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DreamHost Reviews

DreamHost is one of the services leading providers of web hosting as explained in this reviews of DreamHost.

Being one of the four web hosts that endorses, DreamHost is the home of 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications with 400,000+ members from over 100 countries.

DreamHost has managed to maintain a successful hosting business and happy customers for the last 18 years.

Even after all this time, DreamHost hosting guarantees above-average uptimes and page speeds which leads to positive reviews of DreamHost.

DreamHost offers you everything you need to get your website started. They offer free domain registration that includes annual plans, free encryption, a WordPress 1-click installer, and a website builder.

In order to make a wise decision for your web hosting, it is important to get a well-rounded opinion from the reviews of DreamHost we give in this article.

Let’s dive straight in…

Reviews of DreamHost Features

  1. DreamHost offers a guarantee of 100% uptime on all plans.
  2. DreamHost features solid-state drives on shared and VPS plans which increases its speed and reliability.
  3. It offers over 275 extensions that you can choose from to get your domain.
  4. Their customer service support system is 24/7 except for live chats which you can access from 5 am-10 pm throughout the week.
  5. Except for the starter shared web hosting, other plans include an unlimited number of email addresses.
  6. Their cloud storage services offer their users unlimited security and easy access.
  7. They offer a 1-Click installation for one of the most popular web applications, WordPress among other apps like Shopify, Wix, etc.
  8. Their proprietary control panel is easy to use.
  9. DreamHost offers its users over 750,000 WordPress Installations.
  10. All DreamHost accounts come with truly unlimited bandwidth.

Review DreamHost Plans

DreamHost offers a variety of dedicated web hosting plans to choose from that include customer of all sizes. Their hosting solutions are tailored for e-commerce and WordPress among others.

Below is an overview of DreamHost pricing plans:

Dreamhost Shared Web Hosting

For most small business owners that do not want to spend a lot of money on hosting, shared hosting is the most affordable option.

Shared hosting means that you share server resources alongside other websites including CPU and RAM. This is the most common hosting plan out of DreamHost’s offerings.

This is mainly because it is the cheapest place to start and you have an option to upgrade later so it makes the most sense.

DreamHost Pricing

DreamHost offers two shared web hostings plans;

  • Shared Starter

The shared starter starts from $2.59 per month and comes with a one-year commitment. It offers unlimited monthly data transfers and storage but it lacks email.

  • Shared Unlimited

The shared unlimited option starts from 3.95 per month and comes with a one-year commitment. This plan offers unlimited website hosting and the addition of emails.

2. DreamHost VPS Review about Hosting

The VPS hosting plan is an ideal solution if you have a larger business, use e-commerce or you are a designer or developer which means you need a server with more power.

DreamHost offers its customers four VPS web hosting plans that are Linux-based. Their prices start at $10 per month. This hosting places your website on a server that has fewer virtual roommates than the shared web hosting plan.

This gives your site more power for your site to tap.

DreamHost’s VPS hosting plans offer a nice perk by giving users unlimited monthly data transfers and domains.

The lowest plan for VPS hosting offers 1GB of RAM and 30GB of solid-state storage while the highest configuration which comes at $80 per month offers 8GB of RAM and 240GB of solid-state storage.

Virtual Private Server Hosting gives you the advantages of a dedicated server at a lower price tag and it is much faster than the shared web hosting option.

DreamHost Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting will be an ideal choice if you get heavy traffic and own a larger business. It is the most expensive hosting plan offered by dream Host.

It is ideal for applications and sites with a lot of traffic as well as resellers and agencies and can be fully managed for you.

This web hosting is for when you need maximum web hosting power that gives you a dedicated server.

DreamHost offers its users several dedicated server options. They offer the Blue Moon plan that starts at $149 per month and comes with 4GB of RAM and 1TB of solid-state storage.

The other option, Enhanced starts at $279 per month and comes with 16GB RAM and 2TB HDD solid-state storage.

Each of these DreamHost dedicated server plans offers unlimited data transfers.

Dreamhost Cloud Hosting

This cloud hosting by DreamHost is called DreamCloud. This type of hosting pulls resources from one server and spreads those resources across multiple servers.

It simply allows websites to easily increase server needs when need be. DreamHost, fortunately, offers three tiers of cloud hosting.

It comes with a variety of Linux and Windows-based servers with 512MB RAM, 2GB RAM, and 8GB RAM.

DreamCloud packages start from $4.50 per month for the 512MB RAM that comes with 100GB of solid-state storage and unlimited monthly data transfers.

The topmost option starts at $48 per month and comes with 8GB RAM and 100GB of solid-state storage plus unlimited monthly data transfers. Its powerful specs make DreamCloud the perfect choice for cloud hosting services.

DreamHost WordPress Web Hosting

DreamHost offers WordPress hosting just like other competitors. They call it the DreamPress, which is in fact managed by WordPress hosting.

This service gives your website the white-glove treatment which updates the popular content management system software automatically, performs daily backups, and provides WordPress security which is specific.

DreamPress entry level which is Basic starts at $16.95 per month and comes with 30GB of solid-state drives, unlimited email, and monthly data transfers with a visitor limit of 100,000.

The plus version starts at $24.95 per month and comes with 60GB solid-state drives and the visitor count increases to roughly 300,000.

The Pro version starts at $71.95 per month and comes with 120GB of solid-state drives and a visitor limit of 1,000,000.

DreamHost Reseller Hosting

It is important to note that Dreamhost reseller stand-a-lone plans are not offered.

This means you will be solely responsible for the management of your client’s accounts, you will be in charge of billing your clients directly; you are required to offer technical and customer support for your clients, and re-branding of DreamHost services is not allowed.

If you are looking to become a reseller, you can successfully use your DreamHost panel as long as you can meet your client’s needs yourself.

Review Of Dreamhost Pros

  • Risk-Free with their extended cash back guarantee.

DreamHost offers one of the longest cash-back guarantees in the entire hosting industry.

They offer a generous 97-day cash back policy which means if you are not satisfied and you cancel your DreamHost usage within 97 days of joining, you get a full refund.

  • Domain name for free

DreamHost gives you a free domain name. They make it super easy to start a website.

All you got to do is choose a domain name, own it for free for the first year and you can use it on your Dreamhost account. Normally, domain registration costs from $10 to $12 independently.

  • Generally easy to use.

DreamHost offers a user-friendly website builder; the click-to-edit Remixer website builder which makes it possible for its users to build websites within minutes.

Its 1-Click installation helps users to start WordPress easily. In addition, DreamHost uses its own web-based control panel, unlike other sites that use the cPanel.

  • They offer flexibility.

DreamHost gives you flexibility with the month-to-month billing option if you are unable to make a large payment for the annual plans or just in case you are unsure of how long you will need your site.

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate for free.

You can easily secure the connection between your website and a browser with free SSL encryption offered by Dreamhost. This assures visitors of the safety of their data.

  • Performance.

DreamHost sites load within less than a second which is 97% faster than all tested sites.

Considering it does not require any performance optimization plugins, it is an incredible site.

In addition, DreamHost reviews consider it great and consistent despite the number of visitors on the site which means it can handle a traffic surge.

  • No increase in renewal prices.

If you prepay for one, two, or three years, DreamHost offers you lower monthly prices and when it’s time to renew, Dreamhost’s price does not increase.

Your plan will get renewed at the exact price you signed up for.

  • Bonuses and Extra.

The company often offers discounts on some plans.

Reviews of DreamHost Cons

  • Unavailable professional email set up.

Starter plans come with no DreamHost email so you have to opt for an unlimited plan if you need to use emails.

Having your own email service lets say can give your website lots of legitimacy.

  • Limitation in Live Chat support by DreamHost Customer service.

DreamHost’s live chat support for its customers only run from 5 am – 10 pm for 7 days a week

  • You have to pay for phone support.

DreamHost support does not offer free phone services for their shared hosting plans

  • Control Panel

The custom DreamHost panel can be a bit challenging to use.

General Guide about DreamHost Hosting

Guide about choosing my DreamHost plan

Choosing the plan that suits you best can be really overwhelming whether you just starting out or you are looking to switch to a new one. Your decision solely depends on your hosting needs.

To make an informed decision it is important to go through all the hosting plans that DreamHost provides.

If you are choosing DreamHost as your web hosting provider, the above list of DreamHost plans will help you decide which hosting plan suits you best.

Guide to get started on Dreamhost

DreamHost’s user interface is well laid out which makes getting started pretty easy. They offer a tree of menu options on the left side of the screen.

Their billing information, domain management, VPS, and Dedicated server settings are easy to find.

You will have no trouble finding the security options or the marketplace of third-party applications.

Recently DreamHost introduced the Remixer website builder that lets you start building your website right on the spot.

Nowadays you do not have to endure long waits before your newly created DreamHost account is approved as opposed to before.

This Remixer website builder comes with a simple drag and drop functionality that you can use to alter the dozens of themes that come with it.

It is simple to add photos of your own or you can choose photos from DreamHost’s gallery that is royalty-free. DreamHost will also give you the option of installing third-party apps to your new account.

If you wish to use any DreamHost services you are required to create an account. Here is an overview of how to create a DreamHost account:

  • Log in to the panel and complete the sign-up process which will send you a message after successful completion.
  • Register your domain.
  • After purchasing a registration, it’s time to add a hosting plan so it can resolve online.
  • Now add your hosting to a domain.
  • Add the SSL certificate and then you can start on other additions like creating your email.

Guide to installing WordPress on Dreamhost. (DreamHost for WordPress)

DreamHost has an independently managed WordPress hosting known as DreamPress.

If you opt to install WordPress on another kind of plan, you can easily do so from the control panel using their in-built WordPress, the 1-Click installation.

Guide to contact DreamHost.

If you are in need of support, there are several ways to contact Dreamhost.

They offer email support tickets, by phone whereby they offer callbacks for a nominal monthly fee and live chats that are available from 5 am – 10 pm every day of the week.

Their customer service is only provided in English and the DreamHost support team strives to reply to its customer’s emails within 24 hours.

Guide to pay for Dreamhost account.

DreamHost’s payments can be made from the web except for the money order option. DreamHost accepts credit cards, PayPal, and check payments.

It is important to note that the 97 days cash back guarantee is only applicable to users who use credit cards to make payments.

Guide to upgrading my Dreamhost plan.

For new websites, the starter shared hosting plan is a great entry-level.

However, in time your website grows, and to keep up you require more resources. These steps will guide you to upgrade from a starter shared plan.

  1. Navigate to the account management page.
  2. Click on the link that says ‘Upgrade to (Choose the hosting you want to upgrade to).
  3. A pop-up will appear informing you of the new charges that will apply to your new plan.
  4. Your new plan is all set and your panel changes to your new plan.

Reviews Of DreamHost FAQS

How to register your Domain Name to DreamHost?

While DreamHost web hosting offers you a free domain name that comes with your plan, you are not obliged to register your domain name with DreamHost.
It is totally okay if you choose another domain name registrar.

How to choose between DreamPress Basic, Pro, and Plus?

Choosing between basic, pro, and plus when it comes to DreamPress comes down to the kind of performance you need from your website.
The basic option is best for a large personal site while the plus option is best for blogs and small businesses. The DreamPress Pro is your best bet if your business is large scale.

How to sign up to be Reseller?

You do not need to do sign up to become a DreamHost reseller. All you got to do is simply set up your client’s domain on your DreamHost panel for hosting services and you can start providing your services to your clients while billing them accordingly.

How to Upload files into Dreamhost Cloud?

Your DreamHost panel includes a graphical interface that you can use to directly upload files from your computer.
Alternatively, you can use an S3 Client option that offers you more features to help you manage your date.

DreamHost Review: Conclusion?


DreamHost Web hosting has outstanding features that satisfy most expert users as well as an easy website builder tool that makes the web host more welcoming and user-friendly to newbies.

They are so confident you will be satisfied that their hosting plans come with a money-back guarantee after 97 days.

It will offer a very reliable platform for hosting your website that will leave you impressed.

Even though DreamHost prices are slightly high compared to their competitors, they leave no room for confusion. DreamHost hosting plans offer you unlimited websites with no hidden charges.

We highly recommend DreamHost as an excellent choice for hosting any kind of website for the great quality it offers.

I hope that these reviews of DreamHost Hosting have brought real value to you. Please leave a comment.


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