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Green Geeks Review

Green Geeks stands behind its claim of being environmentally aware by providing web hosting to offset 300% of the new carbon being made from the power they consume.

Let’s dive in straight to learn more about this ‘eco-friendly’ web hosting service in this GreenGeeks review.

They clearly state that they are 300% powered by renewable energy. Furthermore, they have a nice section of hosting plans that can accommodate anyone’s budget, and these include optimized WordPress hosting plans.

Use their special discount links and Greengeeks promo code which is applied automatically, and you can get 70% taken off your hosting fee for the month.

Along with their environmentally positive activity, GreenGeeks makes a great web host too.

While they may be small in comparison to some of the other hosting companies out there, with around 35,000 customers and over 300,000 hosted sites, yet the personal attention they provide for their customers makes you overlook that detail.

They provide you with a completely free domain to get you up and running, and hosting plans that cost merely several dollars per month, which enables you to add unending domains.

Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that by using GreenGeeks hosting, your website will be helping create renewable energy rather than just burning up energy.

Letting your customers and potential customers in on the fact your business site is run by absolutely 100% carbon-neutral hosting is bound to impress them.

In this Greengeeks review, I’ll try to tell you as much as possible so that you can make the best possible decision before purchasing this web host service.

GreenGeeks Provides Green Web Hosting

The main distinguishing feature about GreenGeeks is the fact that they are an environmentally aware web hosting company. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, making a genuine effort to drop the amount of their carbon footprint.

GreenGeeks does use traditional energy resources, but it also purchases what is known as wind credits to ensure that the effects of carbon output caused by their servers are altered.

Furthermore, their data centers use the most modern server hardware geared to save energy.

Green geeks Reviews: Hosting Features

Now it’s time to discuss the other aspects of GreenGeeks, such as dependability, pricing, customer service, and the variety of hosting solutions.

So the following overview will provide you with all that you should be aware of so that you can make a decision as to if you want GreenGeeks to be your web hosting service provider.

Control Panel

Greengeeks cPanel is used as the main control panel for web hosting. The script installers come with cPanel. By using these tools, you’ll be able to install the most in-demand CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Free Site Migration

If you already have a website, then Green Geeks web hosting provides free migration. This is a wonderful service. Green Geeks experts take care of the free transfer so you won’t end up with lots of downtime.

Uptime and Performance

GreenGeeks web hosting states that their system will be working 99.9% of the time. That sounds great, and they include the 99.9% uptime guarantee in their service agreement, simply leave open whether or not customers would be eligible for a refund if doesn’t happen.

Servers: Advanced Technology

Green Geeks does not compromise with performance, no matter what hosting plan you are using. Speed is always of the utmost concern, as it needs to be with any website.

Even a second’s delay can end up costing you, customers. People will just move on to another site that can operate faster.

All servers are set up that they permit fast website activity and dependability.

Moreover, GreenGeeks datacenters are under restricted access for extra protection, and they are served by UPS systems to reduce the chance of power failures.

Backups and Security

GreenGeeks makes having a secure and protected website possible with the strident security measures they’ve instituted to ensure the ultimate protection of any and all of the data that is hosted on their servers.

Every one of their servers is monitored constantly by a special service that uses firewall systems to derail any attempts at intrusion as well as DDoS and brute force protection against vulnerabilities.

With a VPS hosting plan, you can blacklist dubious IP addresses. They also provide a free spam tool so that all email accounts can be protected.

You keep your information safe by using password-protected directories, keeping all software that is on the server recent, and using SSL site encryption (for the additional expense).

Daily Backups

Green Geeks hosting has disaster recovery backups that take place every single night. The service is free and is on all shared, reseller, and VPS hosting plans.

As a user, you will receive one free restoration a month, but if any extra ones are required there will be a surcharge. This is a practice that many web hosting sites engage in.

Customer Support

If you wish to be considered among the superior web hosting companies then you need to have excellent customer support. GreenGeeks support fits the bill on this by providing various ways to give assistance to their customers.

Small Business Assistance

GreenGeks gives helpful information to anyone hoping to launch a successful small business through their blog.

Money-Back Guarantee

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just be aware that you won’t be receiving a 100% refund because they deduct the cost of the domain name and any transfer costs or set-up fees.

GreenGeeks Reviews: Hosting Packages

GreenGeeks hosting will continue to develop right along with your website. They provide scalable Linux-based hosting at various prices so that you can upgrade if need be should your website get to be too much for the original plan.

Shared Hosting

In their shared hosting plan, GreenGeeks gives you unlimited bandwidth, emails, and storage with no limit on the number of domains you can have.

A big help to businesses: in-demand e-commerce web apps like Magento and ZenCart can be used. Moreover, they provide free registration of domain transfer and incorporation of Google Apps.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

If you feel the need for more control, virtual private server hosting is perfect for you. With this hosting, you will have a complete awareness of how much RAM, disk space, and bandwidth are available to you.

You will even receive a proprietary portal, for easily managing everything.

Advantages For Small Businesses

In case your business has a growth spurt, scaling is simple.

Other advantages for businesses:

. It takes less than a minute to provision your VPS server

. GreekGeeks gives you free migration services

. SSDs (solid-state drives) will store your data — the most dependable and quickest storage technology there is

. You also receive Tier 1 bandwidth which, together with SSDs, will provide top-notch loading speeds

. You don’t have to be concerned about losing data either, because there are free nightly backups done without fail and you can rely upon them to keep your data safe from simply vanishing as data can sometimes do.

5 VPS Plans

You get to choose from five VPS plans. The plan priced the lowest provides 25GB storage, plus 1GB RAM, and bandwidth. The ultimate plan is priced at 4 times this and allows monthly data transfers with a cap of 3TB.

It all really depends upon what the requirements of your site are.

Dedicated Server Hosting

You can take your pick of four server choices. All of Green Geek’s dedicated servers provide 5IP addresses

Reseller Hosting

Get a Greengeeks reseller account here, and you’ll be allowed to rent out servers for use by other webmasters and have your own small-level web hosting business to boot.

Green Geeks hosting will also give you a license for easily handling billing many accounts. Furthermore, if you are the holder of a reseller account, you can give your clients their own cPanel accounts and add a totally free website builder in the mix too.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

While they claim to provide the ultimate hosting for WordPress sites, that’s basically only a technicality. There is only one plan put on the shared server.

Other inexpensive web hosting servers provide more choices when it comes to WordPress hosting.

It is, however, true that Greengeeks WordPress hosting provides regular updates for the content management system, enhanced security, and built-in caching.

Domain Name Free For Duration of Account

Green Geeks web hosting doesn’t charge you for a brand new domain name or to transfer one you already have. They will continue to renew your domain name for you for free for as long as you use their services.

Use Free Website Builder to Make a New Website

They also provide a free website builder that works quite well but is simple to use. You get the choice of hundreds of customizable templates in many categories.

There are even SEO tools that make it possible for your site to get easily and simply indexed on Google Search.

Self-Help Resources

If you enjoy working out technical problems without having to consult anyone else, they have a huge knowledge base that will show you how to work through any problems.

Also, if you want to improve and expand your site and read up on online marketing, security, SEO, and plenty more, then you should try reading their blog.

You won’t regret it. They’ve made sure that it has tons of information in it for your to benefit from.

List of GreenGeeks Pros and Cons


. 30-day money-back guarantee

. Help center with many resources

. Scalable hosting solutions, which consist of WordPress, VPS, shared, as well as dedicated server deals too

. Environmentally-friendly web hosting solutions

. Lots of channels for customer support

. Dependable uptime of 99.9%

. Free Domain

. Free Migration

. Site builder for free

. Nightly backups for free


. No Windows hosting, only for Linux users

. The misleading pricing structure, as you need a 3-year deal for the stated price

. Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting services are a little more costly than other hosts

. If you opt to use the 30-day money-back guarantee, the name of your domain will end up costing considerably more than most other hosting servers.

Greengeeks FAQ

A. You might not be aware of this, but web hosting burns up a huge amount of power. This is especially important to global warming because most energy sources send carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So you call a host ‘green’ if they emit little or no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A. It is their policy to make backups daily, but they only store them for 24 hours. You can have one free restore per month. If you should require more in a month, you will need to pay $25.

A. They specialize in hosting WordPress along with other programs. Their customer support staff is very familiar with WordPress and can assist you with optimization and configuration details.
However, they are not an official WordPress host like Bluehost and SiteGround.

A. They have a total of four data centers found in Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, and Amsterdam. Moreover, besides all this, they enable your visitors to receive your content from a nearby server.

GreenGeeks Review: Conclusion

Green Geeks certainly does take an environmentally conservative stance which makes their services rise above the vast web hosting field. Their determination to be environmentally responsible surely puts other web hosts to shame.

However, the answer to if you should sign up with them is one that requires some thought. They’re not actually up there with the top web hosting companies out there, like Bluehost (Read Bluehost Reviews Here)but they do provide excellent uptime and speed.

You need to consider your spending ability and hosting requirements, and also how this company compares to other web hosting servers.

Greengeeks hosting do provide their customers with plenty of benefits for the price they are made to payout. Also, it’s tempting to opt for this hosting provider because they are an environmentally aware company.

The server facilities they use are extremely energy efficient and they continue to stay one step ahead of all other web hosting companies where environmental responsibility is concerned.

Just know that there are just 30 days to ask for a refund, so do some additional research before you opt to sign up with them.

Hopefully, this Greengeeks web hosting review helped you know a bit more about this ‘green’ web hosting service.


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This post reviews green geeks web hosting as the best eco-friendly web hosting service.Greengeeks will not let you down if you are environment conscious.

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