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Cheapest Web Hosting Review

No matter what type of business you have or how well organized it is, a website is essential for it to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, this can be an expensive endeavor, all the more painful if you are just launching your company. That’s why it’s necessary to seek out the cheapest web hosting sites.

Essentially, a web host is a company that supplies the servers that you need for your website to run efficiently and effectively.

They take care of the delivery and storage of the files that are kept on a website too.

Sometimes it’s hard not to envy the bigger companies, as they have the financial wherewithal to enable them to purchase dedicated web hosting cheap without having to flinch.

Fortunately, even if your company is on a strict budget, you still have various options for obtaining cheapwebhosting sites.

Just be aware that not all of the cheapest web hosting services out there can provide quality service, so you need to give careful consideration to which one you select.

Feeling confused and frustrated and don’t know which of the cheapest web host services to pick? Suffering from information overload? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back and that’s what this article is all about.

I am going to review the top 10 cheapest web host providers and tell you what you should expect from each of them, and what you need to look for in order to get the best service possible.

Let’s dive in…

What to Look For in the Cheapest Web Hosting Sites

When selecting your web host you need to understand the features, security, and overall performance of each company. In addition, here are some of the features you should look for.

1. They permit you to load WordPress and other types of blogging platforms using a one-click installation

2. The starter plan comes with a free domain name included or else domains that are very cheap

3. The plan includes website email accounts

4. The plan comes with basic essential security features to protect your site and your server too

5. The plan has enough bandwidth and storage to be able to support your website and allow room for growth

Are Cheap Web Hosts Services Right For You?

When you first begin a new blog for your company or are just starting out, and you have simple, basic website requirements, where you know you will still have a low volume of traffic, then basic and cheap web hosts can be an excellent alternative to more expensive web hosting.

Essentially, these plans will only cost you a few dollars each month, plus they will have everything that you need in order to support your site.

Now if you are new to the game, you might not know that cheap web hosting is available in many styles. However, the most commonly chosen is shared hosting.

What shared hosting means, is that you are sharing the cost of the website server with hundreds of other users. That is what keeps the expense so low. How many accounts are on the server is determined by the hosting provider you select.

Why Shared Hosting Can Be a Good Option

If you are a new company just getting up on your feet, shared hosting just might be the answer for you for several reasons.

1. Expenses can be quite low, so you essentially don’t have to put any money down in order to get started.

2. Your hosting plan will have virtually everything required for you to start and grow your site.

3. Your website is created for those just starting out, so it is very easy to set up your site and server.

4. Server resources are powerful enough to carry your site right into medium growth.

Web Hosting For Cheap is Good For These Types of Websites:

1. Blog — Bloggers normally have less traffic and easier to meet site requirements. This is true when they are just beginning their blog. In addition, a simple WordPress installation allows your blog to be up and running in no time flat.

2. Small Businesses — Normally, a small business will only need a fairly simple website that will rank for local terms and provide them with an online presence.

3. Simple Sites — A site with only a low volume of traffic and perhaps just a few pages will use less of the host’s resources.

4. Side Projects — Worried that the new project you are working on might not be successful? Begin small with a cheap hosting plan.

The 10 Cheapest Web Hosting Sites For WordPress

Having covered the basics, the time has come to explore the best cheap web hosting plans available. Here are the top 10 best and cheapest web host services.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is renowned as one of the most in-demand web hosts worldwide, and at present, they host over 2 million websites. Ideal for beginners as well as more advanced users. who want to take their site to the next level with Bluehost’s fully managed WordPress Plans.

True, they aren’t the cheapest web hosting and domain, but when it comes to getting your money’s worth, they are superb.

Their uptime has astounded the entire industry, so you can be confident that your site will be online nearly 100% of the time. Furthermore, they provide amazing loading speeds of 688 ms, so you won’t have to worry that your visitors will be forced to waste time waiting for your site to load.

In addition to all this, Bluehost’s has an excellent support team that works 24/7 all year, every single day of the year.

Along with their shared hosting plan, which only costs $2.45 monthly, you get a free domain name for one year, and one-click installation for various website builders, tools, etc.

bluehost plan new

To lock in the current rate for their cheapest web host service, using a shared plan, you must agree to a 36-month plan. If you want a shorter-term plan, then you will be charged $3.29 monthly for a 24-month plan or $4.12 monthly for a one-year plan.

If you select the cheapest shared hosting plan you will also receive a free domain(first year), Free CDN, free SSL certificate, up to 5 email accounts, 50GB of storage space, and unlimited bandwidth.


. Swift loading of your website and nearly 100% online time.

.One of the three web hosts officially recommended by WordPress.

. Buy a hosting plan and get a free domain name. Many top-notch domain extensions to choose from.

. Lots of extras come with your plans such as unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and many security features.

. Single click installation of WordPress and automatic core updates for an optimized WordPress website.

. Simple to use control panel and interface, great for beginners.


. The renewal rate takes a big leap in price, and if you want to lock in that low rate you’re required to sign a longer contract.

. You must pay extra for site migrations from another host.


2. Hostgator

Another globally known hosting brand also known as gator host or hosting gator; HostGator has been operating for almost two decades, and at present hosts more than 10 million websites.

You can safely choose their basic shared hosting plan and feel confident that you will receive high uptime and good performance.

If you opt for the starter shared hosting plan, it comes with unlimited storage and bandwidth, automated backups, a free domain name for one year, and a free SSL certificate.

Their best cheapest web hosting service plan is only $2.75 monthly, but if you want to lock in this price, you have to agree to a 36-month plan.

HostGator is most popular for its Cloud and VPS hosting(starts at$19.95 per month). It offers great value for money if you are looking for cheap web hosting with better performance.

This will suit more experienced users who have no budget restrictions. Hostgator’s cloud hosting starts at $4.95 per month which is a lot cheaper than other web hosts like Liquid web and even Google($40-$50 per month!)


. High uptime, so you can be confident that your site will nearly always be available online.

. Experienced and caring support team, with extremely fast response times.

. Extensive 45 day money back guarantee.

. Sign up for an account and get free migrations from another host.

. Beginners find it easy to set up their website, use the bundled website builder or install WordPress.


. Site loading speeds can be a problem.

. Monthly hosting cost increases after your first contract ends.

. You have to pay extra for certain additional features such as better security and daily backups.


3. Hostinger

Hostinger provides one of the cheapest web hosting sites available at $.99 per month. As can be expected, many hosts that provide service this inexpensively have performance issues, lack proper support, or have other problems.

This is not the case with Hostinger. They may be amazingly low cost, but you’ll experience excellent uptime(99.9%), swift servers, and professional 24/7 customer support.

The least expensive shared hosting plan (4 years of hosting for $66.72!!), which is the basic plan contains support for hosting one website, unlimited storage, one email account, 100GB of bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and weekly backups.

However, you don’t get a free domain name, but you can easily purchase one at $8-$12 per year(or get a premium shared hosting package at $2.59 per month)) as you are saving quite a lot on hosting.

When your site becomes too large for the shared hosting plans, there are plenty of other forms of hosting provided for you, such as VPS hosting and cloud hosting.


. Excellent hosting, uptime that’s quite high, and swift loading speeds.

.Renewal rates after initial contract term is $2.99/month!!

. Some of the least expensive introductory rates available. You can pay less than a dollar for a month of service to get started.

. Free site migration for everyone.

. Basic servers are optimized for the use of WordPress sites.

. Even the higher-level shared hosting plan is extremely cheap and comes with additional security features.

. 30 day money back guarantee.


. Cost of monthly hosting increases after first term.

.Free domain name not available .

. Cannot host multiple websites on the cheapest shared hosting plan.

. No SSH server access. Won’t matter to beginners.


4. iPage

The Endurance International Group, the same company that owns HostGator, Bluehost, and others, owns iPage.

You will find the basic shared starter plan, on the whole, to be good for small websites. It also has unlimited email addresses, domain names along with unmetered bandwidth and disk space.

The hosting plans they offer are created with beginners in mind, and setting up your website is simple. You further get many one-click installs to assist you in installing programs such as WordPress.

You also get top notch security tools to protect your website.

At only $1.99 per month for a 3-year contract, iPage has one of the least expensive starter hosting plans available. The renewal price is $7.99 per month .

For additional peace of mind,you have 30 day money-back guarantee available.


. One account can host an unlimited number of domain names.

. Sign up and get a free domain name for one year(renews at $9.99 per year)

. The site is beginner-friendly and you can have your site up and running quickly.

. 99.92 % uptime.


. Limited bundled website builder cannot support sites bigger than 6 pages.

. No free site migration.

. Data centers cover only US sites online.

. Customer support not as good as other sites.


5. Hostwinds

Although Hostwinds hasn’t been around that long, being founded in 2010, they are a US-based low-cost web hosting sites that strives for excellent overall performance and professional customer service.

They provide reliability and reasonably fast speeds for loading. There are other sites that are faster, but this one is fast enough so that you can easily get your new website launched.

They are among the cheapest web hosting sites at $3.29 per month for their basic shared hosting plan, and you receive access to the Weebly website builder, single domain support, unlimited space and bandwidth, and email accounts.


. They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee with all of their web hosting plans.

. Reliable hosting with high uptime that ensures your site will stay online.

. Experienced and caring support team.


. The data centers are located in only two US-based areas, so it is not really a place for websites that have an international audience.

. Their plans don’t include SSL certificates, so they will have to be bought separately.

. Certain conditions must be met to get the full refund.


6. A2 Hosting

This is one of the fastest and also cheapest web hosting for WordPress available. A2 Hosting provides premium performance but does not charge the normal price for it.

Their basic shared hosting plan is inexpensive and very fast. You normally receive excellent uptime and a free content delivery network (CDN). The latter improve website speed by caching your website content.

The basic shared service plan only allows you to host one website, so if you need more than that, you must upgrade your plan.

If you can disregard the single site limit, the plan is actually quite good. It has many features such as unlimited storage with SSD servers, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name for one year, a free SSL certificate, 25 email accounts, a bundled site builder, and one-click WordPress installation.

A2 Hosting’s cheapest web hosting site plan will cost you $2.99 a month(for a 3-year contract) and it renews at$8.99 per month.


. High-speed servers, amazing loading speeds.

.Option to get a Turbo Boost plan at $9.99 per month with a 20x faster turbo boost server.

. You have multiple data center locations in the US, Europe, and Asia to make a selection from.

. All plans have a money-back guarantee.


. Only one domain per hosting account.

. Live chat support that is professional and knowledgeable.


7. GreenGeeks

One of the most well-liked eco-friendly web hosting services around. They concentrate on protecting and helping the environment.GreenGeeks reduce carbon emissions by their servers by 300%.

You can achieve your company’s goals to sign up for the cheap hosting packages they offer and help protect the environment as well

Now they don’t provide the swiftest loading speeds or the best uptime in comparison to other hosts, but what they do provide as far as uptime and loading speeds seem to satisfy most of their customers. Furthermore, there’s a 24/7 support team that’s experienced and helpful.

Their cheap shared hosting plan gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage(ideal for large files), unlimited email accounts, a free domain name for one year, a free website builder, and a free SSL certificate.

Their cheapest starter plan is $2.49 monthly, but if you want to keep that rate, you have to sign up for a 36-month plan. You get unlimited emails, a free domain as well as a free CDN, and a free SSL certificate.


. Swift server speeds, so your site loads fast.

. The company has been around for a long time and has 40,000 clients that have been thoroughly satisfied.

. You get a free domain name in your first year of website hosting.

. Free migration.

. They are a renowned green host and ideal for a website with lots of images, videos, and content.

.24/7/365 live chat, phone, and ticket support


. Price increase takes place after the first billing term of 36 months ($10.95 per month)

. Non-refundable setup fee.

. Uptime is normally quite high, but there have been some problems lately.

Make your website 3x greener than your competitors.


8. SiteGround

This is a great beginner host company that’s usually picked due to its high performance and the experience and knowledge of its support team. Siteground is ideal for newbies who don’t have any experience in building a website.

If you get any kind of issue with your site, you have the option of having a look at the SiteGround knowledgebase which is fully loaded with tutorials and how-to guides. Otherwise, phone, chat, and online support are available.

Siteground will provide you with high levels of uptime, and extremely fast loading speeds. They are at the top of their field for speed and uptime, even on the basic shared hosting plan.

Opt for their starter shared hosting plan and you’ll receive 10GB of disk space, bandwidth for 10,000 visitors a month, unlimited email addresses, and integrated security features.

Because they are located in Bulgaria, they can better serve a global audience. They are able to accept many various currencies and have many different data centers, so you can pick the data center that’s the nearest to where your visitors are originating from.

Unfortunately, their shared hosting plan for beginners is only capable of hosting one site with monthly 10,000 visitors. So if your site is rapidly growing, you’ll be forced to upgrade somewhere down the road.

The cheapest SiteGround hosting plan is merely $3.95 monthly.


. Sites load swiftly and are seldom offline, even with the cheapest plan.

. Free migration for one site with WP migrator plugin available or professional migration service for $30.

. You get a free SSL certificate and free access to the Cloudflare CDN.

. One-click installation of software, including WordPress.

. Access to an experienced and dedicated support team.(99.7 % customer satisfaction rate)


. The low introductory price, of $6.99 per month, ends after the first term(1 year), after which the price will rise to $14.99 per month.

. If you choose a monthly plan, you’ll need to pay a $14.95 setup fee.

. A basic shared hosting plan doesn’t allow for more than 10,000 visitors monthly, so you will need to upgrade once your company begins to grow.

. The starter shared plan does not have a free domain name.


9. Namecheap

The web hosting Namecheap was created in 2000 and is better known as a domain name registrar. In fact, they presently manage more than 7 million domain names. You can get a .com domain name for $8.88

But they have branched out into web hosting. They provide many hosting plans, including one of the cheapest web hosting per year services plans.

Their basic shared hosting plan provides 20GB of storage, 30 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, bundled security features, and allows the user to host as many as 3 different websites. You’ll end up receiving everything you will require to start your website and keep it growing easily.

Furthermore, they make it simple to set up your website and web hosting Namecheap account.

At present, cheap names WordPress starter shared hosting plan costs $1.44 per month making them one of the cheapest web hosting companies out there.


. Surprisingly cheap pricing for basic services.

. Plenty of additional features such as security firewalls and regular backups.

. A guarantee of 100% uptime, so that if your site ends up offline you’ll receive compensation.

.24/7 support


. Very short money-back guarantee lasting only 14 days.

. Once your site begins growing you’ll most likely need a more expensive plan rather fast.

. Support team is not great.


10. GoDaddy

These guys are one of the best and cheapest web hosting sites the world over.

The Economy package ($1 per month for a 1-year plan)is the least costly hosting package they provide and will give you amazing value for your money. It comes with such features as a free domain name(renews after a year at $17.99/year), unlimited bandwidth, 100GB storage space, and a free year of Microsoft Office 365 Business Email.

It will cost you $5.99 per month for a 3-year plan.

Moreover, you get 24/7 customer support and an extremely high rate of server uptime. You further receive one-click installation for various applications, including WordPress which makes it really easy to build a website on GoDaddy.


. All GoDaddy hosting plans are extremely high performance.

. A wide choice of hosting plans enables you to upgrade as your site gets larger.

. 24/7 support team that is very professional and helpful.

.30 day money-back guarantee.


. During the signup process, you’ll come across many hidden upsells, and this could result in you winding up paying more than you planned on.

. SSL certificates, backups, and site migrations cost an additional fee.

. When it comes to the basic shared hosting plans, they are lacking many of the features that are usual in like priced hosts.

.Uptime of 99.87%


Conclusion: Cheapest Web Host

Don’t turn away from the cheapest web hosting sites because you think it means sacrificing quality. Every single hosting site on this list provides high-quality service and will support your website and provide whatever you require to be successful.

Keep in mind that nearly every website that is on the Internet today uses a shared hosting plan, and many of them use the exact hosting plans mentioned above.

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Which of these cheapest web hosting sites do you use? What was your experience? And which one do you think are cheap web hosting services? Please leave a valid, unique, and helpful review for our visitors.

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