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What Are Free Web Hosting Sites?

Do you want to start a website on a small budget? If yes, it is time that you think about absolutely free web hosting sites.

These provide you with the basic web hosting package for entirely free.

However, you cannot just trust any web hosting provider with your data.

Consequently, it is essential to vet free web hosting providers carefully before making your decision.

Today, I will help you with the same. I have compared numerous web hosting sites to compile this free web hosting sites list. I will review them and provide you with a balanced view. After that, it will become easier to choose one of these 7 options.

Let’s dive into these free web hosting site reviews straight away…

Best Web Host For Free(Top 7)

1. Infinityfree.

(Best Web Hosting Free Sites Overall)


· Diskspace: Unlimited.

· Bandwidth: Unlimited.

· Subdomains: Unlimited.

Infinity-free web hosting certainly stands out due to its specifications.

Additionally, With unlimited disk space and bandwidth in a free plan, it is indeed one of the top free web hosting sites today.

However, before you make up your mind regarding the same, you need to understand that the loading time is just about average.

Apart from that, the hosting provider does not have any hidden fees. Additionally, it offers you the Softaculous Script Installer. The installer supports over 400 scripts. Setting up your website becomes easier than ever using this one-click script installer.

Did you know that this host offers extras as well?

You get free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, and 400 MySQL databases. If you can do with average loading times, this web hosting provider offers it all.

Apart from this, if you want to eliminate average loading times, you can go with the ultimate premium package. That starts at $ 6.9 per month. It certainly improves the loading time drastically.

The unlimited resources on offer and the one-click script installer certainly make Infinityfree a reliable choice.


· Ample resources

· One-click Installer on offer

· Free CDN and SSL


· Average loading time


2. (Free web Page Hosting)

( For Personal Websites/Small Business)


· Diskspace: Undisclosed.

· Bandwidth: Undisclosed.

· Subdomains: Unlimited.

Many Webmasters are not aware of the same. It has been doing so since 2016. The number of websites that it hosts for free is over 50,000. With a name like Google, you cannot go wrong with its web hosting.

While the company does not disclose the bandwidth or space limits, you can safely assume that it is pretty high. Some users have hosted websites receiving 200 visitors every hour using free web hosting on Google. The evidence of the same is available in the Google forums.

Google goes a step ahead and also provides you with drag-and-drop editing and even responsive templates. Setting up your website is not going to be an issue using these templates.

Not only that, but you also get a free subdomain along with an SSL certificate.

Google does not display ads on your website thus giving it a free web hosting no ads tag. Consequently, setting up an independent website with Google becomes a cinch.

The only downside to free web hosting Google is that it does not allow AdSense on those domains. Also, you cannot add custom CSS. Apart from that, the loading time and the server load are pretty optimum.

Thus, if you do not want to host a website displaying AdSense ads, this might be the best free website hosting provider for you.


· Excellent speed and uptime.

· Ample bandwidth and space.

· Marquee name company.


· Does not allow AdSense advertisements.


3. Byethost

(Excellent 24/7 Customer Support )


· Diskspace: 5GB.

· Bandwidth: Unlimited.

· Subdomains: 7.

Byethost is a subsidiary of a US-based hosting company. The free web host hosts over 1 million domains. Also, it provides you with 5 GB of storage space, which is more than enough for most websites.

One of the highlights of this free web hosting site is that it offers 24/7 tech support. You also get access to its community as well as the knowledge base.

Do you want to become free hosts For websites?

If yes, the company also offers a web hosting service by the name of myownfreehost. It allows you to become a free web hosting provider. Isn’t that cool?

You need to remember that the other tools which it provides are not reliable. It offers a website builder. However, not all the functions in the website builder are operational.

You cannot rely on it to create a website from scratch.

The highlight is the 24/7 support. The support is helpful and quick to respond. Should you face any issue, you can get it resolved in no time.

Apart from this little glitch, it is one of the excellent free web hosting services.


· 24/7 support.

· Ample resources.

· Offers reseller packages.


· Glitchy website builder.


4. Googiehost Free Web Hosting Services

( Host with Combination Of Cloudfare &C-Panel But Limited Storage)


· Diskspace: 1GB.

· Bandwidth: Unlimited.

· Subdomains: 2.

Googiehost stands to be one of the best free web hosting sites. It is because it offers a combination of free hosting cPanel and Cloudflare. Both these features make it easy to maintain your website.

The cPanel is a self-explanatory control panel to manage your domain. CPanel is customizable as well, which makes it easy for you to use it. On the other hand, Cloudflare can provide you with DDOS protection and reduce the loading time of your website.

When it comes to the experience of this web hosting provider, it hosts over 150,000 websites. The history of this free web hosting provider spans eight years.

During these eight years, it has had an unblemished track record. It certainly inspires confidence.

However, you need to remember that on the control panel, it runs some ads to generate revenue. However, these ads will not be on your website.

While it does provide cPanel and Cloudflare but there are a few things that you need to consider. Firstly, it does not accept all websites. You need to give them a strong and legit reason to accept your site.

While this might seem like an obstacle, but it works in your benefit as well. It weeds out the spammers. The free web hosting and domain package is available only for legit businesses.

If you’re the owner of a legit business, you have nothing to worry about. You just need to highlight your business credentials, and you will be good to go.

Secondly, the storage space is just 1 GB. If you’re diligently working on your website, you will outrun the space.

You have to keep these two parameters in mind before going with this provide.

It outscores many other free web hosting sites available out there.


· Cpanel and Cloudflare access.

· Excellent track record.

· Accepts only legit businesses.


· Limited storage space.



(Good For Website With Very Low Traffic)


· Diskspace: 250MB.

· Bandwidth: 6GB.

· Subdomains: None. hosts your website on load-balanced server clusters. The advantage is that the downtime is almost negligible. It is because the load is balanced across various servers. Load-balanced servers seldom go down.

You might be thinking that this web hosting provider might be worth opting for due to this feature alone. However, you need to look at the other details before taking a call.

The disk space which it offers is just 250 MB. It means that if you’re looking to work on your website for a few weeks, you will need more disk space.( The bandwidth is also 6 GB).

Once you start getting traffic, you will have no other option but to go with a paid web hosting provider. If these two limitations do not bother you, you can opt for this web hosting site.

One feature which works in favor of this web hosting provider is its customer support department. The customer support is pretty fast. You can use the ticket system to raise an issue with them.

They address most of the issues and problems right away. That is why, when you’re going with this web hosting provider, you will not have to worry about downtime as well as other glitches.

One thing, however, that you cannot deny is that the web hosting provider has a sense of humor. The unique names of the plans like chocolate will surely give you a chuckle.

If you’re just starting with a website and do not expect much traffic, this web hosting provider will meet your requirements. Additionally, the load-balanced servers certainly provide you with an advantage.

However, you’re likely to outlast these resources pretty soon.


· Load balanced servers.

· Excellent customer support.

· High uptime.


· Limited resources.



(Unmetered Bandwidth, Customisable C-Panel)


· Diskspace: 10 GB.

· Bandwidth: Unmetered.

· Subdomains: No.

The free web hosting site, which we are speaking about now, is quite popular. It has over 15,000 customers. It is a European company and has grown exponentially.

The reason for the same is the unmetered bandwidth, which it has on offer. Other than that, it offers you cPanel as well, which makes it easy for you to manage your website. You can customize the cPanel as well.

You get the SQL database and an email account along with the free web hosting package. The good news is that 10GB of the space is more than enough, even for medium to large-sized websites.

The unmetered bandwidth allows you to grow your website without any worry. You need not worry about migration anytime soon.

You might be thinking that you have finally found the best free web hosting site. However, there are some limitations to this web hosting provider as well.

Firstly, has bad uptime and speed records along with terrible customer service and thus lots of customer complaints. It thus is not really the best free Hosting service on our list.


· Ample resources.

· Cpanel on offer.

· Easy to manage your website.


· Bad Uptime and Speed.


7. 000Webhost

( Host With Excellent Server Speed But Limited Bandwith)


· Diskspace: 3 GB.

· Bandwidth: 300 MB.

· Subdomains: 2.

000Webhost has become famous because of its promise of providing cPanel, MySQL, and PHP. It also promises that it will not run any ads on your website. It stands true to that promise. It is one of the prime reasons why it has become so famous.

You might be thinking, how can it offer all of this?

The answer is because its partner is Hostinger. Hostinger is one of the largest free web hosting sites globally.

As for 000Webhost, the good news is that the server speed is excellent. Your website will not slow down. Moreover, the interface of the web host itself is easy to understand and friendly to use.

Due to this very reason, setting up your website is not going to be a problem.

When it comes to resources, it has more than enough for new and upcoming websites.

The problem, however, is the 300 MB bandwidth. Once your website starts growing, you will have to opt for a premium plan. It is one of the main problems with this web hosting provider.

When you’re conducting due diligence on a free web hosting site, you have to look at its past track record. Unfortunately, this web host suffered a security breach, which compromised the details of over 1.3 million customers.

While that was back in 2015 but you cannot ignore it. Ever since then, the company claims that it is enhanced its security multifold. However, it is essential to keep this factor in mind before choosing this web post.

Apart from these two negatives, you will have nothing to complain about. The uptime is 99.9%. The high uptime means that your website will always remain online.

Additionally, the server speed is not going to be a problem either. If you have a light website, it will load in milliseconds rather than seconds.

If you’re looking for free hosting for WordPress; you came to the right place as it offers WordPress acceleration as well. Along with that, you get Cloudflare protection, which once again protects your website and increases its speed.

This free web hosting site is last on our list because it is a mixed bag. While the features might be impressive but the bandwidth is limited. Similarly, it does not have a spotless track record either.

You have to keep all of these factors in mind, and after that, decide about this web hosting free site.


· Cloudflare and cPanel on offer.

· Large disk space.

· WordPress Acceleration on offer.


· Limited bandwidth.


Conclusion: Sites For Free Web Hosting

So, are you planning to launch a website?

If yes, instead of going with any expensive web hosting packages; you can try out these seven free web hosting companies. These best free web hosting sites will help you get up and running in no time. You will not have to spend any extra money on hosting your website, either.

With this carefully curated list, you can be sure that launching a website on a budget is achievable. You just have to go through the list of free web hosting sites and choose the right one.

Free web hosting online can certainly make your life easier. It is time to achieve your dream of launching your website without spending a lot of money.

Alternatively, you can try these cheap web hosting sites for fast and reliable hosting. (One of the best shared

hosting providers being Bluehost).

You also get truly unlimited bandwidth and storage for cheap; without the drawbacks and lack of features often associated with free web hosting sites. You thus increase your chance of having a successful business online.

Have you used any of the free website hosting sites mentioned above before? Please consider leaving a positive or negative review below which is valid, unique, and brings value to our readers. As this can be of great help to our readers.Thanks for your support.

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