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What Is GoDaddy?

Most people recognize GoDaddy from its popular ads, and it certainly is one of the world’s top web hosting services.

In fact, the latest stats show that the company manages 77 million domains; accounting for about 5% of all the websites around the world.

It shows that millions of people have chosen GoDaddy for hosting and you might be interested too.

As you are shopping around for a web host to subscribe to; chances are that GoDaddy will be one of the choices you will encounter.

And to help you make an informed choice, this is everything you need to know about GoDaddy for hosting.

Let’s dive in…

Is GoDaddy A Hosting Site Only?

You probably already know GoDaddy for its web hosting service because that is what they advertise the most.

Indeed, this is one of their main offerings but the company has a lot more to offer.

GoDaddy Hosting (Domain name registration).

Before you can even get to the main attraction that is GoDaddy for hosting, the first thing you need is a domain name.

Just like you have a unique name, a website also needs a name to identify it.

In 2019 there were 359.8 million domain names registered and GoDaddy was one of the top domain name registrars.

After you have searched the register and identified a unique domain name you would like to use, the GoDaddy domain allows you to select any extension you would like.

The most common ones you know are *.com, *.org, *.net, etc. but you are free to select any extension you would like.

The point is to make your domain unique, after all, and you are free to do just that.

There are also other services such as domain investing that GoDaddy also accommodates through GoDaddy Auctions. An interesting fact about domain investing, was once on auction in 2015 and an individual paid $12 for it.

When Google noticed what had happened, the company offered him $6006.13 for it.

Later on, Google admitted in a blog post that the incident was true and it offered the amount because it is a numerical version of Google if you squint a little.

GoDaddy Email hosting.

A custom GoDaddy email is what you need if you want to appear professional rather than using Gmail or any other email provider.

Imagine if you received a business email requesting personal information and the sender was using a regular email address.

Chances are that you would be suspicious and perhaps wary of sending anything sensitive.

GoDaddy web hosting can help you and your business create a unique brand and build trust by creating an email address with your company name in it.

Normally, you want your email to match your domain, but really you are free to choose any name you want.

That way you will feel more confident handing out your card knowing that it represents your brand.

Hosting GoDaddy

In case you didn’t know, every website in the world needs a host. The simplest way to think of web hosting is like a plot of land on the internet.

A host, in this case, GoDaddy for hosting, allocates some space for you to save your files, and then everyone is welcome to visit.

As we already mentioned at the beginning, GoDaddy is one of the largest hosts in the world, which is actually a good thing for you.

In 2014, the company revealed that it had 37,000 servers in 9 data centers.

That was back when the company was making its IPO filing and you can bet the number has gone up since then.

It is important that a host has as many servers as possible to ensure high reliability.

The last thing you want from a host is to find that your website is sometimes down or has a slow loading speed.

But thanks to a large number of servers, uptime at GoDaddy sites is 99.97% when averaged over the past 2 years.

Add to that, the page loading speed is also excellent at 554ms in the past 2 years.

All these qualities make GoDaddy hosting recommended for all kinds of web hosting needs. And now that you have your hosting space available, the next step is to create your website. GoDaddy recognizes that everyone has different needs and it offers several plans to suit everyone’s goals.

GoDaddy Website Builder

One of the main reasons why owning a website nowadays has become so easy is because anyone can make use of templates to create the basic structure of a website. A template is simply an asset of pages with a certain layout that you fill up with your own content.

Website Builder from GoDaddy has many templates to choose from regardless of what you expect. Whether you are running a personal blog or a company website, this feature has a template that would fit.

Thanks to the website builder, you don’t need to have any technical skills to create a website. This is a cheaper way of creating a website because you won’t need a skilled developer.

Add to that, it is much faster because all you will need is to insert your own content and that’s all.

In a few hours and with no prior skills, you can have your website running and bragging about it on Facebook.

GoDaddy Review (Types Of Hosting)

Shared Hosting.

Banks make money by earning interest on the loans they offer.

What is interesting is that banks do not actually own the money they issue as loans.

Instead, the banks use money that has already been deposited by its customers.

This system works because not all the money in the deposit is in use at every moment, and shared hosting works just like this.

GoDaddy has over 37,000 servers but not all of them are constantly in use, which allows the servers to be shared.

As you can imagine, most websites in the world are hosted on shared servers hence the need for only a few thousand servers against millions of websites.

The main reasons for this are that it saves on cost and doesn’t require any technical skill

.It is obviously cheaper because the resources are shared among several users and the operating costs shared among all the users.

GoDaddy for hosting also takes care of the maintenance and security of the server since it can’t allow everyone admin access to the server. That means you don’t need to know anything about these and can leave it up to the host.

On the other hand, sharing resources means that access to the server will also need to be shared. This means that the bandwidth and storage space your website gets will be limited to accommodate everyone.

Without doing this, one website receiving a lot of traffic could have drained all the bandwidth from the other websites.

Therefore, you should not expect the highest loading speeds or unlimited storage space.

That being said, you still have plenty of options to choose from because GoDaddy for web hosting allows you to use the CMS (Content Management System) of your choice.

The most popular CMSs include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, all of which you can integrate into your GoDaddy-hosted website.

Each of these CMSs has its own appeal but GoDaddy hosting for WordPress is still the most popular option.

Forbes reported that WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world as it powers about 25% of all websites in the world.

And even if you are a fan of either of the other CMSs, you can still be comfortable knowing that GoDaddy has got you covered.

VPS Hosting.

If you expect your website to receive a lot of traffic or require a higher bandwidth for content like videos and music, then shared hosting simply won’t do.

What you will need is an unmetered bandwidth to handle all the requests with no delays.

For this, you will need GoDaddy VPS( virtual private server) for which you will have the GoDaddy login.

This will give you root access from the control panel of your choice. Most people are familiar with GoDaddy cPanel hosting and WHM but Plesk Obsidian Web Host is also available.

Unlike a shared host, this option will give you complete control and access to the server, but you have to know what you are doing.

Total control means you must have the technical skill to manage the environment as well as ensure security for your website. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

GoDaddy Business Hosting.

Sometimes you may need the same power as a VPS but do not have the skills required to do all the work. One option is to hire an IT expert, or you can let GoDaddy professionals do it for you.

This is what GoDaddy business hosting is all about – giving you all the power at the ease of a shared server even a newbie can operate.

Of course, this comes at an extra cost but more on this later.

GoDaddy Hosting Reseller

All the above services make GoDaddy truly awesome, and you can hook up your friends too.

If you happen to be an entrepreneur, GoDaddy will allow you to sell these services to your own customers.

You can thus make a profit from the sale. Your customers will receive all the benefits of GoDaddy web hosting at an affordable price while you get a commission for spreading the word.

GoDaddy Plus Features.

Website Security.

Did you know that Google has a blacklist of suspicious’ websites?

That’s right. Google constantly scans websites for signs of suspicious activity and blacklists those websites it deems unsafe.

Hackers sometimes commandeer vulnerable websites and use them to attack other websites so as to disguise themselves.

Your website may be under such control without you even knowing, causing a loss of visitors.

To ensure that your website is not placed on the blacklist, GoDaddy website security monitors any malware and provides an SSL certificate.

Moreover, you also get a trusted site seal that would give your visitors more confidence in your website.

Marketing And Productivity Solutions

Google ranking in search results makes the difference between success and failure.

Statistics show that the first link in a search page receives a third of all clicks on Google, so it is important to have your website appear above the others.

GoDaddy can hook you up with the best marketing experts skilled in SEO and web content to ensure your website gets the attention it deserves.

You can also get Microsoft Office 365 which offers all the productivity apps you’re familiar with. Having the same products you use every day online would help you connect with your clients and collaborate on projects.

GoDaddy Pricing?

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

Speaking of price, GoDaddy for hosting wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it wasn’t for its affordability.

Considering that there are a lot of services offered by the company, its pricing structure can get a bit complicated.

To make it easier to get started, many of the company’s services have been bundled into packages.

Each package has all the basic services you need at every level. For the purpose of this article, we shall focus on the three main services.

Also, be sure to check out any special offers or sales that may be active when shopping for the best GoDaddy pricing plan for you or your business.

GoDaddy shared hosting

There are 4 rungs in the GoDaddy shared hosting plan with additional features as you go higher up. Prices range from $4.79 to $15.59 per month.

The lowest level (economy) receives 100GB of storage, a free domain, and a free business email. 24/7 customer support is also available, and GoDaddy is especially remarkable on this.

You will also be offered unmetered bandwidth according to the website, but in reality, it won’t be truly unmetered.

The good news is that page load speeds will still be good and sufficient for a small business.

GoDaddy To WordPress

If you already have a WordPress website or are planning to build one, you can try GoDaddy hosting for WordPress. Once again, GoDaddy hosting cost will vary based on your needs in 4 packages – basic ($4.79), deluxe ($5.99), Ultimate ($15.59), and eCommerce ($17.99).

VPS And Business Hosting.

As your personal or business website keeps growing and demanding more bandwidth, it may be time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

On GoDaddy’s VPS plan, the most basic service gives you access to 20GB storage; 1GB RAM, and 1 CPU core at a price of $5.99 each month.

The highest level gives you 400GB storage; 32GB RAM and 8CPU cores at $105.59 per month.

Business hosting on GoDaddy is priced higher than VPS hosting because the company handles most of the behind-the-scenes operations.

In addition, there are also other similar services for larger companies that have even greater needs.

These services are dedicated servers and fully managed VPS hosting plans.

Review on GoDaddy

Now you know how much you need to get your website running, but you aren’t sure if GoDaddy is the best choice for you.

We understand that no company is perfect, so here are some of the web hosting facts.

Pros Of GoDaddy

GoDaddy is already a very popular host for all sizes of businesses. When considering this, we found 3 main factors that make the company so attractive.

Fast page loading speed

Studies have shown that 47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. Approaching 3 seconds, 40% of users will abandon that page and move on.

What’s worse is that once Google notices a high bounce rate, it will automatically lower the website’s ranking.

These statistics mean that every website must have fast loading speeds in order to be successful.

Fortunately for you, should you choose to host your website with GoDaddy;

This host will provide the fastest loading speeds you can imagine. Tests show that the average load speed over the past 24 months has been 554ms (0.55 seconds).

This is much lower than the maximum threshold. The fast loading speeds mean that your website will impress visitors and raise your ranking among search engines.

Highly Reliable

The last thing you want is for your website to go offline even for a minute because that could have been the moment a potential customer had just clicked on your link.

Once someone finds your website offline, it is highly unlikely they will ever attempt another visit.

That would mean you just lost a potential customer, and that’s not what you want, is it?

A website’s reliability is measured by the uptime percentage to indicate how often the website is available over a certain period.

According to GoDaddy hosting facts, the average uptime in the past 24 months has been 99.97%.

The average uptime for the world’s top 50 eCommerce websites is 99.03%, meaning that GoDaddy’s services are above par.

Great customer support

Most people don’t think about customer service until they are in desperate need. When you do need urgent help, GoDaddy has got over 3,000 customer care reps and over 8,000 employees who could help you. Compared to its peers, GoDaddy hosting support for customers caters to all your needs.

Bundled services

Aside from its hosting service, GoDaddy has also integrated over 125 applications that you can easily add to your website with a click.

A few of these services like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Office 365, and SEO marketing have already been discussed. but there is still plenty more.

These additional services that come with each package are what make hosting a website with GoDaddy so popular.

Cons Of GoDaddy.

Despite its popularity, there are still some things you may want to know about GoDaddy that perhaps may turn you off.

Pricier Than Some Competitors

All GoDaddy’s hosting packages are competitively priced according to the market average.

The idea behind the set price points was to ensure that customers get as much value for their money as possible.

However, there are several other hosts with slightly lower price points which is something to consider.

Worse still, the lower-level packages lack some of the most basic features.

For instance, the cheapest package (economy) will not have security features, an SSL certificate, or data backups.

These are critical features even for the simplest website, but on GoDaddy, you have to pay more to get these services.

Plenty Of Upsells

Before you jump on the cheapest deal you find, it might be better if you read the fine print below each price tag.

Looking at the economy package, you might be tempted by the $2.99 per month tag. After you realize you only get this price if you pay for 3 whole years.

After this introductory period, the GoDaddy hosting yearly plans will become higher.

Furthermore, the company will try to bundle a lot of extra services at the checkout.

If you’re not careful to read all the checkboxes, you might find that you subscribed to extra services you didn’t need.

Money-back Guarantee Can Be Confusing

GoDaddy will offer a period within which you can request your money back if unsatisfied. But to receive your refund, there are very specific timelines to pay attention to.

Only the annual plans actually have a 30-day money-back guarantee while monthly plans only have a 48-hour trial period.

Then you can only get a refund by phone call, which is difficult to do if you know marketers.

Conclusion: GoDaddy Reviews

GoDaddy has been around for over 2 decades; in that time, it has grown into a globally renowned hosting company just like Bluehost.

It has managed to achieve this by maintaining a balance of service against the cost. So far, the plan has worked.

You cannot expect any company to be perfect, but from all we’ve seen, GoDaddy for web hosting comes pretty close to that.

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