of the internet service provider’s unique features that will give you a run for your money.

Bluehost Reviews(Key Features)

First of all, I do not just refer to it as one of the best hosting services providers as marketing hype, but because of its unique features. In my Bluehost review, I’ve listed some of the rare elements that industry contenders can only envy.

·Free SSL Certificate

In case you are wondering, Security Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate is a data file used to secure the transfer of connection between the server and the web browser.

And guess what, Bluehost offers this absolutely for free. An SSL Certificate provides unprecedented security to the customers and visitors of your site. The security of a website should be a top priority for its owner.

·Free First Year Domain Name

Exclusive of the domain registration fee, Bluehost free domain name is available for its new customers.

Isn’t that a fantastic welcoming gesture? You’ll only need to pay for the registration fee, which ranges from $10 to $15.

After the collapse of the first year, you will need to pay a renewal fee, which covers from $4.99 to $16.99 annually for the basic plan.

At Bluehost, they believe that every great website requires a great domain name.


Free backups on a powerful and proven platform that is optimized for speed and security and has great potential to scale up;

(You need to ask support to ask for a backup though otherwise, you need to do your own backup for more security) .

These backups can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

·Bluehost Website Builder

Do not panic if you don’t have strong HTML and CSS expertise. Bluehost understands and values the need for website owners to build and improve their sites.

It is for this reason that they have installed a drag-and-drop site builder, which is an easy-to-use program for those who want to improve their websites.

Alternatively, you can ask their design professionals to create a website for you.


The amount of storage you get for hosting with Bluehost depends on the type of plan you have.

The standard program gives storage of 30 GB, the enhanced plan has 60 GB storage, and the ultimate plan allows up to 120 GB of storage.

Consequently, for a simple WordPress Blog site, you’ll only need a standard plan, for it would take so long to fill up 30 GB with words and images.

·Money-Back Guarantee

One of the most effective marketing strategies for many established companies is offering many-back guarantees on their products or services. But you’ll be surprised that they rarely receive any refund requests. Why?

They wholly invest in safeguarding the quality of their products and services. Bluehost is no exception.

However, if you’ll ever feel that the quality of the services isn’t what you expected, be sure to notify customer service within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Nore refund is just for hosting and not for a domain name that is yours forever as long as you renew it.


We all have received that “your app is out of date” message. Sometimes it becomes annoying, doesn’t it? Bluehost aims to alleviate this fuss by offering an automatic update to your most vulnerable software. For instance, you’ll always receive the latest version of WordPress without having to pay a cent.

·Access to Microsoft Office 365

Did you know that you can add Microsoft 365 to your Bluehost plan? What’s more, the plans come with a 30-day free trial, and then afterward, you can decide to purchase your most preferred plan.

The plans range from $35.88 to $179.99, renewable annually.

The good thing about Microsoft 365 availability is that it boosts your domain name recognition and gives you limitless access to your emails.

·Control Panel

To keep your site well organized and manageable, Bluehost uses the Control Panel, also known as the Bluehost cPanel.

The control panel is very useful to manage your website’s hosting and accounts. You can also manage your domain name for such things as hosting, registration, renewals, or transfers.

cPanel also lets you set up payments or billing for the services you receive without any hassle and allows you to deal with email address/inbox configuration.


With the cheapest plan, you can create up to 5 email accounts, otherwise unlimited with other plans.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost hosting offers six kinds of hosting. Depending on your budget and the kind of website that you own, there’s a hosting plan for you.

In this Blue host reviews, we’ve also attached the pricing to every package to draw a clearer picture of what’s in store for you.

Bluehost Hosting plans

1. Shared Hosting Review

If you’re just starting to build your website, then this is the best entry-level plan. The shared hosting plan comes in three different plans as you’ll find out below;

Basic – Do you operate under a strict budget? Don’t worry. The basic plan grants your access to 50 GB storage space, a free SSL certificate, five customized domains, 25 subdomains, and so on. This plan will only cost you $2.45 per month.

Choice Plus – on top of the features available in the basic plan, Choice Plus gives access to unlimited storage and a spam expert. It goes for $5.75 per month. Alternatively, You can get Choice for $4.93 per month; the difference with Choice plus is that it doesn’t have Domain privacy and Backup for a year.

Pro – It has all the features available in the Choice Plus plan. On top of that, you get a dedicated IP, two spam experts, site backup, and domain privacy. It costs $11.55 per month.

bluehost  pricing plan

2.Bluehost VPS Hosting Review

Bluehost also offers VPS hosting plans, and you can either choose from the Standard, Enhanced, or Ultimate packages. If you have a business site that needs some pimping beyond the basics, then you should consider this hosting plan. Take a look at the different packages below.

Standard – Gives you access to 30 GB SSD storage, 2 Cores, 2 GB RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth, and 1 IP Address. The standard package costs $15.80.

Enhanced – It gives you 60 GB SSD storage, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB Bandwidth, 2 Cores, and 2 IP Addresses. The monthly charge for this package is $24.95.

Ultimate – This is the top-most package for this category. It goes for $49.90 and offers access to 120 GB SSD storage, 4 Cores, 2 IP Addresses, 3 TB Bandwidth, and 8 GB RAM.

3. Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review

For affordable WordPress hosting, look no further than this Bluehost package which comes in three different plans, including basic, plus, and choice plus. Take a look at each Bluehost for WordPress hosting plan’s features below:

Basic – It attracts $3.27 monthly charges. The basic plan has such features as 5 Parked Domains, 25 Subdomains, Free 1-Year Domain, Free SSL Certificate, $200 Marketing Credit, 50 GB SSD Storage, and one website.

Plus – The monthly charges for this plan are $4.93. It has access to a free SSL Certificate, 1 Office 365 Mailbox (30 Days Free), Unmetered SSD Storage, Unlimited Parked Domains & Subdomains, 1-Year Free Domain, and Limitless Websites.

Choice Plus – This package plan has access to everything included in the Plus option, with an addition of a CodeGuard Basic Backup.

Just like the Plus plan, it costs $5.75 per month.

4. Bluehost Review(E-commerce)

Do you own an eCommerce franchise and want to gain access to a greater audience? Bluehost Woocommerce hosting plan is all you need to make this a reality.

The plan comes in two different packages (standard and premium)from which you can choose your favorite. You can get a free onboarding call along with a free IP address and WooCommerce storefront already installed as an additional bonus.

5. Bluehost WP Pro Review

This review also features WP Pro; a one-stop solution for all your email marketing, social media, SEO, and performance optimization needs.

This is undoubtedly the perfect option for growing your WordPress Website. Let’s see the different Blue host pricing plans below.

Build – The plan will cost you $12.38 per month. It offers a Marketing Center, Daily Backups, 100+ Free Themes, Malware detection and removal, Jetpack Sites Analytics, 1 Office 365 Mailbox, and many others.

Grow – This plan goes for $25.05 per month. It gives access to 10GB Video Compression, SEO Tools, Business Review Tools, Jetpack Premium, and many more.

Scale – This is the advanced package for running an eCommerce WordPress site.

Its monthly charges are $41.77. It comes with a Jetpack Pro, Limitless Backups, PayPal Integration, Limitless Video Compression, Elastic Search, 1 Office 365 Mailbox, and Blue Sky Chat Support.

6.Dedicated Hosting Review

If you pay little regard to the monthly charges of the plan, then this elite package is for you. It offers unprecedented control, security, and performance. The different plans under this Bluehost review category include;

Standard – It costs $66.64 per month. You can expect 4 GB RAM, 5 TB Bandwidth, 3 IP Addresses, 4 Cores, and 500 GB Mirrored Storage.

Enhanced – This plan goes for $83.17 per month. It comes with 1 TB Storage, 8 GB RAM, 4 Cores, 10 TB Bandwidth, and 4 IP Addresses.

Premium – This is the most expensive plan and goes for a staggering $99.81 per month. Its components are 5 IP Addresses, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Storage, 15 TB Bandwidth, and 4 Cores.

Reviews Of Bluehost: Package Extras

If you are going to start a blog on Bluehost, there is no need for package extras. This web hosting company provides everything that you may need, and in most instances, they come freely.

Get yourself a basic plan and kick away all the worries of other package extras.

One such package extra that you’ll need for your blog is domain privacy. It helps in the safe reservation of your personal information and those of your site’s visitors.

An SSL certificate is another package extra that aids in upholding the security of your site as well as flawless data transfer. This tool is free and is accessible to any plan.

The Updraft Backup WordPress Plugin is another add-on that can be a great asset to your site. It’s a free plugin that you can use to back up your WordPress blog.

The drag-and-drop site builder is yet another Bluehost extra that you can’t afford to miss. What’s more, it’s absolutely free.

Additionally, you have a one-click WordPress install, multiple CMS integrations, and eCommerce plugins.

Reviews Bluehost: Pros And Cons


·Costly renewal rates

After the welcoming period for the cheapest plan is over ($2.45 for 3 years), the subsequent rates are much more higher. ($7.48 for a 3-year plan)

Unfortunately, even making long-term payments, though discounted, still means you’ll have to part with considerable amounts.


Compared to other hosting providers, Bluehost’s basic plan storage capacity is not enough and you need to sign-up for the next tier price plan for double the price.

Monthly plan

Bluehost does not have the facility of shared hosting options on a pay per month basis.


·Ease of usage

-The usage and understanding of this internet service provider don’t require some rocket science comprehension skills because the Bluehost’s control panel makes it even easier to use, especially for starters.

·Cost-efficiency In Bluehost Pricing

With as low as $2.45 per month, you can get your website known to the world within a short period, and even at that entry-level price, you get to enjoy pretty much everything that every other site has.

High-performance & uptime

Did you know that the company allows its customers to cancel their hosting arrangements should they experience downtime?

But you’ll barely need to make that move because it guarantees 99.96% uptime throughout the year.

·Automatic WordPress installation

There’s no better-hosting services provider that offers better WordPress integration than Bluehost because once you secure your WordPress hosting plan, leave the installation and updating of more secure versions to Bluehost.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare akas Content delivery network (CDN) or a network of servers delivering more accurate or closest information to what a user may be searching on your website by displaying cached versions of your website.

Anybody navigating to your website on the net, receives content from the CDN point closest to them in their browser, reducing considerably the amount of data travel time.

Even more, Cloudflare integration is overly essential, especially to Ecommerce website owners. It enables the customers to get the right information and in the shortest amount of time.

And yes, Bluehost packages come with a Cloudflare integration.

·Incredible site loading speed

Page load times needs to be really high to decrease bounce rates of your visitors; because the longer it takes to load your site,the less traffic you will have and the less successful your website will be.

For as low as a basic plan, Bluehost grants one of the fastest site load speeds of up to 422 ms for a static website.

The speed is even better for a WordPress site- it reaches 688 ms. Please note that the higher the plan, the faster the speed.

Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile as it can have a great impact on how much traffic your site has.(Google prioritizes mobile indexing nowadays)

·Matchless security features

Where else will you find such unique security features as:

– IP addresses,

-Free SSL certificates(A valid SSL certificate is mandatory nowadays for every website, as set up by Google’s best practice; as it helps to keep your site and data secure, thus increasing your customer’s trust.

Most importantly, an SSL certificate helps in improving your search engines ranking)


– SiteLocks (Sitelock scan your site for malware and virus on a daily basis.)

As a result, when you host with Bluehost, you can forget about malware attacks, virus invasion, or any other cybersecurity threat.

Money-back guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked)


It is really easy to upgrade your plan to VPS or a dedicated server without the hassle of having to move your website.


24/7 live chat and phone support are included with all Bluehost’s plans.

Bluehost also provides you with helpful tutorials ( how-tos about website management as well as on hosting and marketing topics ).

Free Website Migration

Bluehost support, when contacted can migrate one ( )website for free (Take 2-3 days to migrate). Note domain name transfers are not included though.

Migration takes place after receiving valid previous hosting credentials and it should not be multisite.

Other conditions include that the website should be less than 2GB( filesize) and have less than a 40Mb database size. Lastly, it should be running WordPress version 4.7 and running  PHP 7.0 or later.

Serious Competitor Of Bluehost com

HostGator (Read HosGator’s full review here)

Reviews For Bluehost: Conclusion

You can quickly get your website up and running with Bluehost; furthermore, you have access to an easy-to-use cPanel interface that’s ideal for beginners.

Bluehost web host has a lot of great features, offers you great website speed, comes with reliable servers, and for a budget-friendly web host, has some security features that will pleasantly surprise you.

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, Bluehost is certainly one of the best solutions today for your web hosting needs and additionally, its customer service is of very high standards.

I hope this review of Bluehost has brought real value to you.


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Bluehost is considered really good for beginners as you get everything (free domain name,free SSL and 24/7 live support) at at a bargain price($2.45 per month on a 36 month plan).Thus you can set-up your WordPress website easily.That’s why its trusted by over 2 million websites

Endurance International Group who specializes in web hosting own Bluehost since 2010 .EIG also owns other popular web hosts like HostGator,Site5,iPage and to name a few.

You get a free domain name(for 1 year only) when you purchase a hosting plan with Bluehost. You can buy multiple domains if you want through the Bluehost dashboard. Additionally, you can purchase domain privacy for an additional small fee.

Monthly payment plans are just available for VPS or dedicated hosting plans. You need to buy an annual plan for cheaper web hosting plans.

Canceling is possible only within 30 days of signing up, otherwise at the end of your chosen term by setting up a non-renewal option.

Some of the other alternatives to a great web host like Bluehost are:HostGator,SiteGround and InMotion

Bluehost is cheap for shared hosting plans, your site doesn’t have a dedicated server on its own but as the name states, you share a server with other people thus reducing the costs drastically.

Powering over 2 million websites currently, Bluehost which operates since 2003, is one of the most trustable web host services nowadays proving world-class services and products to happy customers around the world. and are Bluehost’s nameservers to which you need to point your website if are moving from another host as well as to manage your domain not registered with Bluehost.

Have you used Bluehost before? Please consider leaving a positive or negative Bluehost review below which is valid, unique, and brings value to our readers. As this can be of great help to our readers.Thanks for your support.

In this Bluehost for beginners review ,you will learn why is one of the best wordpress host for your blog today.Bluehost review highlights all the facts about Bluehost wordpress step by step.

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