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Have you got a small business, do online marketing, or just have a specialized interest or hobby? Would you like to interact with others who share your passion; then you would like to learn how to build an email list.

That’s because email remains one of the best ways to connect with people online.

With email marketing, you don’t require to be constantly online and you don’t need to monitor your smartphone/ mobile device all the time unlike instant messaging or video chatting.
Unlike social media, email doesn’t need daily updating so as to stay relevant.

Unlike traditional marketing, email marketing is not very costly nor does it require you to devote tons of your time and labor to make it work out.

Instead, building your email list and using that list to market your products, services or ideas is one of the simplest, most cost-effective, and most user-friendly ways to connect with an outsized group of prospective customers, clients, or fans.

Critics claim that email is being replaced with other, faster methods of online interaction – like instant messaging, Twitter, or maybe Snapchat – but the very fact remains that the majority of Internet users have a minimum of one email account that they monitor regularly.

Do you need proof that the email remains relevant? How many times have you ever checked your email anytime within the past 48 hours? This proves that email is still a very strong source of effective connection.

How To Create An Email List- Essentials

Building an outsized email list from scratch is the start line for whatever Internet marketing program you’ve got in mind.

Once you manage to build hundreds or maybe thousands of email contacts, you’ll expect a particular percentage of those contacts to reply to any single email you send; which is promoting a product, service, or maybe a link to a blog or other relevant content.

So starting to build an email list by attracting people that have an interest in the products or services you promote or who share the same passion as you, is important to the success of your online marketing strategy.

Once you’ve got a big enough list of loyal customers, contacts, or followers, you can promote as many niche-related products, services, or links as you want so as to make money.

When you continually grow your list, you’ll create an efficient sales funnel that will earn you profits. There are both free and paid ways that you can use to build your email list.

If you’re on a budget – or have got no marketing budget – you can start with free email list-building techniques to make some money with your list;

After you can put some of your income into paid list-building techniques so that you can make more sales; thus increasing your revenue even more.

Have you got a minimum of one email account? , then you almost certainly know what an email list is and the way it works.

How To Build A Massive Email List

But building a list of 100 to 10,000 contacts or more – will require more administrative skill, management time, and organization than the standard Gmail or Yahoo email account holder you might possess.

To manage and build a big email list, you need to make your life easier with an autoresponder. This is often a software that you simply buy that takes care of most of the tedious administrative tasks; like managing your list, sending out scheduled emails, collecting email addresses of the latest subscribers, and distributing your free giveaways.

It also directs traffic to sales pages and other promotional links, and so on.

Your autoresponder also will provide you with valuable data that helps you manage your online business easily; like getting the statistics of what percentage of people actually click through from the emails you send, which users delete your emails without reading them.

You even get to know for how long the typical user spends reading your emails before clicking off.

You can use data like this to fine-tune your email promotions and connect more effectively with a bigger percentage of your list.

While there are dozens of autoresponders out there that you can get, there are two that are outstanding and provide the simplest array of services at the foremost affordable prices:

⦁ GetResponse

You need to get a good autoresponder so that after you set up the autoresponder, it can easily and effectively handle most of the time-consuming administrative duties automatically.

Hence you can have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

How to use Squeeze Pages

One of the fastest ways to build your email list is to offer something for free that will bring value to people.

Thus people who like these kinds of products, services, or interests that you are promoting will find them irresistible and join your mailing list.

For example, if your niche is about Blogging, you can offer a free Ebook on Blogging or any other stuff related to your niche. This needs to be valuable to your readers.

The free giveaway is named the Lead Magnet Report (LMR) or a lead magnet because it works just like a polarized magnet would.

This attracts people to subscribe to your list by providing them with some kind of high-value content in exchange for her email address.

Once you get their email address, you can send them an endless series of emails promoting your products, services, or links to relevant content, or whatever you would like.

In the future, you need to continue to provide more free high-value content. This helps in nurturing your relationship with your contacts.

If your subscribers start trusting and believing in you and what you are offering; then they’re going to be more likely to open your emails and not delete them without even reading them.

How to Build Email List: Create content for your email-list

Well, now you have a quality autoresponder and also understand the importance of getting a high-value lead magnet. It is time to make your free giveaway so you can offer it on your squeeze page to build your email list.

There are two ways to develop an excellent lead magnet that folks who have an interest in your niche will want: either you develop it yourself or something much easier is to use content that already exists.

If you’re skilled at writing, creating original videos, or recording audio courses, then it will be best to develop your own content, especially if you’re already knowledgeable.

You can create a brief report, make a quick instructional video, record a useful MP3, or maybe lead a web webinar; you will not need to hire somebody and pay for it and save your money.

The original content you create doesn’t need to be something long or complicated, as long your subscribers or potential subscribers will want it or can use it in their everyday lives.

Another option is to rent a freelancer to make original content for you. If you have an idea for a brief report, video, or sound recording that you simply think people will find fascinating, you can go to a freelancer marketplace.

An example is Fiverr where you can hire a writer, video creator, voiceover artist, web designer, or another skilled professional to make your content for you.

Also if you don’t have any idea, you can ask the freelancer to develop something collaboratively or have them handle it all for you from start to end.

Using a freelancer marketplace is useful advice because the location will normally handle all billing, payment, and dispute arbitration so you can rest assured.

They also take care and make sure all the licensing and copyright agreements are respected.

Thus you don’t need to worry about authorship issues or somebody suing you for infringement of copyright later.

One of the advantages of hiring a freelancer is that they can provide high-quality content, usually at surprisingly affordable prices.

And once they are paid and submit their creation to you; it belongs entirely to you and you can do whatever you please with it without having to pay royalties, residuals, or any additional payments.

A third option is to use Private Label Rights products. These are eBooks, videos, software, and other content that already has been created by somebody else on PLR websites that you can buy, and resell as your very own and under your own name or brand.

Depending on the terms of the acquisition, most of the time you can claim original authorship if available. Otherwise, you can edit it by adding or removing content as you wish.

Furthermore, you can combine multiple PLR products to make a unique product or take one PLR product and split it up into multiple products that you can either divulge or sell.

With some PLR products, you even have the right to resell them as your own PLR products to other marketers.

While there are many places where you can purchase PLR products, one of the best sources is found here:

The advantage of PLR products is that they’re available in practically every niche, so you can get high-quality content that you can either use as a lead magnet or promote as an ingenious product to your subscribers.
Additionally, they are usually very affordable also.

How to Build An Email List Fast

To create your first subscriber list, you’ll get to start with an email account. You almost certainly don’t want to mix with your personal account because it’d become too difficult to manage both your personal communications and interactions with subscribers in one account.

So you need to consider opening a replacement account with one among the large email providers, like Gmail or Yahoo.

You ideally can use your business email account provided by your hosting account if you got a website.

If you don’t have a business name or your name isn’t available, attempt to pick something associated with the niche you’ll be working in, for instance, or If you are in the money niche or Hosting niche respectively)

Next, you’ll need an opt-in page where your prospective subscribers can sign -in. An opt-in page or your squeeze page is a page in which you give your LMR. It can simply be an area for visitors to opt-in to your business or service, like contacts.

If you’ve never designed a website before, it can seem quite intimidating. But nowadays you do not even have to be an expert on writing code or have a degree in web design to build a great-looking high-converting website.

There are many free tools available nowadays that you can use to create an internet site rapidly.
One of the simplest is WordPress.

This is often an open-source site that you simply can use to create an internet site for free of charge using their simple online tools.

Many of these tools are drag-and-drop. WordPress has free and paid templates that you simply can use to easily add your new content and have a great-looking website quickly.

Hence, you can build a new website from scratch independently using their free tools.

Another option will be to hire somebody to create your website for you. There are many companies that concentrate on these sorts of projects, but it is not advised for people on a budget.

Alternatively, you can hire a freelancer from one of the marketplaces mentioned earlier, which can be a cheaper option for you.

Regardless of whether you design your website yourself or hire somebody to do the job, you need a website name and a web hosting service.

A domain name will be the URL address of your website. In other words, it’s going to be the link where visitors can find you on search engines for example

There are many sites where you can purchase a website name. Usually, you purchase it for a year or 24 months.
You can expect to pay anywhere from $9 to $29/year per name depending on the chosen site, length of subscription, and features chosen.

Once you’ve got a website name, you also need a server to host your site. There are a lot of web hosting companies for example Bluehost which is really good for beginners. (Additionally, you can get a free domain name)

You will spend anywhere from $99 to $199/year, again depending on your choices. Once you sign in, you will simply need to follow the web instructions so that you link your new domain name to your hosting service.

Finally, you need to set up your opt-in page.

Afterward, you would like to load your free lead magnet into your autoresponder and connect the autoresponder to your website.

Then, whenever visitors arrive on your page /website and opt in by supplying you with their email address; your autoresponder will automatically send out your free lead magnet and also add their email to your subscription list.

If you have provided your audience with what they are hooked in and provide them with real value; then your subscription list will quickly expand to a point where you can have hundreds or maybe thousands of highly-targeted subscribers.

They will be really interested in your products and your chance of making good sales rises.

Traffic: How to Populate Your email-List

The key to any successful online marketing program is to bring as much traffic as possible to your website. As long as you’re proving something for free for example offering a high-value product for free; you’re bound to capture a high percentage of subscribers and potential clients.

This is often referred to as a visitor conversion because you will be converting visitors into subscribers once they are opt-in to your email list.
There are 2 types of traffic: Paid and free.

Paid traffic methods include buying ads on Google, Facebook, and other popular ad providers; these banner ads should ideally appear on high-traffic websites associated with your niche. They can appear on sidebars or footers.

You can also buy lists of subscribers from other Internet marketers.

Free traffic marketing includes using social media marketing to attract people that have an interest in your niche to click on your website.

Another way is to participate in niche-related discussions in chat rooms, forums, and social media pages and drive people to your website.

A third way is to create a blog and write regularly about your niche topic and count on search engines to bring in your potential future customers.

If you’re just starting out, you will surely start by using free traffic methods until you manage to build a big enough list.

After you get a decent amount of prospective customers, you can start making some money.

Then the next move will be to reinvest some or all of those revenues into paid traffic methods. Thus you can build your email list even more quickly.

Obviously, free traffic methods will take much longer to realize traction.
It can take weeks or maybe months before you can have enough revenue to invest in your paid traffic marketing.

Paid traffic, on the opposite hand, can provide traffic really quickly. By using popular platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you’ll get your ads ahead of highly-targeted prospects directly; so you can start getting visitors to your website almost immediately after you launch your ads.

Not all traffic generation methods have the same satisfactory result. Some work better than others and can bring you results more quickly as we have seen earlier.
The fastest and most budget-friendly traffic generation methods are:

  1. Joint Ventures. (Paid)
  2. Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View, and Banner Ads (Paid)
  3. Social Media Marketing /Blogging (Free)
  4. To be active in Forums. (Free/Paid)

Joint ventures happen when two marketers or more help each other – usually somebody who is in your niche and who accepts to share the cost of promoting each other’s respective products. Both parties promote the business to their own lists and profits are then reverse shared equally.

Joint ventures are an excellent way to cut your marketing cost by half. You can find venture partners in many various places online, but one of the easiest ways is to use Warrior Forum; a site that brings Internet marketers together. This is their main focus.

When you buy PPC, PPV, or banner ads, you contact an external ad broker, like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords; you pay to show ads to high-target web users.

With PPC, you will just have to pay for those that click through to your pages. With PPV and banner ads, you need to buy a particular number of impressions or pages on which your ad will appear.

Ad swaps are yet another way to build your list quickly. It’s once you have decided to trade lists with another marketer in your niche. You send emails to their list promoting your website and in turn, they will send your subscribers a link to their page.

It’s a quick and easy way to double your exposure. You can find Potential ad swap partners at Warrior Forum.

As for Solo ads, you have to pay another marketer to market your link to their subscribers, usually by sending an email to their email list or in a newsletter.
You can buy solo ads that include links back to your squeeze pages, opt-in pages, or websites for as little as 10$.

Email Swipes

Once you’ve got an inventory of qualified subscribers who are interested in your niche; the next step will be to build a series of emails( email swipes ) that you simply program your autoresponder to send consistently with a pre-set schedule.

There’s no limit to the number of emails you can send and your subscriber will keep receiving them and be connected with you until they unsubscribe.

The emails that you will be sending should serve one of these two purposes:

  1. to continue to strengthen and grow the loyal bond that your subscriber has got with you by giving them something of high value for free regularly.
  2. to market a specific product or service that you promote.

An effective email swipe series should contain both types of emails. If you simply send emails that are promoting products and services, it’s unlikely that your subscribers will find it much more useful, and thus they are going to be more likely to unsubscribe from your list.

But if you alternate these promotional emails with others in which you provide free high-value content that they can actually use in their everyday lives; then your subscribers are going to be more likely to open your emails once you send them.
They will be more inclined to purchase whatever products or services that you are promoting once you send your promotional emails. Your sales rate thus increases.

An example of free high-value emails is original content that you have developed yourself or purchased from freelancer websites, PLR, or another source.

Otherwise, your content should contain links to informative content you’ve found that you can share and know your subscribers will surely find useful.
If the content is top quality and they enjoy reading it, the chances of them making a purchase is much higher in return.

Although there are no set rules for how much free-of-charge content to promotional emails you should send; you ideally should make it so that it is in a 3:1 proportion.

That is for each promotional email you send, you should send three in which you merely provide free high-value content which will help you boost loyalty bonds between your subscribers and yourself.

When it comes time to send a promotional email, you should make it as if it’s almost a sales letter. It will be a transparent Call to Action (CTA).

For example, if you’re promoting an E-Book on Blogging to beginner bloggers, everything in your promotional email should try to prove how valuable and useful that E-Book is.

You should also explain why you recommend it, and thus inspire your subscribers to shop for it now!.

Promotional emails must always include a link and thus your subscribers can buy the products or services that you’re promoting by clicking on it.

A word on products and services: Like your LMR, the content you promote in your promotional videos will normally be either original or something you outsourced.

A 3rd option which is really a great one is to market affiliate products. Affiliate products are products that are sold by somebody else but it’s you who promote them to make money. One example of how you can promote them is by doing reviews on your website.

Anytime any of your subscribers clicks through and purchases one of your affiliate products, you will get a commission on the sale.

Affiliate products are probably among one the most preferred sorts of promotions among email marketers. That’s because you don’t need to get anything upfront, be in charge of an inventory. You don’t need to worry about delivering the merchandise to the customer as well.

All you have to do is simply promote the affiliate product and when somebody makes a purchase via your affiliate link, you will get paid.

There are actually thousands of affiliate products that you can promote in practically any niche imaginable. If you promote physical products, you can join Amazon as it is one of the most important and most successful affiliate programs today.

If instead, you want to promote digital products – like E-Books, videos and software then Clickbank will be your preferred choice as it is the most important digital affiliate product provider.

Making Money together with your Email List

When you have developed a big enough list of loyal subscribers and also you have provided them with enough free high-value content; they’re going to be absolutely looking forward to your future emails.

Thus they’re also most likely to react to your offers and rewards.

The steps to follow are :
First, you must provide what is called ‘the gateway offer’. This could be a great niche-related product that you are offering at an amazingly low price.

Note the primary aim of the gateway offer is not to form a short-term profit. In fact, you should offer your gateway offer at break-even cost or maybe at a loss surprisingly.

That’s because the gateway offer normally helps you gain the long-term loyalty of your customers. You further consolidate your bond with your followers and you are like a ‘visionary’ who is like assuring his/her income for months or years to come. Your audience, whose trust you have gained is more apt to buy what you are promoting to them.

Hence you are more likely to make good sales in the future.
Make sure you are always alternating your promotional emails with emails that offer free high-value content, links, and other trust-builders, you’ll next provide secondary offers.

These should be a series of increasingly expensive niche-related products/ services, have higher and better price tags are referred to as the profit ladder.

The stronger the trust bonds you manage to build together with your customers, the further you can push them up the profit ladder easily.

For instance, if your niche is blogging and your gateway offer is an eBook priced at $5, your first secondary offer might be a video course that sells within the $19 to $25 range.

Next, you can offer one or two products within the $95 to $200 range. Once you actually have established a solid relationship together with your subscribers, you’ll offer even higher-priced offers, within the $500 to $1,000 range.

Finally, you can offer what’s referred to as your rear offer which is often something that carries a very high tag.

Not surprisingly, promotional emails )so as to push your subscribers up the profit ladder, doing it a second or third time are going to be even easier.

Such ways to build an email list are used to promote products or services (either your own or somebody else’s )or just to connect with like-minded people who share your interests.

If you’re a small business owner, you can use them to create loyal customers and expand your customer base.

The best part about how to build an email list is that when you master the fundamentals, it becomes very easy to manage, and only a few of your subscribers will make it all the high your profit ladder to the rear-end offer at this point. But you just need a couple of people to shop for it so as to form a bid enough profit.

How to Build Email List: Conclusion

While you can get intimidated at first, especially if you are a beginner, because of technological advances and streamlining of coding and programming; building and launching an internet site today has become really very simple.

Also, it is not difficult to build a list of subscribers after you have learned the right way of setting up and using your autoresponder and all the techniques mentioned.

As new prospects continue to discover your opt-in page and provide you with their email address; your autoresponder can in the meantime continue to move your subscribers up the profit ladder and bring you a gentle, reliable, and essentially hands-free income stream.

That’s why it is so attractive to Internet marketers to build an email list fast nowadays and is mandatory for any business that wants to succeed.

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