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Overview: Review Of SiteGround

Are you interested in starting a blog with SiteGround Hosting?

Do you already have a blog but are not completely satisfied with your web hosting provider?

Good news! Here I will highlight the features and benefits of SiteGround hosting in this ultimate SiteGround reviews.

I also have a tutorial showing you how to set everything up and get started in this article. Let’s dive in.

What is SiteGround Hosting?

Siteground has a dedication to providing excellent customer service and helping clients take care of their websites. You can contact them directly on the SiteGround phone number.

They launched the company in 2004. Being passionate, driven, and using new technologies is what the company prides itself on.

They have many offices and data center locations globally. Ivo Tzenov is the founder and they have over 500 employees.

This is possible as SiteGround data centers are currently situated in Chicago, the UK, the Netherlands, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Singapore. Thus by choosing a data center not far from your visitors, your website can be quickly accessed by them.

The use of Cloudflare CDN (which makes the latest copies of your website and as well stores them ) further helps to increase website speed.

The purpose of the SiteGround web hosting service is easy website management and fast website loading speed.

Over 2.6 million domain owners trust them to provide fast and reliable service.

You will find all of the tools and services to build your website seamlessly on the platform.

They provide free website transfers if you are feeling stuck with an unsatisfactory web host via their own SiteGround Migrator Plugin. You can have a free professional transfer for a fee if you don’t want any kind of hassle.

The world-class web host makes your sites run faster by creating in-house solutions for example SiteGround Optimizer Plugin.

A security-first mindset from the company also ensures that your site will be safe with free SSL. Also, you will receive fully managed service so you can focus on your business. For that reason, many people love SG because they value the convenience of their clients.

It’s important to choose a good host because your website is your baby. You don’t want to experience any interruptions in service or downtimes.

That won’t be an issue with SiteGround host since they have a great reputation for reliability. Siteground web hosting plans have got a variety to meet customers’ needs.

Whether it’s for a small personal blog or a huge website, they got you covered.

SiteGround Hosting Reviews

The reviews of SiteGround are complimentary, making statements like “Simple to Manage” and “Pleasant to Troubleshoot”.

“Prize Worthy Customer Support” and “Stress-Free Experience” are other descriptions of SiteGround hosting service on

If you value the opinions of the experts, then this hosting is an excellent choice as it is very reliable and offers top-quality web hosting. They are experts in providing tailor-made services to each and every client.

In addition to being officially recommended by WordPress and WooCommerce, they also have Cheap, Dedicated, VPS, WordPress, and Site Builder ratings.

Features and Benefits of SiteGround Host

  • Free 24/7, 365 days per year SiteGround customer service including the live chat feature. You can call the Siteground phone number for help anytime which is 866-605-2484.
  • Affordable price plans including unlimited bandwidth for personal and business websites.
  • It allows you to access and restore any of the available backups and instantly requests your back-ups. This feature is available on every plan except for Startup.
  • Ability to install SSL certificates with the Let’s Encrypt feature for free. You can always use the latest PHP version to minimize the risk of being hacked. The SG Security WordPress benefit means they automatically manage your WordPress and its Plugins. Attacks on neighboring sites won’t affect you because they isolate your website. They also create their security patches.
  • They use handcrafted solutions for 99.99% uptime. Industry-leading site speed (716 ms)is provided to users on all plans. An integrated Cloudflare CDN will make your site even faster. All servers are optimized with the latest technology. You can also choose which data center you want to host your site.
  • SiteGround host allows you to set up a custom email account associated with your domain.

Review SiteGround: Speed

SiteGround provides speed technologies that make your website speed blazing fast. Here are a few of them:

  1. 3 types of caching systems are offered through their own in-house SuperCacher: Static Cache, Memcache, and Dynamic Cache multiply your website speedx4.
  2. Use of SSD(solid-state drives) instead of HDD(hard-disks drives) on all of SiteGrounds accounts. This delivers data very fast(up to 30% more than HDDs)
  3.  6 datacenters are present around the world, namely in the US, London, Eemshaven, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Sydney. This highly increases website speed which is closer to these data centers (US, London, Eemshaven (NL), Frankfurt (DE), Singapore (SG), and Sydney (AU). But SiteGround is generally fast EVERYWHERE!
  4. Cloudflare CDN(content delivery network) with over 100 internet exchange points worldwide to have very quick website loading speed anywhere in the world
  5. Great WordPress website performance by in-house Siteground plugin, SG Optimiser. (Exclusively for SG users)
  6. Use of NGINX and QUIC technology to dramatically increase site speed, even when the internet connection is low
  7. Use of ultrafast PHP 8 which increases website speed by delivering dynamic website content.

Migration To From Current Host

If you are currently with another web hosting service and thinking of moving your websites to SiteGround;then this could be easily done in the following three ways:

  • You can do the migration procedure yourself by installing the Siteground migration plugin which does everything for you in a few clicks and for free!! (After payment, you get a token which you need to insert in the relevant section in the plugin.)
  • If you are tech-savvy, then you can follow the tutorial provided by SiteGround to move the website on your own.
  • The last option will be to ask their WordPress expert to make the site migration for you but this will cost you $24 . (I personally prefer this option if you don’t want to have any kind of unnecessary hassle and you can be sure that you will get a professional service for cheap.)

SiteGround Review :Hosting Plans

There are four types of hosting to choose from to best accommodate your site. You can go with regular web hosting (fast and secure for small and medium sites). SiteGround WordPress hosting is something else to consider if you need to manage your WordPress site easily and with more freedom.

The third type of hosting is WooCommerce hosting crafted for eCommerce sites. The final type of hosting is cloud hosting which has advanced speed and performance. As long as you don’t need cloud hosting, you can purchase either the StartUp, GrowBig, or GoGeek plans.

Siteground Pricing

There are 3 different shared Siteground plans suitable for various types of customers.

They are currently offering a 60% discount for each setup until it’s time for renewal. You can choose to lock in your discounted price for either 12, 24, or 36 months.

It’s important to note, after that period you will be charged full prices.

Their StartUp plan is best suited for personal sites and starts at $6.99 per month. This cost covers the launch of 1 website with 10 GB of web space with a maximum of 10,000 visitors.

The GrowBig plan allows you to host unlimited 20 GB sites and gives you access to a faster server.

The price for this package is $9.99 per month. This plan includes essential and premium features with a maximum capacity of 25,000 visitors per month.

Finally, the GoGeek plan is crafted for larger sites that need higher performance. This plan also includes unlimited sites, but they will have 30 GB of web space.

All sites under this plan can handle up to 100,000 monthly visitors. This package includes essential, premium, and geeky features.

GoGeek will cost you $14.99 per month.

The Business plan is referred to as “The optimal cloud experience”. This package includes 8 CPU cores, 12 GB of memory, 80 GB of SSD space, and a 5TB data transfer.

They also offer cloud hosting plans for sites that need optimum speed and storage. These packages are ideal if you have a very established business website with tons of traffic.

The Entry plan provides you an easy start on the cloud. This package includes 4 CPU cores, 8 GB of memory, 40 GB of SSD space, and a 5 TB data transfer.

There aren’t currently any discounts being offered for cloud hosting plans and the Entry plan is $80.00 per month.

Another option is the Business Plus plan package which includes 12 CPU cores, 16GB of memory, 120GB of SSD space, and a 5 TB data transfer.

Finally, you have the Super Power plan as an additional option that has 8 CPU cores, 10 GB of memory, 120 GB of SSD space, and an STB data transfer.

Pricing for the above cloud plans ranges from $80-$240 per month.

Setup And Getting Started With SiteGround Hosting

After you have selected your type of hosting and plan, the next step is to choose a domain. You can either register a new domain or tell them you already have a domain.

If you are registering a new domain, you will have to come up with a domain name. You simply enter your proposed domain name into the field and click proceed.

They will tell you if that domain is available or not.

siteground hosting purchase

The next step is to review and complete your order. If the SiteGround domain is available, you will see a briefing congratulating you.

The domain registration and use are paid for the year; it will cost a fee of $12.95 for your domain.

siteground hosting registration

They offer extra domain services if you would like to have them. Also, you can opt for Domain Privacy which costs $12.00 per year.

What this does is prevent your information from being available on whois services. Another extra domain service is getting the SG Site Scanner.

This ensures your website is monitored daily 24/7. If you get any virus or malware, you will be notified immediately.

All you have to do next is enter your personal information. It will require you to submit your account, client, payment, and purchase information.

In the purchase information section, you will see a data center option with a drop-down menu.

This is where you will choose which data center will be hosting your site. You can select either the USA, Europe, Singapore, or the United Kingdom.

This is very important because you want to choose the data center closest to your location. The data center should be the closest one to wherever you project the majority of your traffic to come from.

If you select the USA, your content will load faster for visitors to your site that is in America.

At this point just confirm, select if you want to receive SG news, and click pay.

Siteground Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • No free domain
  • High renewal rates ($14.99 after initial term)


  • Siteground has blazing fast speed by using SSD(hard drives that are used to deliver data and 30 % faster than HDD) in their servers and their data centers are on Google.
  • Cloudflare technology and optimized caching system with SiteGround Supercacher to explode website speed to x4
  • Uptime of 99.99%
  • 24/7 Live Chat, Phone Support, and Tickets
  • Unbeatable knowledge base articles are written by the expert support team to help resolve issues rapidly
  • Free daily backup included for additional peace of mind
  • Easy to use Siteground Site Tools dashboard(No cPanel present) interface for easy and super fast website management. (Even for a complete beginner)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee included

SiteGround Host Alternative

Bluehost(Read Bluehost full review here)

SiteGround Reviews: Conclusion

I currently use SiteGround myself on this site and it is one of the fastest and most serious hosts that I have come across. You are almost guaranteed to be happy with this hosting service. I hope that my review helped you to get a better idea about SiteGround.And if ever one day you want to migrate to this service; I think it will be a very wise decision.


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