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Best Web Host Services

What is a Web Host?

Perhaps you want to get started with web- hosting and you want to choose from the best web host services that are known for their speed;

But you have no idea which ones are among the best and most reliable. Well, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. I am going to introduce you to the top 7 fastest web-host services for small businesses out there.

I’ve done all the research for you, so just sit back and enjoy the ride while I compare web hosting for you in this fastwebhost reviews.

Let’s dive in…

What is a Web Host And How is it Fast?

First off, let’s start out with a few things you need to know before I get down to the details:

1. Server speed and Website speed are different.

The two are close enough to hold hands, but they are not identical. Let’s use this comparison: It’s like software and hardware on your computer.

It’s essential to keep both software and hardware up to date so everything runs quickly and efficiently or else your computer will be sluggish.

Thus server speed and website speed are equally important to have the fastest web experience for your website and increased user experience.

2. How server speed is measured

Server speed is measured by determining its response time; how long it takes for the server to respond to a client’s request.

These days, even a second or two longer than usual can make users turn impatient and bounce off from your website.

3. What the server speed test show

The server speed test informs about the operational reach of the data center, server setup, network planning, and hardware specs.

Sometimes a company has good intentions, but they’ve overextended themselves and just can’t keep up with the demand.

4. Google’s Benchmark for Server Response Time

According to Google, the ideal server response time is 200 ms. If the response time is slower than that, such sites are considered slow and have thus provide a bad user experience.

This is really Google’s gold standard for servers everywhere. Only not all of them aspire to live up to it.

Fast Web Host Service(Top 7)

1. SiteGround

These guys are about as good as it gets when it comes to web host services. In fact, they’re so good that they are officially endorsed by WordPress.

You might not know this, but that’s a real honor, and that type of validation is only handed to web hosts who meet WordPress’s very high standards.

The package I like best is their entry-level GrowBig Plan; which is extremely affordable at only $9.95 per month but is loaded to the brim with features and benefits.

You receive priority support, Automatic Daily Backups, SuperCacher, and Free restores. Quite a package indeed!

Many people out there have a tendency to believe that an unlimited amount or a large amount of indispensable resources has to cost a bundle. Not true.

There are plenty of web hosts who will give you extra resources other than the basics at affordable prices. However, the question is, will they provide you with the excellent service that SiteGround does?

Don’t be fooled by it seems too good to be true opportunities because they usually are.

When it comes to speed, SiteGround is ranked A+ with a global average of 138 ms, with is about equal to that of premium hosts such as Liquid Web, but you only pay a fraction of the price.

They have 5 data centers sprawled out across 3 worldwide regions, so you can choose the one that’s nearest to your target customers to get the utmost from their server speed.

Since Cloudflare activation is integrated into their system, if you require even faster speeds, you can get them with a mere press of a button.

See SiteGround Full Review

2. Hostinger

New to the online business world? Well, sit up and take notes, because you’re about to learn about fantastic web hosting services that you will love.

Now their price point will probably make you a bit cautious because for that amount of money you don’t really think you’ll be getting quality web hosting, but guess what? They are amazingly fast!

You don’t have to fret for one moment, because you will more than get your money’s worth out of these deals.

The American data center is super fast, returning a worldwide average of 143 ms. No small potatoes there.

Requests that come from further away, like Sydney, Bangalore, and Singapore, however, do have response times that could use improvement, but that’s the reason for Hostinger having so many data centers globally — to be certain that your site will be fast regardless of where your customers are.

The server in Singapore achieved an amazing worldwide average with 175.8 ms. Now, you should note that these guys are very quick in Sydney, Singapore, Bangalore, and Japan, but not as swift in the West, due to the distance factor.

The European server performed extraordinarily well in both Europe and America, but they’re not all that fast in the other countries. But keep in mind that they still scored a fantastic worldwide average of 165 ms.

Putting speed aside for the moment, Hostinger has an outstanding support team that provides service to more than 20 countries in their native language.

Now that’s amazing! By including 1 free domain, emails and bandwidth, and unlimited SSD Storage, Hostinger puts together one excellent plan, and those who are just starting out will benefit the most from it.


3. A2 Turbo

If you’ve done a lot of research on web host services, their speeds, their uptime, etc., you can’t help but be aware that A2 Hosting takes its responsibility to provide speed for its users to heart.

They’ve invested a lot of time and money to make their servers extra quick with uploads and very fast, and their response time proves it. Their efforts have certainly not been in vain.

In case you haven’t heard about their Turbo Web Hosting Servers, they provide the ultimate in speed boosts.

Put this ability together with their Turbo Cache, and the servers can load sites as quickly as 20 times faster than standard servers.

Furthermore, their Optimized Applications, such as Joomla, WordPress hosting, Drupal, etc., are all customized to run more efficiently, which all contribute to reduced loading time.

Such perfect synchronization is hard to come by and deserves a shout of appreciation.

In order to be able to handle client requests globally, A2 Hosting has set up 4 data centers — 2 in the US, 1 in Singapore, and 1 in Amsterdam so that their clients are able to select the best server location to meet their needs.

If you want to buy your web host services from A2, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor if you pay a little more and go with their Turbo plan.

Unlike with some web hosting companies, you won’t be just tossing your money in the wind. You’re guaranteed to get what you pay for!


4. Inmotion Host

As web hos t services go, Inmotion doesn’t offer a bad deal. You get your choice of 2 data centers –US East & US West.

What this boils down to is that customers browsing from America will benefit from faster speeds; but customers from Asia might have to cope with slowdowns.

The word to pay attention to here is “might” because so far speed tests have shown otherwise:

By whatever magic they use, they’ve managed to get a really good score, with the slowest response time coming from Singapore, and even that wasn’t too bad at 250 ms!

Especially when you consider Singapore’s distance from the data centers in the USA.

In general, Inmotion’s global average is a powerful 171.9 ms, meaning that your site should have no trouble loading up fast for users all around the world.

In fact, Inmotion hosting provides super speed in the USA and an experienced and knowledgeable support team that’ll go the extra mile to fix your issues.

They really seem to care that whatever the trouble is, you’re either satisfied that it has been resolved, or left feeling good because you know they’re working on it and won’t stop until they solve the problem for you.

You can teach technical skills, but you can’t teach caring, and this team has it in abundance.


5. Kinsta

The next site on my comparison of web hostings services is Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting. This site was created using Google’s Cloud Platform, and benefits from Google’s cutting-edge technology and 15 data centers, making them by far the fastest web host that we’ve ever come across.

Another point in their favor is that they’ve had ten years’ worth of experience with WordPress; they’ve managed to harness and devote that experience to making the fastest and top-notch Managed WordPress Hosting solution that we’ve ever seen.

That kind of hard work and determination is hard to come by in a web hosting service provider.

Utilizing their next-generation architecture, implementing KeyCDN, and their infrastructure, Kinsta is capable of loading your hosted sites in a fraction of a second. Astounding!

When tested, they regularly score below 3 ms, with the worst-performing site at a stunning 127 ms. That means that their worst performance is literally better than the best results of most other web hosts.

Impressively, they scored a worldwide average of 179.5 ms, which is just about the best speed you can ask for. Kinsta teamed up with KeyCDN is an amazingly fast hosting for websites. For their speed, they truly deserve a top ranking.

What kept me from ranking them any higher is their heavy price tag; they have their entry-level plans starting off at $30 per month.

6. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is the oldest of all the web host services we’ve reviewed in this listing. Created long before Google was even a spark in its creator’s eye, Liquid Web is quite savvy.

They really have street smarts when it comes to improving their speeds because they know all the tricks. They’ve gathered all of their knowledge, experience, and speed hacks into their web-hosting services.

They provide a full range of interesting hosting services, but we’ll be discussing their Managed WordPress services here.

Like any premium web host worth their salt, Liquid Web offers unlimited page views across all of their Managed WordPress plans; so you won’t have to be concerned about service interruptions regardless of how much traffic there is.

The tools they use to get the most from their data delivery are equal to the best, utilizing cutting-edge technology in their infrastructure to lower the loading times.

They have 3 data centers located across the USA (US East, US West, US Central). This makes it a great idea to host your sites with them if your main customers are American.

Speeds from other countries didn’t do too badly either, with 146 ms in Japan and 216 ms in Singapore. (According to statistics). Bangalore didn’t respond well though, so keep that in mind if you’re targeting India.

I was a little uneasy about their prices (starting at $69 per month) but with an excellent support staff that number 600. They have a worldwide average of 152 ms, and professionally Managed WordPress Hostings services; Liquid Web hence surely merits being at the top of the website hosting providers.

7. Bluehost Web Hosting

One of the best-known brands available, Bluehost has 16 years of experience as a web host to brag about.

The same as it was with SiteGround, they come recommended by WordPress for their commitment to their infrastructure and fantastic support team (750 altogether, all experienced and ready to serve 24/7).

Their speed is pretty high up there too! They have earned an A+ with a global average of 153 ms. Nothing to sneeze at by far.

When it comes to the US, the pings from there did quite well at sub 80 ms each, but results from further away were a bit slower, dropping down to 330 ms in India.

It must be stressed that you have to be certain to select the data center closest to your target customers; because the evidence seems to support the fact that they don’t do so well the farther away requests that come in are from the servers.

They have data centers located in India, London, China, and America; so there’s no shortage of choices for you to pick from.

With the lowest cost being $2.45 per month, we think Bluehost is a fantastic web hosting service that is cheap and has plenty of value.


If I had to pick just one web hosting brand out all of the above, then my top choice would be SiteGround.

They rank far and above the other brands. However, this is just my preference and all the brands discussed in this article are absolutely amazing, or they wouldn’t be listed here.

They all provide top-of-the-line service and technology; as well as customer service that is so good it’s rare to find. It’s just that SiteGround has the fastest shared hosting we’ve ever seen, in comparison to other brands’ cloud hosting speeds.

They use a collection of hardware and software that makes them the fastest shared server host, and here is a list of just some of the technology they use:

. SuperCacher — increases speeds up to an amazing 4x.

. Data Centers — located in 3 areas.

. SSD Servers — 30% faster than normal HDDs.

. Software — automatically updated and upgraded software.

. NGINX Server Set Up — boosts performance every time.

. PHP7 support — the fastest PHP that’s been released to date. In addition to all of this, team this host server up with one of the best customer service teams you could possibly have.

SiteGround is just head and shoulders above the competition. Pay them a visit and find out just what I mean.

The fact of the matter is that even a delay as brief as 2 seconds can cause your website to lose potential customers.

Of late, everyone seems to have a very short attention span. This is especially true on the internet, where everything happens in the blink of an eye, and the online surfers expect every page to load in a few microseconds

That is why the best web host services of your choice need to provide near-instantaneous page loading. Many providers mention the exact average loading time on their website.

Look for information like that on their official site and other dependable sources. If that issue isn’t your main focus, it should be.

You cannot emphasize speed enough in the world of the Internet. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating its importance. It’s just a fact of life that people in this day and age are impatient.

They’re always chafing at the bit wanting to move on to the next thing. That’s why you can’t tell yourself that a second or two extra doesn’t matter. It does.

Fast Web Host Companies: Conclusion

Above you can see what is web hosting services and more precisely the top 7 fastest web hosting services comparisons that I could find who have succeeded in satisfying their customers with their features and their desire to please.

It is not so easy to find the best web host for you if speed is your main issue.

The right host can give your business or site a headstart; with the perfect speed, 100% uptime, a large pack of essential resources, and strong security measures.

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Which web hosting service do you use? And which one do you think is the fastest and best web host services?

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