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How Do I Make Money With a Blog? Well, you first have to find a good niche to blog in. Blogging seems easy but it’s a challenging field that requires lots of sacrifices, dedication, and consistency.

A lot of people have started blogs and many of them couldn’t even last a year.

So, how can you start some make money online blogs and earn a decent income from it? Well, if you are a beginner, we have answers to some of your burning questions.

Let’s dive in..

How To Make Money Blog?

Before even thinking about making money with your blog, you need:

Valuable Content

One of the most important ways to build an audience is to write terrific content that brings a mass of value to your readers.

You should avoid telling an irrelevant story about yourself but instead try to provide as much value to your readers by helping them solve their problems or teaching them how to solve their problems.

Many bloggers and YouTubers use this technique to gain a lot of followers and make money.

Professional looking blog

One of the first things that your readers will see when they come to your site is its appearance; if it’s not pleasing then your site’s bounce rate will be high.

Make sure that your website looks as professional as possible to gain the trust and confidence of your readers.

You can read my guide on Best of WordPress themes here

Email list

An email list is of paramount importance nowadays if you want to gain lots of followers and future customers. You need to learn to grow your email list right from the very beginning if you want to be a successful blogger.

Without an email list, your chance of making money blogging is greatly reduced.

Mailchimp is a good free email service provider(free for the first 2000 subscribers).

Alternatively, you can also use GetResponse (Read GetResponse full review here)

Network With People

Success with blogging goes hand in hand with building connections with like-minded people and people who can help you promote your post like influencers.

You need to build your connections by being active on groups and forums like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Quora, and forums like Reddit and warrior forum.

Succeeding on your own is difficult if not impossible; your chance of succeeding is 1000 times more when you connect with authoritative people.


You need to show Google and your readers that you are an expert and authority in your niche. Always avoid looking like a newbie.

Thus you can rank higher and gain the trust of your readers and turn them into future customers.

How Blog Makes Money?

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn a genuine income. Technology has created a significant shift in our lives. It’s possible to earn money from the comfort of your home, doing what you like.

To be realistic, there are others who have done this. Besides that, there are those that are doing it currently.

If this wasn’t a realistic way, then so many blogs would have gone down. If you type “How Do I Make Money with a Blog” on any search engine, you will be overwhelmed by the results.

This simply means that there are lots of people who are searching for the same thing as you.

However, you need to be ready to put in the work. There are many blog sites probably in your niche already. So, the level of competition is quite high.

For you to stay ahead of the game, you have to effectively compete with multiple blog sites. But the best thing is that any legitimate business that seriously puts in the work will never fail.

How Much Can I Earn From a Blog?

The question of “How Do I Make Money with a Blog” usually trickles down to income. This is because there isn’t a defined salary range that bloggers should earn. In fact, incomes vary greatly and they are usually personalized.

But one thing you need to know is that very few bloggers are able to make millions of dollars annually.

But this doesn’t mean you can earn a good full-time income. A lot of people do, so you can as well. Generally, blogging is like salaries in different industries.

The only difference is that what you do to stand out simply depends on you. According to Glassdoor reports, an average blogger’s salary is more than $32, 800 annually.

However, there are those that are able to easily cross past the $200,000 mark annually.

Make Money Blogging

You need to learn how to monetize a blog, but first, establish yourself and then diversify your income. Publishing content for your target audience is nice.

However, you need to be flexible in order to enhance your income.

Besides that, diversity will significantly enhance your target audience. There are many that a blogger can use to make money. These techniques are usually known as income streams and they include:

  1. Affiliate Marketing

When the question “how do I make money with a blog” arises, the first response is usually affiliate marketing. It’s the most common and easiest way that a blogger can use to make money.

With this type of marketing, you need to add a specific link to the product you’re promoting to your site. When one of your customers clicks on this link and buys the product, you earn a commission.

There is no one standard rate for commissions. Generally, the amount of money you can per commission usually varies significantly.

This is because it depends on the client as well as the type of product.

Generally, affiliate marketing usually starts from as low as 1%. However, it can also go as up as 50%

Even though there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs, the best ones include:

  • Bluehost: The host I recommend to new bloggers.
  • Amazon Associates: you earn commissions every time your client purchases a product on Amazon using your link.
  • Amazon Influence Program: you get to operate an Amazon shop.
  • Self-publishing 101: it’s a great online course that’s ideal for those who want to write to make a living.
  • WP Engine: the affiliate program is usually managed by WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program. You have a chance of earning good commissions every time you refer a new customer to purchase the WP Engine hosting platform or the StudioPress theme.
  • Target: if your blog is family-friendly and you have significant traffic, then you can make use of this affiliate program. The participating website can easily earn commissions on sales that are referred to Target through links.

It should be noted that joining an affiliate program isn’t hard. As long as you have a good website with reasonable traffic, then you can earn a good amount of money. However, there are certain factors that can significantly improve your success rate. For instance, make sure that you focus on promoting products that you definitely love.

Secondly, the products should reflect your niche. You can’t give your customers link that related to baby stuff when your blog is all about family planning.


You’re definitely wondering how you can make money by publishing an eBook, right? This is something that other bloggers do and they are succeeding while at it.

The effectiveness of eBooks in helping you earn a reasonable income all depends on your capabilities.

You are the author so you definitely have control over it. For a beginner blogger, eBooks provide some of the best and easiest content to create.

To ensure that you create something that will yield good returns, here’s how you can create a good digital book:

  • Come up with a fresh and unique content idea. If you are unsure, email your email list subscribers and ask them about what they’d be interested to read.
  • Write a draft of your eBook and then review it. Note that you can also give one of your closest friends to review it.
  • Publish your eBook and promote it for sale.

3. Services

How to make money with blogging? Well, if you are a versatile person, then your blog can only be a platform to amplify your income. If you are a good blogger in your niche then you can get paid for it.

I mean you could offer these services per your expertise to other platforms either physically or virtually. Some of these services include:

  • Freelancing: you can write content for a client in a niche that you are familiar with and get paid
  • Virtual assistance: you can provide different clients with administrative assistance services locally or virtually. You only need to access the client’s planning documents.
  • Speaking/hosting: many bloggers easily find speaking gigs often because their platforms can help to amplify the voices of the minority.

There’s no doubt that offering a service is a great way to make money easily doing what you love. As a beginner, you are definitely wary of your spending. You want to keep your operational costs as low as possible.

You can achieve this because offering services usually have significantly low startup costs.

Additionally, there is very little that’s required in the form of inventory. Lastly, you will definitely be getting paid to do what you are already skilled at.

4. Sponsored Posts and Advertising

This is another common but highly effective technique that you can use to earn money from your blog. Your work is to simply advertise the client’s service or product on your website.

That’s why it’s known as a sponsored post because someone else is paying for that. Some of the best ways to feature sponsored posts on your website include:

  • Writing posts: the company pays you to write or mention their products or services in your blog post.
  • Give ways and reviews: you can decide to review a product from a certain company and even carry out give ways.
  • Podcast, video, and newsletter sponsorship: this means that you will be doing mini commercials relating to the client’s product or service.
  • Display adverts: yes, you can add some reasonable graphics on your site promoting a product or service. It could be within your blog post, on your website’s sidebar, or as a header or footer. If you are a newbie, creating a display ad can be challenging at first. However, Google AdSense can leave you feeling like a pro for starters. Remember that as time goes by, you should diversify your skills. If you have good traffic, there are other tools such as AdThrive and they are highly effective.

How Long Will It Take Before I Start Earning Money?

Well, earning money will significantly depend on your target audience. Traffic matters a lot when it comes to search engine rankings which help to elevate the profile of your blog site.

For a beginner, it will take around six months. At this point, you would obviously have an audience that you blog to. However, you will only be earning a few dollars a month.

Once you cross the one-year mark, the amount will certainly have increased. However, we can only equate it to a part-time income.

The first year will obviously be very tough and you need to have another job to depend on. Generally, at this point, your blog should be like a part-time job that you are still trying to nourish.

But once you cross the 2-year mark, the pay will definitely be good. We can confidently equate it to a full-time income.

Note: as a beginner, your focus should be to first build a solid email list. This way, the question of How to Make Money Online with a Blog will become very easy to handle. This is because a good target audience usually leads to good results.

Understand that this timeline will vary from one person to the next. For it to be effective, you have to be very active.

It will take time to build a quality blog. That’s why you shouldn’t start a blog if you want instant income. It’s unrealistic.

How To Make Money Blogging Effectively?

You obviously want to earn a higher income. However, you can’t effectively do this directly from your website. The top-earning bloggers have built a name for themselves, they are therefore brands.

As a matter of fact, their blogs are simply a convenient place to get in touch with their audiences.

With such authority, these bloggers usually sell products such as eBooks, workbooks, or services such as webinar hosts. And coaching. They also work with other brands through collaborations.

How To Make Money with a Blog For Beginners- Essentials Tips

For you to build a solid target audience, here are some of the tips that can help you:

Don’t blog about random topics frequently

Yes, you have the freedom to write about anything you want. But be cautious and have a plan. Choose a niche or two that you are familiar with and blog about those.

Writing about lots of topics that are unrelated is bad for your blog site.

Not only will you end up confusing the readers but search engines such as Google as well.

In such an instance, you will fail to build good authority because a search engine will fail to understand what your blog is about, and when it comes to ranking, you will lag behind.

Note: simply focusing on a certain niche will send your readers clear signals that you are an expert or have authority when it comes to a specific niche. Besides that, search engines will understand your site.

Due to the high relevance, your blog will end up ranking highly in search results.

You can’t make your money from all niches

It’s impossible for all niches to give you a good income. That’s why it’s important to take time and find a niche that will give you a bigger audience. It should be a niche that has people who are interested and are, therefore, willing to spend money.

Note: if you want to find a good niche, look at the other successful blogs. Take time and think about the things you’d readily spend money on. You will definitely find a couple but pick one that you love.

For a beginner blogger, this may be quite challenging, but the best niches include:

  • Parenting
  • Health and Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Interior design
  • Relationships
  • Beauty

You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money

It is possible to make money even with a lower volume of traffic with affiliate marketing for example even if you are a beginner blogger. A high volume of traffic is needed when you monetize your website with adverts.

You don’t need to write tons of posts.

As much as writing good quality content around a particular topic is important so as to build trust, build authority and rank higher on google; it is equally not that important to write lots of irrelevant posts.

All you need is to promote your posts so that they can reach your target audience. Otherwise, nobody will ever read your posts. Thus monetizing your blog posts will be hard.

Many successful bloggers spend more time promoting their posts than writing poor-quality posts.

How Do You Make Money With A Blog For Free

Even though you can make money with a free blog, you are better to start a blog with a shared web hosting like Bluehost(Read Bluehost’s full review here).

If you want to scale your blog and make money with WordPress, then starting a free blog is not the best start as you are building an asset you don’t even own and it’s a waste of time.


I hope that this post has helped in answering your query about how I make making money by blogging. Blogging to make money is legit and realistic nowadays although you need to work hard before you can see any income.

Starting a blog is one of one the first step you need to take if you want to achieve your goal. Just reading about blog posts like these and not taking any action will lead you nowhere.


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