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InMotion Hosting

Having a website gives you and your business more visibility, but it also builds your credibility with potential customers. With this in mind, the next thought should be where you would host your website. There are hundreds of companies that offer this service, but one of the best is InMotion Hosting.

Because it is important to choose wisely, I have created this ultimate guide to everything InMotion offers.

Let’s dive in…

What is inMotion Hosting?

InMotion was founded in 2001, so right off the bat, you know that it has stood the test of time. Not many companies make it past the first decade and this is a testament to the trust it has earned from customers.

What’s also remarkable is that it has maintained its position amidst strong competition from other hosts owned by Endurance International Group (EIG).

Some of the biggest brands in hosting such as BlueHost and HostGator are subsidiaries of EIG.

Nevertheless, InMotion has still survived and thrived. At the moment, the company hosts over 300k domains and it is consistently ranked among the top hosts in the world.

CNET has awarded InMotion a perfect score for the past 17 years, a feat few companies have ever accomplished.

In addition, the Better Business Bureau rates InMotion’s services as A+ alongside only a few other companies with this rating.

Such high praise has been mainly earned by maintaining a high average uptime guarantee of 99.95% in the past 24 months.

Add to that, the company is also widely known for offering free site transfers, 24/7 customer support by phone, and an extensive money-back guarantee.

More on this later.

But there are also some areas in which the company doesn’t do so well – no business is absolutely perfect. So, to help you determine if InMotion web hosting is right for you, this is a complete description of the company’s services.

Services offered by InMotion Hosting

Competition among web hosts is as fierce as any other business. This is a good thing because it guarantees that you get the best service as the companies try to outdo each other., in particular, has gone above and beyond to offer more than basic hosting services. Some of the services unique to InMotion include:

Free domain name.

Before you can launch a website, it needs to have a domain name. Basically, a domain name is what identifies your website out of the several hundred million websites.

With most hosts, searching and registering a domain name is considered an extra service.

It, therefore, means that you would have to pay for this service or find a third-party registrar.

InMotion does not have this condition because every website gets a free domain name. Last but not least InMotion hosting transfer domain service transfers your website for free if you are with another host.

InMotion Hosting webmail for free.

Alongside a domain name, InMotion web hosting will also give you a professional email to use with your website.

When you want to advertise your business, having a professional email will give you more credibility.

Not to mention that it complements the brand you create with a website. This is also a paid service by most hosts, so having it free here will be a good advantage.

Protection from hackers and improved security with SSL.

Security is very important nowadays because there are so many ways a lack thereof can be used against you.

Most often, hackers will try to acquire access to your website especially if it’s an eCommerce website. In other cases, a hacker will use your website to hack other systems.

Google looks out for any websites with suspicious activities and puts in on a blacklist where it won’t appear in search results. To prevent this, InMotion does consistent scans for malware and also issues a free InMotion hosting SSL certificate.

Free data backups.

Despite taking all security measures, it’s still best to have a backup for any unforeseen emergencies. Daily data backups are also offered for free by InMotion so that you can know for sure that your data is secure.

However, you should note that if your website needs more than 10GB of storage, the backups will be done every 4 months.

Access to SSD drives at all levels.

SSD drives are more expensive than traditional HDD drives – more than double the price. Therefore, most hosts will only offer HDD drives in the lower levels so that you would have to pay more for faster performance. This is not so with InMotion because all subscriptions get access to SSD drives.

Developers’ playground with a choice of coding languages

You may not know this unless you’re familiar with web development and programming, but developers are very picky about the coding language they prefer.

It is for this reason that a developer may choose one host over another. But they wouldn’t have to on InMotion because there is a variety of options to choose from including PHP, Ruby, MySQL, etc.

Plenty of add-ons to install in a single click.

Rather than design everything from the ground up, it is easier to use addons for various services like shopping and connection to payment processors.

Inmotion hosting currently has over 400 addons you can install on your website with a single click and include all features.

This is all made possible with the use of Softaculous to enable the automatic installation of these apps and add-ons.

Free website builder.

Did you know you can get your website up and running within a day? With Inmotion hosting website builder, the latter provides you with a variety of templates to choose from.

These templates have all the basic structures of a website, and you only have to insert text, images, etc. This feature is completely free for all customers.

Free website transfers.

Supposing you had a website on a different host but need to move to a better host. This is possible through a site transfer, but it is almost always charged, except on InMotion.

In fact, InMotion is so good at this that they are ranked among the best hosts for site transfers as seen in several reviews of InMotion.

Perhaps it’s because they have a lot of experience from disgruntled clients on other hosts.

Remarkable customer support.

Every company must offer customer support, but you know it’s not enough to just have a support staff, they also need to be knowledgeable.

All of InMotion’s customer support staff have at least 4 years of experience and they undergo 160 hours of training on various subjects.

This provides them with the knowledge to answer all customer questions. Ratings and reviews reveal that InMotion hosting support is great at customer response either by phone or live chat.

Reviews InMotion Hosting Features

Recognizing that users have different needs, InMotion has made several features to suit every customer according to what they need.

Shared Hosting

The internet may appear to be mythical but in truth, it is simply a network of servers around the world.

Every website you visit, including this one, is located on a server somewhere in the world and you are just accessing that server’s data.

The problem is that there are way too many websites compared to servers in the world.

The latest statistics by Internet Live Stats indicate that there are 200 million active websites out of a total of 1.5 billion.

There simply aren’t that many servers in the world, so those that are available are usually shared.

Although several websites may be shared, you will not notice because a host’s server is capable of handling several websites.

Think of it like a restaurant where many people can walk in, have a seat, and all get served.

Shared hosting is necessary to handle the huge number of websites, but it also reduces the cost of running a website.

Consider the restaurant analogy, but instead of going to the restaurant, you ask the chef to prepare a meal at your home just for you.

The quality of food will be slightly better but at a much greater cost. This is actually the main reason why web hosts are able to lower prices without compromising on quality.

On the other hand, shared hosting could present a problem when there is a lot of traffic to a single website on the shared server.

Picture a large group having a party in a restaurant and taking up, say, 5 tables.

Potential customers outside would not get in because there wasn’t any seating left.

To prevent such an incident a shared server will have a cap on bandwidth for every website so that no single website uses up all the resources.

If your website happens to have a lot of traffic, this cap will result in slower loading speeds to your website.

Despite the limitations of shared hosting, InMotion is still a champion when it comes to uptime (99.95%) and load speeds (824ms) even for shared hosting.

To do this, the company set up two data centers in the US to cater to the rising needs of its customers. There are 3 levels of shared hosting – Launch, Power, and Pro and the InMotion hosting pricing are as follows:

  • Launch – 40GB storage space, 2 websites, and 10 email accounts ($6.39)
  • Power – 80GB storage space, 6 website, 50 email accounts, and 2X performance ($8.49)
  • Pro – 200GB storage space, 20 websites, unlimited email accounts and 4X performance ($14.71)

PS: All price points are for monthly payments

WordPress hosting.

Did you know that WordPress is responsible for powering 35% of the internet?

A study by W3Techs Studies revealed this fascinating statistic that proved the dominance of WordPress.

WordPress is just one CMS (content management system) out of many, but it is the most popular one.

In fact, considering all the websites built on a CMS, WP dominates at a 60% market share.

Naturally, InMotion has made it possible to integrate the services of InMotion hosting WordPress into your website and enjoy all WP features..

You may be wondering why you have to pay to have your WP website hosted while the software is free.

It is true that WP software is free, but you still need a host to store your internet files on a server.

WordPress is popular for several reasons including security, ease of use, and versatility. WP is able to achieve all that by pushing regular updates to keep up with hackers’ attempts.

Because InMotion is already very keen on security, it compliments WordPress perfectly.

So, whether you’re running a personal blog or an eCommerce business, you’re guaranteed security.

The ability to integrate plugins into your website is a bonus because you could use certain plugins and apps that enable easier connections with payment processors.

All websites still take advantage of the high-performance servers to ensure maximum loading speed and uptime for all websites.

If you already had a website, you will experience a smooth transfer from your previous host. As mentioned previously, site transfers at InMotion are legendary.

The entire process is completely free and only needs your InMotion hosting login to change the InMotion hosting nameservers.

In just a few easy steps your website should be up and running.

Since WordPress hosting is very similar to shared hosting, there will only be minor differences in InMotion Hosting WordPress price. The four levels are:

  • WP-1000S -40GB storage, 1 website; ideal for 20k monthly visitors ($6.99)
  • WP-2000S – 80GB storage, 2 websites; ideal for 50k monthly visitors ($6.99)
  • WP-3000S – 120 GB storage, 3 websites; ideal for 125k monthly visitors ($9.99)
  • WP -4000S – 160GB storage, 6 websites; ideal for 300k monthly visitors ($14.99)

PS: In case you’re wondering why WP-1000S and WP-2000S cost the same, it’s because there’s a special 46% off discount at the moment on the latter option.

All the above plans also have unlimited email accounts, WordPress Optimized Stack, BoldGrid plugin, and staging environment.

Hosting Inmotion Vps

Supposing your website gets to a point where a shared server just won’t do. Perhaps you are receiving more traffic and the limited bandwidth is becoming a problem.

Well, a VPS (virtual private server) would be the next step up.

As the name implies (virtual), you don’t really get an entire server to yourself except a part of it like making a reservation at a restaurant.

For instance, you can book for yourself a certain amount of RAM, storage, and even bandwidth just for your website.

One reason to do this is if your website has more visitors than before or experiences surges in traffic at certain periods

. In fact, you can even borrow extra resources when your needs exceed those allocated using a hypervisor.

Keep in mind, though, that an InMotion VPS is your private kingdom and that means you shall be responsible for taking care of it.

InMotion will not take care of your website’s maintenance, upgrades, or security as it would on a shared server. For this reason, InMotion hosting VPS is only suitable for an individual with technical knowledge on fully operating a website.

If you do have the expertise of hiring an IT specialist, the complete control will give you a lot more power.

Such websites have even faster page loading speeds, higher bandwidth, and access to the control panel (cPanel).

One would need this if they run an online business with lots of traffic or a personal blog with content like music and video streaming.

  • VPS-1000HA-S – 4GB RAM, 75GB storage, 4TB bandwidth ($29.99)
  • VPS-2000HA-S – 6GB RAM, 150GB storage, 5TB bandwidth ($49.99)
  • VPS-3000HA-S – 8GB RAM, 260GB storage, 6TB bandwidth ($83.99)

Dedicated server.

At the highest level, you may want to have an entire server all to yourself for assured security. You may need this if your business is already experiencing a huge amount of traffic or expecting to get there.

As this is the best there is, you can expect the ultimate performance and support to suit your needs.

Security is also a priority for a company with many clients, so InMotion partners with Corero Network Security to prevent any attacks on the network.

InMotion recognizes that individuals and companies that need a dedicated server usually have very specific needs.

That is why InMotion encourages you to discuss with support staff about your needs to have a server tailored specifically for your needs.

That being said, there are still a few standard configurations at different price points.

High performance dedicated server.

  • Essential – Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 v2 processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB SSD or 1TB HDD (software RAID), 6TB data transfer, 5 free IPs ($115.69)
  • Advanced – Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB SSD or 2TB HDD (software RAID), 10TB data transfer, 10 free IPs ($176.59)
  • Elite – Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6 processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2x500GB SSD or 2x2TB HDD (hardware RAID-1), 10TB data transfer, 15 free IPs ($248.99)

All plans listed above also come with 2 free hours of managed hosting while Advanced and Elite subscribers can also choose between data centers.

There are two data centers – one in Los Angeles, CA (west coast), and the other in Ashburn, VA (east coast).

As an individual, you may not notice any difference in speed because it’s very minimal, but at this level, every millisecond counts.

By choosing a server closer to your customers, there will be an increase in performance that could be the edge you need against your competitors.

High-performance commercial class dedicated server.

  • CC-500 – Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2430, 16GB ECC DDR3 RAM, 2x500GB SSD (Hardware RAID-1), 6TB data transfer, 5 free IPs ($115.69)
  • CC-1000 – Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110, 32GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 2x1TB SSD (Hardware RAID-1), 15TB data transfer, 15 free IPs ($424.49)
  • CC-2000 – dual Intel® Xeon® Silver 4110, 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 3x1TB SSD (Hardware RAID-5), 15TB data transfer, 15 free IPs ($529.49)

PS: All prices indicate monthly payments

Reseller hosting.

For the person looking to make money in the web hosting business, InMotion has one of the best reseller hosting plans. The main challenge in such a business comes about as you sign up more clients.

It then becomes difficult to maintain a huge number of websites without a team of professionals. Rather than hiring a team yourself, take advantage of qualified and experienced experts at InMotion to help you.

With reseller hosting Inmotion, you will be aided in migrating your websites and setting them up on InMotion servers. Once the process is complete, you can be assured of InMotion’s reputation for high performance and renowned client support service.

This would leave you free to focus on expanding your business even further, and it won’t cost you a lot.

If you were to take a look at reviews InMotion Hosting, the record won’t be 100% positive – no company is completely perfect.

All that matters is whether a company hits the right notes where it matters most to you

Review Of Inmotion Hosting: Pros

Excellent reliability.

A website needs to be online all the time so that clients know it is reliable. An average of the taken over the past 24 months shows that this host’s uptime was 99.95%.

Remember that this test was done on the most basic plan, with higher tiers recording 99.99% uptime. And in the rare incident that your website is not online, you can still remain calm knowing that InMotion performs daily backups to the cloud.

Fast loading speeds

With so many options to choose from, people nowadays are less likely to be patient. Indeed, studies have shown that users will leave a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Websites that are hosted by InMotion are not at risk of this because the host has recorded a load speed of 824ms on average over the past 24 months.

When compared to the competition, though, several other hosts did better.

But you should keep in mind that this speed was recorded on a shared server on the most basic plan (Launch).

By checking reviews on Inmotion Hosting, the host is rated excellent in terms of page load speed, so it shouldn’t be a worry for you.

Plenty of free services

The main advantage that particularly users on shared servers will enjoy is the included bundle of free InMotion hosting webmail, domain(s), and secure Hosting.

Most other hosts charge for these services on lower-tier InMotion Hosting plans to encourage an upgrade.

But with InMotion, you can create a fast and secure website for as little as $6.39 and no additional costs.

In keeping with the attitude of welcoming new clients, website transfers are also completely free.

This is yet another service that is usually charged by web hosts, but here there are no extra charges on InMotion.

Great customer support.

You will, at some point, need to communicate with customer support for one reason or another.

This service is remarkable from InMotion not only because the staff is available but also knowledgeable. You can receive the help you needed whether you are a newbie or an experienced developer.

Comprehensive money-back guarantee.

Each purchase comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee too so that you get a taste of what InMotion has to offer.

By reading the fine print, it is clear that the terms of this offer are straightforward and without any caveats. Thus, it is a useful backup in case you change your mind; but you most likely won’t after 3 months.

Inmotion Hosting Cons

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows at InMotion, though, so don’t get ahead of yourself. These are some of the things to be aware of.

Upselling prices.

The main problem is actually that prices are not as cheap as they initially appear.

From the Inmotion hosting pricing we showed above, the rates are definitely very competitive compared to the rest of the industry. The problem is that you can only get these prices when you sign up for a period of 2 years.

For example, the Launch plan costs $6.39 per month over a 24-month period.

Should you select a shorter period like 1 year, the price goes up to $7.46 per month. Moreover, there are no shorter periods to choose from, which might be a bit of a problem.

Such upsells are common because companies expect you to click along without reading carefully.

Another such case is that on daily backups where daily backups are only offered on sites up to 10GB. Beyond that, backups are done after 4 months.

Think about it, if you had a site with 10GB of data, would you want to lose it? Chances are you would have to pay the extra $49 just to ensure your data is safe.

No support for Windows-based servers.

InMotion may be a playground for developers well-versed in Linux but not otherwise.

You see, all hosting plans by this company are based on Linux, leaving out users who are more familiar with Windows.

This means you won’t be able to make use of ASP or .NET scripts on your website hosted by InMotion.

Conclusion: InMotion Hosting Reviews

Do I recommend InMotion?

Yes, I do.

They have good support and uptime along with fast loading speeds.InMotion is on my list of fastest web host services for this reason Also, they offer lots of free services. The only downside is their many upsells.

Alternatively, I’ll recommend my list of Best hosting for websites here which include Blue Host and A2 Hosting.

Hopefully, this ultimate Inmotion hosting review has brought you relevant facts about InMotion web hosting service. Also please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thanks

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