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Clickfunnels Review 

Today we are going to do a review about Clickfunnels and explain to you how it is surely one of the very best software available nowadays.

This review will cover the following:

• What are Clickfunnels?
• What is it used for?

• How is much does clickfunnels cost?

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel; the design of the landing page builder helps users quickly create highly optimized sales funnels and landing pages.

This tool is highly functional and packed with features that facilitate its users to deliver, sell, and promote their products.

Because it is such a useful product, it isn’t cheap. Let me explain why it is worth the money.

What Is It Used For?

In this section of the review of what are clickfunnels , I will explain what a marketer or business owner can use this tool to accomplish.

Clickfunnels is adaptable and is suitable to drive traffic to sites that sell both digital and physical products.

These are the primary uses of ClickFunnels:

#1: Developing Marketing Pages

Marketing pages are essential to the successful conversion of any online visitor. ClickFunnels allows its users to create a wide range of pages such as:

• Opt-in pages
• Checkout pages
• Squeeze pages
• Bridge pages
• Sales Pages
• Webinar pages
• Order pages

#2: Managing Your Affiliates

Backpack is Clickfunnels built-in affiliate center, and this facility allows you to submit your affiliate program to manage your affiliates easily, helping you drive traffic to your services or products.

#3: Host Memberships Or Courses

Clickfunnels has a membership area; this feature makes it easier for course creators to host or build content quickly to increase their opportunities for monetization.

This feature helps people turn their expertise into sources of passive income.

#4: Creating leads and quickly following up on them

The vast majority of page-building sites limit their customers to tools that help you get leads, but they lack any significant backend functionality. They do not focus on nurturing, follow up or auto-response features.

ClickFunnel provides its customers with the ability to not only capture leads, but can now store, nurture, and follow up on them all within the Clickfunnels platform.

#5: Features A Shopping Cart Solution

Utilize Clickfunnels built-in shopping cart feature to handle all of your orders, either digital or physical.

More importantly, you can do this without having to use any third-party tools to service or sell any of your services or products.

Clickfunnels makes setting up your shopping cart, it is not necessary to do anything special. All that is needed is to select Add Product and fill in the details required.

Setting up your shopping cart is also as easy that it requires no special design or integrations.

All you have to do is “Add Product” and fill up your product details.

#6: Host Webinar events

The majority of online marketers understand the value of webinars and how to exploit them to generate sales.

Clickfunnels can be used to launch and host online event funnels these can be used to pitch, educate about, or sell your products.

How ClickFunnels Is Used?

Clickfunnels has many pre-built funnels that come with a choice of templates, whatever your industry they will have a fit for you.

Here is a look at how to create a simple lead generation funnel.

Clickfunnels  Login

#1 Set Your Goal

On the click funnel dashboard, you will select the build funnel feature, then set your goal:

• Collect emails
• Sell product
• Host webinar

Name the funnel and select build to continue.

#2 Choose Which Template To Use(Clickfunnels Template)

After you select to build, you will see a dozen lead or opt-in generation templates.
You’ll see over a dozen opt-in or lead generation templates after clicking on Build Funnel.

After you select your template, you will see the main steps to create your funnel. This is where you can customize your lead generation funnel to your needs.

#3 Breakdown Of The CLickFunnel Steps

At this point, you will have access to the ClickFunnels editor and you can make any changes you want.

The Clickfunnel manager allows you to view the steps and pages in any funnel.

How to customize a funnel page using the editor

To access the editor, you can click on the edit page button, to launch the editor/builder.

At this point, you can customize and edit the funnel to meet the needs of your business, for example, its logo, name, copy, and further information.

It is essential to click save after any change you make.

Clickfunnel provides the following templates for different industries. These templates have received wide-ranging praise from many industry experts and entrepreneurs involved in a wide range of industries these include:

• Network Marketing
• B2B
• Coaching/Consulting
• Local Businesses
• Info Products
• Agency/Freelancer
• Affiliate marketing/Blogging
• Non Profit
• Getting started
• eCommerce.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels has two distinct pricing plans, and they also offer a 14-day free trial which allows you to explore the platform to start your sales funnel process and generate fresh leads and expand your business.

How much is clickfunnels after the free trial? /per month

After the 14 days trial? Clickfunnel’s basic package starts at $97 a month, referred to as the startup plans.

The high-end plan costs $297 a month or Clickfunnels platinum package plan.


what are clickfunnels

Both of these plans offer clients a distinctly different set of features. They breakdown as follows:

Clickfunnels Startup Plan Features

• Up to 20 funnels
• Share funnel feature
• A max of 100 pages
• Only one user allowed
• As many as three payment gateways
• Up to 20,000 monthly visitors
• Only three custom domains
• No follow-up funnels offered
• Limited chat support
• Access to the funnel hacker forum
• Limited use of FunnelFlix
• Full A/B split testing
• Sales/Webinar/Membership funnels
• Order, Upsell and Downsell pages

Clickfunnels Platinum Plan Features

• Share funnel feature
• Unlimited number of funnels, pages, and visitors
• Up to 3 team members
• Nine payment gateways
• Use of as many as nine custom domains
• Unlimited follow-up funnels
• Priority chat support (clickfunnels support )
• Weekly peer review hackathons
• Use of the BackRack affiliate marketing program
• Full access to FunnelFLix
• All Start Features.
• Funnel Flux (Additional access)


Clickfunnels also offers more advanced stuff like a plan called funnel Builder Secrets, where you have access to resources and training to guide you through the process.

This allows users to get the most out of the ClickFunnels plus plan.

I hope that this review has provided you with valuable insight into this incredible platform.

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