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How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

Even if you have a blog; that doesn’t necessarily mean people will come to it. Having an internet site doesn’t guarantee that you will have lots of traffic if not any at all.

• It’s crucial to follow a proven strategy to drive the most web traffic to your blog; with tried&tested methods for generating a gentle stream of website visitors.

You need to use tactics and hacks for getting people to go to your site and have good interaction with your blog content.

• The more people come to your site, the more people will be aware of the good content you create. The more people become conscious of your great content, the more you will be considered an industry expert and thought after the leader.

And therefore the more you’re referred to as an industry expert, the more people will come to your blog to gain knowledge and find valuable help in their queries.

• In fact, this leads us to this question: how to increase website traffic? Luckily, I will show you in this post,10 proven strategies for getting hundreds, if not thousands, of website visitors.

• It’s important to avoid jumping from strategy to strategy without really working on a strategy at a time. Each of those strategies that I will tell you, requires significant time and energy to execute properly.

Work is required if you would like to get good results fast.

• Be patient while you learn about getting traffic to your website. As you stack one strategy on top of another, you’ll begin to ascertain compounding results.

Traffic Strategy #1: Always Create Amazing, Share-Worthy Content

• If you would like people to return to your blog, you need to give them a reason to return. You always need to write awesome content that draws people which they feel compelled to share with others.

If you merely post short, uninspired articles, you’re not giving people much reason to return to your site or share your content.

• For your best results, consider strategies you are going to use to stand out from the gang. How are you able to create unique content that doesn’t exist anywhere and thus differentiates yourself from everyone else? How to increase website traffic for free easily?

•The simplest way is to make highly valuable, in-depth( long form )content. Content that answers people’s questions completely and speaks to their pain points. Content that addresses a topic in such a way that people will simply love what you are doing as there will be nothing like this out there.

• When creating content, ask yourself these questions:

◦ Would I like to read this content?
◦ Does this provide value to my readers?
◦ Is that share-worthy?
◦ Is this content different from what your competitors are producing?
◦ Does this content answer the reader’s questions completely?
◦ Does it speak the reader’s pain points?

• If you create great content, the remainder of your promotional tactics become much easier. Your content will practically promote itself ‘automatically’ when people see how valuable it is. People like to share content that’s valuable and if you create valuable content; others will sell it for you.

This is how to increase website traffic and as well increase user engagement.

Traffic Strategy #2: Always Share Your Content On Social Media

• Always Share your content multiple times across all of your social media profiles. Why do you have to share your content multiple times? Because not all of your followers will see all of your posts.

Sharing multiple times maximizes the probability of your followers seeing your social media posts.

• Once you share your content on social media, try to find out what works best for every platform; for instance, Pinterest is all about unique great quality images(Pins). Once you share a blog post to Pinterest, consider creating /sharing several pins for that post to the Pinterest platform.

• Also, consider sharing different types of formats on social media; for instance, Facebook likes to stay people on their site as long as possible. Video content helps them do this since people love video content ).

◦ Facebook tends to push video content above within the social media feeds, giving it more exposure. Thus you need to create several good quality video content for each post that you create on your website to gain maximum exposure.

• When using social media, always experiment with different content formats to ascertain what works best on different platforms. You can try sharing links, images, videos, polls, and more to ascertain what drives the most traffic to your website.

• You can breathe new life into old pieces of content by re-sharing them on social media a short time after they’re first published. Sharing updated content will generate more clicks, visits, and shares.

Traffic Strategy #3: Start Building Your Email List From The Very Beginning

• If you have an email list it will be like having your own traffic source. Whenever you publish something new on your website, send a link to your email list and watch how the visitors will come flooding in.

• Probably one of the most effective ways to build your email list is by making a gift of something in exchange for people’s email addresses. The giveaway is called a “lead magnet,” maybe a piece of valuable content that readers can download once they put in their email address on signup forms.

• For instance, you can give away:

◦ Whitepapers
◦ Ebooks
◦ Case studies
◦ Videos
◦ Free email courses
◦ Templates
◦ Webinars
◦ Premium content

• Another effective technique to build your email list is by implementing opt-in forms in various places across your website. For instance, whenever someone first visits your site, you’ll have a box crop up inviting them to check-in for your email list.

• When inviting people to check-in for your email list, give them a compelling reason to check-in. Don’t just simply say, “Sign up for my list!” ; Instead, tell people what they’ll get in exchange for signing up for your list and why they should sign-up for it.

Traffic Strategy #4: How To Increase Website Traffic By Guest Posting

• If you’re like most people, you almost certainly won’t have much of an audience once you first start creating content on your website. That’s okay and is just normal! All marketers take time to create their audience.

• Guest posting on someone else’s website will allow you to grab another person’s audience’s attention. Guest posting allows you to get in front of an audience that’s much larger than your own.

This increases your exposure and allows you to drive traffic back to your own website much more easily

• You need to start by securing guest posting gigs by researching blogs that are in your niche; then you can contact them, asking them if they accept guest posts.

You need to take into consideration when applying, that these blogs probably get these sorts of requests quite regularly.

• If you would like to have the chance to post on someone else’s blog, you need to propose unique blog posts in your pitch. In other words, you need to offer high value to the opposite person’s audience.

• So, what are you able to offer which is unique in your pitch, that will set you apart?

◦ Years of expertise?
◦ A different/fresh perspective?
◦ Research on a specific subject?
◦ An insider’s opinion?

• In your pitch to the blog, always mention what you’ve got to offer and even suggest a couple of topics that you simply are ready to write on. Make sure that you specialize and that’s how you’ll benefit their audience.

• If a post is published, promote the link across your various social media networks. That way you promote the owner of the website on which the guest post appears and you as well.

Traffic Strategy #5: Be Active In Online Forums

• Online forums like Quora and Reddit as well as sites like Facebook and LinkedIn groups are often great sources of traffic for your website.

There are forums and groups out there for nearly every subject imaginable, and you are sure to find folks who are trying to find the type of content that you provide.

•.You can’t simply share links with them and expect people to come running to your website. In fact, if all you are doing is sharing links in online forums and social media groups, there’s an honest chance that you’ll get hardly any traffic at all.

• First and foremost, members of these sites want you to provide value to these groups, not just through your website.

In other words, they will really like it if you participate in the conversation that’s happening in the group itself; not just simply spamming the group with links.

• So, start by answering people’s questions, contributing your own thoughts, and asking questions in these groups. Before you share any links to your own site, always participate in some conversations.

Traffic Strategy #6: Remember To Reference Others

• If you’ll get an influencer in your industry — someone with an outsized audience, you can share your content with their audience. It is often an enormous boost for your website. But this is often easier said than done, right? In any case, how do you convince somebody that your content is worth sharing?

• One of the foremost effective strategies for getting others to share your content is to quote or reference them.

◦ For instance, let’s say you’re writing a lengthy guide to email marketing; you can email marketing specialists and ask them for a quote for the piece.

◦Once you’ve written the guide, tell all the people you’ve quoted within the article. There’s a big chance that they’ll share your content with their audience and this answers your question about how to increase website traffic and increase exposure for your blog as well.

• A lot easier option is to get quotes from influencers that they’ve already written and quote them. Then, you’ll reach them via email or social media and allow them to know that you’ve quoted them. Again, there’s an honest chance they’ll share it with their audience.

• A secondary advantage of quoting influencers and authority figures in your pieces is that it adds expertise to your content. instead of just being your own opinion, your content also includes the thoughts and insights of industry experts, thus giving more weight to your content.

Traffic Strategy #7: Collaborate With Other Content Creators

• Always get on the lookout for methods to collaborate with other website owners and content creators. By collaborating, you get to profit from their audience, and you’ll share your audience with them. And ultimately increase traffic to your website.

• An simple example of collaborating with another website is to try to do a guest post swap. Your post on their website and they in turn post on yours. But it doesn’t stop here. You can also appear on someone else’s podcast and then you can promote that podcast on your website.

• The key to collaboration is having the ability to bring value to the opposite person. If you’ll bring value, instead of just sharing your audience with them; there’s a greater chance that they’ll want to collaborate with you.

◦ Once you reach someone for a collaboration, always make it crystal clear how you’ll add value to them from the very beginning

Traffic Strategy #8: Advertise, Advertise

• Advertising on Facebook, Google, or other social media platforms (like LinkedIn) is one of the foremost effective ways to bring traffic to your website. Yes, it does cost money (unlike the strategies listed so far). But if you’re willing to spend the cash, you’ll get an avalanche of traffic to your site rapidly.

• Facebook and Google are huge. Billions of individuals use these websites monthly. It’s a huge audience and exposure If you’re willing to place some money into advertising, Google and Facebook will share their audience with you.

• There’s one distinct advantage to paid advertising compared to other sorts of promotion: paid advertising allows you to place your content ahead of a really targeted audience.

◦ For instance, let’s say that you’ve created a guide to preparing for retirement. The ideal audience for this guide is married people over the age of 45 who make quite $70,000 per annum. With Facebook, you can target this precise audience easily.

• Rather than sharing your content across your social media feeds and hoping that the proper people see it; you’ll make sure that the proper audience views your content. You’ll get your content and your business in front of the right audience and in the right way to maximize exposure in the least possible time.

Traffic Strategy #9: Engage With Other Blogs In The Same Niche

• Just like your own website, there are thousands of other industry-related sites out there that are publishing great content on a daily basis. Choose among some of those blogs to regularly discuss.

• By commenting on these blogs consistently, it will start to build your online presence in your selected industry.

• When commenting on blogs, always use the same technique as when commenting in online forums. Your goal isn’t simply to get a link back to your website but to participate in their conversations. With each comment, you need to add value to the conversation.

• It’s important to note that the blogs you comment on should all be in your industry/Niche.

• This strategy builds traction slowly. But the more you engage with other blogs, the more people will begin to acknowledge your name.

And if you’re adding useful comments to the conversation, more and more people will begin to respect you as an expert in your industry. They will thus follow you to your website.

Traffic Strategy #10:Always Diversify Your Content

•Not everybody learns in the same way. Some people learn best from videos as they are visual learners. Some learn best by reading while others prefer audio content. If you would like to engage with as many individuals as possible, create diverse content using the format outlined earlier.

• One of the simplest ways to use the “pillar strategy.” The pillar strategy involves first creating a lengthy, in-depth piece of “pillar” content.

This pillar content might be a video, blog post, podcast, or something else. blog post and produce a series of social media posts.

• Each bit of content should lead back to your website now. So, for instance, at the top of your video, you’ll direct people to your website for more valuable content.

• Your pillar content is going to be long-form content and can mention a topic from different angles and viewpoints.

From there, you take the pillar content and slice it up into smaller pieces of relevant content. Each of the latter then stands on their own as an individual post.

• For instance, let’s say you created a lengthy pillar blog post. you’ll then:

◦ Take one point from that blog post and produce a brief video
◦ Take another point from the blog post and produce a brief podcast
◦ Take the 3rd point from the blog post and turn it into a series of social media posts

Each piece of content should point back to your website in some way. So, for example, at the end of your video, you could direct people to your website for more valuable content.

This is how to increase website traffic with the pillar content strategy

How To Increase Website Traffic : Conclusion

By constantly producing and promoting good quality content along with engaging with similar marketing experts; with time and experience, you will get to know how to get millions of traffic to your website. It will be just a matter of time and using the proper strategies without getting abandoned too soon due to a lack of motivation and patience.

You can use only one of the strategies or you can use all of them together; it’s up to you.

What is your own experience with generating traffic to your website?

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