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The best way to manage and efficiently run your website is by using a managed WordPress host. It helps to save time, prevent trouble from hosting your content and minimize the risk of downtime.

Also, you take the stress out of hosting a website on your own.

What Is A Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosts usually maintain your WordPress site’s security, updates, and overall effectiveness. They create and maintain your website for you.

It’s clear that web hosting service providers perfectly understand the importance of managed WordPress hosting. As a result, web hosts have created services that are specifically designed for this platform.

But what are some of the top managed hosts for WordPress?

Let’s dive into these managed WordPress hosting reviews.

1. Bluehost WP Pro – Best Managed WordPress Host for Small Websites

Bluehost takes the lead as the top managed WordPress hosting service for small websites. As a beginner, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the wide range of hosting options.

However, Bluehost is a brand that understands hosting and that’s why it’s the number one host recommended by WordPress.

It supports Cloudflare and comes with great servers. Besides that, it comes with instant provision for fast loading.

This is a hosting website platform that uses the latest technology to ensure that your site’s load at super-speeds, enhancing the site’s overall efficiency.

Key Features

⦁ 99.99% Uptime
⦁ RAID Level 1 storage
⦁ Unlimited storage, domains, and subdomains
⦁ A free staging environment to test changes
⦁ Spam protection and auto-updates
⦁ Instant WordPress Installation

Pricing Per Month

All plan comes with unlimited storage, unmetered traffic, free backups, free SSL, spam protection, and Jetpack included for an unlimited number of websites.
⦁ Build: $19.95(Includes a marketing center +100 free quality themes)
⦁ Grow: $29.95(Included Business review tool+SEO tools)
⦁ Scale: $49.95(Unlimited Backups and PayPal integration)

30 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ It comes with free domains
⦁ The backups are free and happen daily
⦁ There is no traffic limit

  • Bluehost Managed WordPress experts answer user queries instantly 24/7 via phone, email, and chat.


⦁ It doesn’t come with a free site migration

Visit Bluehost here

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2.SiteGround – Best Beginner- and Budget-Friendly

If you are a beginner and you are on a tight budget, then this is the ideal managed WordPress host for you. SiteGround hosting comes with all the simple features that a beginner would end up easily navigating through them.

It’s also budget-friendly for those who are just starting out.

The effectiveness of this hosting platform is enhanced by daily backups in addition to auto-updates. This helps to ensure that all your vital data are stored. Besides that, it allows sites to always run efficiently by using the latest design features.

The simplicity of SiteGround WordPress hosting is facilitated by its flexibility. While it can cater to the needs of bloggers, it’s also ideal for use by technical professionals. So, it offers the best of both worlds.

Its seamless WordPress integration means that bloggers will definitely enjoy hosting their sites through it. On the other hand, design features such as staging areas and GIT integration highly appeal to developers.

Overall, this is a nice and wholesome solution. It’s suitable for serious bloggers in addition to those who want to simply use WordPress for various experiments.

The fact that you get to securely use its servers on your own means that all your data will always be protected.

Key Features

⦁ 100% Uptime with an excellent server speed
⦁ Siteground host comes with a control panel and SSH access
⦁ There are free daily backups and auto-updates
⦁ Its servers are distributed in 3 continents for efficiency
⦁ It comes with GIT and a staging area for developers

Pricing Per Month

All plan comes with Unmetered Data Transfer and cPanel and SSH

⦁ Start-Up: $3.95 (10GB storage=10k visits/mo)
⦁ Grow Big: $5.95 (20GB storage=25k visits/mo)
⦁ Go Geek: $11.95 (30GB storage=100k visits/mo)

30 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ Beginner-friendly with an intuitive user interface
⦁ You can host multiple sites by using a single account
⦁ Comes with a high level of security

  • 24/7 dedicated and fast customer support.


⦁ Siteground for WordPress cheapest plan isn’t ideal for high-traffic sites

Visit Siteground here

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3. WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Host Overall With Great Support

For any newbie with a WordPress website, WP support is one of the solid choices to use. It’s one of the best-managed WordPress hosts that has an excellent support system.

WP Engine-managed WordPress hosting is designed to offer you value for money and comes with multiple support options.

Running a site successfully isn’t easy. There are issues that you are going to experience from time to time. However, the WP engine can help you efficiently run your site thanks to the versatile support time.

You can contact them at any time and from anywhere. From 24/7 phone support, and emails, to live chats, this host is readily available.

The beginner-friendly WP Engine is ideal for a simple personal blog. However, you can also use it with a big brand that has huge traffic. It has the scalability as well as the speed you need.

Key Features

⦁ It has a 99.99% Uptime
⦁ Free and automated Engine migration
⦁ Firewall, threat detection, and daily backups
⦁ Free SSL Certificate and CDN ready
⦁ Highly redundant systems and scalable structures

Pricing Per Month

CDN included in all price plans:

⦁ Start-Up: $35(25k visits/mo=1site)
⦁ Growth: $115(100k visits/mo=5 sites)
⦁ Scale: $290(400k visits/mo=15 sites)

60 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ 24/7 support
⦁ Ideal for use with multiple sites
⦁ It’s easy to deploy
⦁ Free automated migration


⦁ It’s quite pricey
⦁ The host engine tends to modify the native WP code

Visit WPengine here

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4. Kinsta – Quality Hosting For WordPress

It’s the top fully managed WordPress hosting platform that’s known to have great hosting solutions. Even though it might be a smaller player than its competitors, Kinsta offers a high level of performance.

It has earned the top spot in this landscape due to the fact that it provides Google Cloud services.

By being powered by Google Cloud, Kinsta offers faster services including daily backups. Besides that, the host also provides its users with free migration.

Kinsta easily stands out from the crowd due to the fact that it also focuses on optimization with super-fast loading times.

You might be wondering what this premium WordPress host is bringing to the market, right? Well, you should know that this is the perfect host for everyone.

Whether you are a small or large enterprise, this host provider is highly versatile.

Besides that, Kinsta relies heavily on Next-Gen Infrastructure. So as a consumer, you will definitely get value for your money. Its infrastructure utilizes cutting-edge technology and gives you access to some of the most powerful tools that are vital for a WordPress-managed host.

It’s a beginner-friendly host that suits newbies as well. Its installation process is quite easy. Besides that, its design simplicity enhances its ease of use. Kinsta’s security is top-notch and it comes with an anti-hack system.

Key features

⦁ 99.9% average uptime
⦁ The host is powered by Google Cloud and guarantees you efficiency
⦁ Faster 24/7 customer support
⦁ Top-notch security with an anti-hack system
⦁ Powerful tools in addition to next-gen infrastructure

Pricing Per Month

⦁ Starter: $30 (10GB storage=20k visits)
⦁ Pro: $60 (20GB storage=40k visits)
⦁ Business: $100-400/month (30-60GB storage =100-600k visits)
⦁ Enterprise: $600-1500/month(100-250GB=1M-3M visits)

30 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ Comes with the ultimate speeds
⦁ Has a high level of protection
⦁ User-friendly and ideal for all businesses
⦁ Multiple pricing plans to choose from

  • 24/7/365 Award-winning customer support


⦁ The starting pricing plan is quite expensive and there is no support via phone.

Visit Kinsta here

5. Managed WordPress GoDaddy – Fast Host

Even though GoDaddy-managed WordPress hosting has a simple design, it has trailblazing speeds. Using it gives you a guarantee that you can efficiently and reliably run your site without glitches. GoDaddy is an excellent host whose simple servers enhance its speeds.

As a result, it can effectively handle sites with heavy and constant traffic. This makes it ideal for large businesses but you can still use with a smaller business.

It should be noted that its design features make it the ideal managed WordPress host for users who value functionality.

For instance, GoDaddy comes with a domain with annual plans. Besides that, users get free and daily backups in addition to automatic security updates. The managed host uses modern technology to offer an overall good server performance.

Generally, managed WordPress GoDaddy premium features come with excellent security design, minimizing the risk of hacking and data loss.

Key Features

⦁ 99.99% Uptime
⦁ Trail-blazing speeds for an optimized performance
⦁ Free one-year SSL certificate
⦁ A one-click migration tool
⦁ A free domain name in addition to annual plans
⦁ Comes with an automatic WordPress core-software
⦁ Provides users with automatic security updates

Pricing Per Month

⦁ Basic: $4.99 (10GB storage=25k visits/mo for 1 website)
⦁ Deluxe: $7.99 (15 GB storage=100k visits/mo for 1 website)
⦁ Ultimate: $9.99 (30GB storage=400k visits/mo for 1-2 websites)
⦁ Pro 5+: $24.99 (500-200GB storage=800k visits/mo for 5-50 websites)


⦁ It’s quite affordable is you want to launch a few websites
⦁ The host comes with a free malware detection and repair feature
⦁ Can effectively handle a large traffic
⦁ It has a one-click feature for staging sites or installation

  • Award-winning customer support team answers to user queries 24/7.


⦁ There are a lot of undetected upselling features that may end up costing you more
⦁ Some of its closest competitors offer free SSL for an unrestricted period

30 -day money-back guarantee for annual or longer contracts which can take a long time to process.

Visit GoDaddy hosting

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6. Hostinger -Safe and Affordable

Hostinger mainly stands out from the crowd due to the safety and affordability it offers. It’s one of the managed WordPress host platforms that offer solid services.

The hosting service provider has fully secured itself thanks to the reliable functionalities.

Its ethos mainly revolves around providing its customers with premium and affordable hosting needs. That’s why its plans are exceptionally good for running a WordPress site.

Reviews show that sites hosted by Hostinger usually end up running 3x to 5X faster.

Hostinger’s effectiveness is enhanced by features such as SSH, GIT, and WIP-CLI. Besides that, the host normally comes with pre-installed plug-ins. With its top-notch performance, it effectively rivals some of the most expensive brands that offer averagely good WordPress hosting plans.

Key Features

⦁ 99.9% Uptime
⦁ Comes with a free email account and a free website builder
⦁ Has pre-installed caching plugins
⦁ Control panel admin, SSL Certificate, and WP-CLI
⦁ 1-click WordPress Installation and a website builder

Pricing Per Month

All plans come with SSL included:

⦁ Single WordPress Hosting: $1.45 (10GB SSD Disk Space+100GB Bandwith)
⦁ Premium WordPress Hosting: $2.95 (20 GB SSD Disk Space+Unlimited Bandwith
⦁ Business WordPress Hosting: $3.95 (30GB SSD Disk Space+Unlimited Bandwith)

30 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ It comes with a user-friendly access manager
⦁ The host has fast SSDs that help to optimize user performance
⦁ It’s reliable and affordable
⦁ Besides managed hosting, the host also offers numerous extra services
⦁ You get a free domain with an annual plan

  • Great customer support


⦁ The SSL certificate is not available in lower or mid-range plans
⦁ It lacks some of the most advanced features that its closest competitors offer

Visit Hostinger Here

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7. Inmotion -Best Server Stack

Are you running a small or medium-sized business and want an ideal host? Well, InMotion is the most appropriate managed WordPress host for such enterprises. The host platform has made WordPress hosting quite easier thanks to its features.

It has exclusive features that are designed to enhance the efficiency of your WordPress site. While you may not come across a feature such as GIT, you can maximize on features such as BoldGrid integration.

InMotion is quite fast and allows you to enjoy 10X faster speeds than regular hosts. This is facilitated by the combination of features such as NGINX server set-up, SSD, and advanced-server caching.

With its great server stack, it’s an ideal managed host for all types of business organizations.

Key Features

⦁ 100% network uptime guarantee
⦁ Secure servers that come with hacking protection
⦁ Free server management plus web hosting
⦁ Provides super-fast WordPress hosting on SSD servers
⦁ Users have full access to SHH and it comes with free data backups
⦁ 24/7 customer support via direct phone calls, emails, and live chat

Pricing Per Month

All plans comes with unlimited bandwith:

⦁ WP-1000s: $4.99 (40GB SSD=1 website)
⦁ WP-2000s: $8.99 (80 GB SSD=2 websites)
⦁ WP-3000s: $11.99 (120 GB SSD=3 websites)

90-day money-back guarantee


⦁ The host is integrated with Google apps
⦁ Comes with a one-click installer for an easier set-up
⦁ It’s extremely fast with an amazing server stack

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support


⦁ It doesn’t have GIT so it may seem outdated to some people
⦁ The checkout process can be quite frustrating

Visit InMotion here

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8. Liquid Web Fastest Managed WordPress Hosts

Even though it comes with a heavy price tag, Liquid Web is the top managed WordPress host with numerous unique features. For starters, it has a great support team that works around the clock.

All the plans usually come with unlimited page views. However, you will have a limitation of accessing one site with the entry-level plan. Liquid Web has an automatic image compression.

This helps to ensure that all the images fit your page effectively with the right display features.

It’s worth noting that the managed host also comes with an extensive range of developer tools. With them, you can conveniently access GIT, SSH, and WP-CLI. Whether its customized solutions or cloud VPS hosting, this host supports everything.

Key Features

⦁ 100% overall network uptime
⦁ Daily automated website backups
⦁ Comes with free SSL and development tools such as GIT and SSH
⦁ Ideal for medium to large enterprise use
⦁ Unlimited page views for all the plans
⦁ Automatic image compression
⦁ Full server access

Pricing Per Month

All plans include a monthly Bandwth allowance of 5 TB

⦁ Spark: $19 (15 GB SSD +1 website)
⦁ Maker: $79 (40 GB SSD+5 websites)
⦁ Designer: $149 (100 GB SSD=25 websites)


⦁ A highly trained and responsive customer support
⦁ There is no plugin resistance
⦁ The monthly charges are quite reasonable
⦁ There are staging areas where you can test your sites


⦁ Several downtime issues
⦁ Not ideal for a smaller company with fewer sites

Visit Liquid Web Here

9.A2 Hosting – Well-Rounded

Its high level of functionality is based on the fact that A2 hosting offers well-rounded services. As a result, it’s suitable for all types of WordPress sites.

Even though its plans may not be the cheapest, it offers a high level of flexibility. So, you will definitely end up getting value for your money.

A2 Hosting is designed with a wide range of features that make it ideal for managed WordPress hosting. These include unlimited SSD and turbo servers with a high level of efficiency in addition to unlimited bandwidth.

Besides that, it also comes with WordPress-optimized tools.

A2 hosting’s turbo servers are actually 20x faster than your regular servers. With the WordPress-optimized functionality, this host ensures that your WordPress site is perfectly auto-optimized for speed and general functionality.

There are also other features that help to streamline user performance. They include free site migrations, free CBN, SSL certificates, SSDs, and site staging.

Key Features

⦁ 100% Uptime
⦁ Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited SSD
⦁ Turbo servers with almost 6x faster load speeds
⦁ A2 optimized WP
⦁ Highly versatile and ideal for small, medium, and large enterprises
⦁ Free site migrations and staging features

⦁ Pricing Per Month

All plans come with unlimited SSD, unlimited bandwidth, Turbo servers, A2 Optimised WordPress, and anytime moneyback guarantee.

⦁ 1-site plan: $24.46 (10GB storage=1 website)
⦁ 3-sites plan: $38.75 (25 GB storage=3 websites)
⦁ Unlimited number of sites: $75.48 (40GB storage=Unlimited websites)

30 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ There are multiple hosting plans to choose from depending on your needs
⦁ All the plans usually come back with a money-back guarantee
⦁ Both the plugins and software come with automatic software updates


⦁ A2 Hosting doesn’t offer its users a free domain unlike its competitors
⦁ The support team is quite lacking. Even though they are available 24/7, it usually takes some time before you can connect to them.
⦁ If you want to host more sites, then be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets.

Visit A2 Hosting here

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10.DreamHost/DreamPress -Best Value for Money

Closing our list of top ten managed WordPress host platforms if DreamHost. This is a decent platform that offers value for money thanks to its hosting services. DreamHost offers a high level of efficiency even though it’s affordable.

For instance, you get to access an unmetered bandwidth. Besides that, the host also offers 24/7 support, daily backups, and a free domain. The SSL security offers a high level of data protection while the automatic software updates ensure that you use the latest tech features.

DreamHost hosting provides you with great managed hosting services that are completely rooted and it comes with SSH access. With this host, everything is hassle-free.

The installation process is usually quick and easy with multiple hosting plans to choose from.

Key Features

⦁ 99.95% uptime
⦁ RAID 1 Storage
⦁ Multiple hosting plans with different functionalities
⦁ Fully managed hosting services for better security and a high level of efficiency
⦁ Great 24/7 customer support via live chat, support tickets, and phone
⦁ The system is fully rooted and users have access to SSH

Pricing Per Month

All plans come with One Click Install and Jetpack included:

⦁ DreamPress: $16.95 ( 30 GB SSD=100 k visits/mo for 1 website)
⦁ DreamPress Plus: $24.95 (60GB storage=300k visits/mo for 1 website)
⦁ DreamPress Pro: $71.95 (120 GB storage=1M visits/mo for 1 website)

30 -day money-back guarantee


⦁ The servers are DDoS protected
⦁ This managed host is almost 5X faster than shared hosting
⦁ The servers come with regular updates


⦁ The help and support features aren’t comprehensive
⦁ Its uptime is quite low

Visit Dreamhost hosting here

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Managed WordPress Hosting-Conclusion

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system at the moment. It’s used by millions of people including bloggers and developers.

Managed WordPress hosting guarantees efficiency and security for hosting your website without any undue stress for you.

Ideal for business and commercial purposes, it could also be a good option for you if you want to invest and grow your site.

The above-reviewed managed WordPress hosts are some of the best in the market. They effectively provide hosting for WordPress, helping to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of different sites.

I hope that this managed wordpress hosting comparison has helped you in choosing the best hosting for wordPress.

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